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July 31, 2020

The Lord Jesus bless you with His Wisdom and Love, that you may know the depth of His caring for you, and listen for His voice, which He longs for you to hear. Amen

Dear ones, I have found myself in abject poverty of motivation and clarity of thinking, and I've been crying out to the Lord to deliver me from this state. Today after I received Him in the Blessed Sacrament, I listened for His voice. You see, this is the time He seems to speak to me most clearly, so I spent my time thanking Him for the gift of His Body and Blood and waited on Him.-- --

He began speaking very faintly, kind of like hearing a whisper from another room, but I recognized that whisper and began to write down what He was saying. Mind you, I was in a pitiful state, but when I received Him, the thought came to me to receive all His virtues and strengths in His Body at the same time.-- --

Then He began to speak, I am picking up where I left off yesterday. All that you have need of is right here in this host which appears to be only bread, but is truly My Holy Body. I am fully present to you with all the attributes of My Being that you need to fulfill Our dreams.--Everything you need Clare, is right here in Me, in your reception of Me, those qualities you need and draw upon are imparted to you by faith. It is true, this IS My Body, this IS My Blood, Soul and Divinity, under the appearance of a host. It is truly Me and therefore, you can draw freely on all the attributes of My Godhead, as you need them.-- --

It is by faith that you perceive Me in the Host and it is by faith that you receive all that is Me, that is needed by you, in this Host. How sublime is this mystery. I need you to apply this to everything, not just the messages. Apply this to music, apply this to understanding souls, understanding being standing under the tapestry that is a soul to see all the different combinations of threads, woven skillfully together in--their mother's womb. I am the Master Weaver, the Master Musician, the Master of all your needs Clare. You have only to believe. Do you believe?

Yes, Lord I most certainly do!!

Good, then you are not on your own anymore. Not when you are thinking, singing, making music, praying, everything you do, you can do as I do by calling upon, and drawing upon the fullness of Me in the Host. How wonderful is that?

I want you to begin to practice that because you and all My people have gone for too long not seeing what you are consuming when you receive Me in the consecrated host. You are far from understanding the consequences of this, and now I am bringing that to a close. I will illuminate you daily by receiving Me in complete trust that I am imparting to you the wholeness you lack for your life's work.

Satan has hidden from men, the very nature of the consecrated Host, however when he sends his servants to steal the host, he is well aware of what he is doing and what he intends to do to Me. He knows, but has blocked the knowledge of this by clever lies, causing men to lose this most valuable sacrament. Now it is time to restore this to My people. You have seen it, there is a movement of Evangelicals returning to the early church and seeking ordination.

Why? Because My Spirit has moved in their hearts telling them consistently, "There is much more." And so, they have gone on a quest to find that, and are finding it in the Orthodox and Latin churches. Although the corruption is rampant, they have connected with the pure stream and are learning the great mysteries of old, the sacred practices stemming from the time of the apostles.

For two thousand years, so much has been stripped, but so much is being restored to those who feel the need to go deeper into the faith and discover what has been removed. In this day, in this hour many are searching. I have called you and Ezekiel to be a bridge into the true faith I established in 33 AD. I have called you to remove the myths and lies that surround My Church, and to mine the gold of truth, deeply to bring forth the Remnant. This is not an easy task because so many lies surround My Church, and evil men have for the most part, taken over and forced the true church to go underground.

The teachings I have given you, have been to clarify the true function of the great cloud, the Sacraments, the power of confession and most of all Beloved, the demonstration of power, that I live in you, through reception of My Body and Blood.-- -- --

I know how you have been struggling to get back to music, and as you continue to count on Me to empower you through the Eucharist, you will blossom. Do you trust Me Clare?

Jesus, You I trust, it is me that I don't trust.-- --

Do you believe I can overcome all the opposition that has been sent against you?

Most definitely Lord, I believe that.

Good. Then let us get to work and move out of the mire you've been in, let us return to the joy of creating together, as you count on Me to accomplish this, not on yourself. I am most serious about this. I know how you feel, I know how you feel physically, but I say to you, "Do it faith, that I living in you can conquer this mountain before you." Remember what I have told you, if you have faith like a mustard seed, you may say to this mountain, "Be Removed!!!" And it shall be done to you.

Lord, through the Eucharist, I have received YOUR Faith, therefore I say to this mountain, "Be removed! In the Name of my Lord, Jesus Christ."

"Now act on it My Beloved. And to all of you Heart Dwellers who feel as though a mountain is opposing you, I say, receive Me and count on My power to move that mountain."

And I just want to mention that if you are not ordained but want to receive the Eucharist, we do have a communion service the Lord has given us so that you can come as close to receiving the True Presence as possible. Look for the post underneath this video that links to and you will be able to find teachings on many different topics including communion. Understand that it is by the power of the Holy Spirit that the bread is turned into the Body of Christ, and the wine transformed into the Blood of Christ. This faculty was given to the first apostles and those they ordained all the way down to the present time.-- --

However, the Lord has given us this option for the end times when legitimate priests may not be available...when I say legitimate, I mean those priests who are ordained through the apostolic succession and truly believe that they are consecrating the bread and wine to become the Body and Blood. The idea behind this is that the Holy Spirit may do whatever He chooses to do for a believer that is sincere. But if you really want to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are receiving Jesus, find a holy priest and get in line with everyone else, doing what they do. Know that you have just received Christ into your body, as you believe so shall you receive. Spend time thanking Him in your heart and don't bolt out the door, that is very disrespectful.

Please be sure to make a good confession with the true intention of not sinning again, before you receive, He wants to come into a clean vessel, not one filled with sin.-- --

Jesus continued, "My people, I want you to know that I love you, deeply. I long to inhabit you with My Presence, I long to give you the strength you need to stay free of sin. I long to commune with you precious ones, receive Me with that heart felt conviction. Stay with Me a while as I may clearly speak to you with My very still, very small, voice."

Also, I want to interject here, that while you should most definitely confess your sins and make a firm purpose of amendment. You may be in such a state where you are very, very weak and very sick...sin sick. And in that situation the Lord wants to give you strength. He does not want to deprive you of His body. Trust in His mercy and His goodness. Amen.