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October 7, 2020

May the Lord Jesus be your comfort dear heart dwellers. This is a time when He is also asking for your comfort, your company, and your caring. Please remember to keep Him company in the Blessed Sacrament as much as you can. Even if it is only an image of the Blessed Sacrament. We now have 24-hour adoration on the mountain, and I cannot tell you the peace that has been imparted to this community, it is supernaturally calm. Lord, I am here how can we serve You dear Jesus.

Jesus began, "Your country is headed into precarious times as there are many events lined up to come into fruition. These are things that are designed to wake up a sleeping church Clare. They are not designed to ruin your nation but to wake her up from a long complacent slumber.

As more news comes out about the heinous crimes of elected officials, thought to be good people, the public will lose much confidence in public servants. There will be increases in violence around the country as the enemy tries to overthrow this nation. Understand, no matter how it looks on the outside they are still hellbent on destroying America's freedom. It is only a matter of time, and it is your prayers My faithful ones that are stopping this from happening, which is the beginning of the tribulation.

Before that comes, there will be wake up calls and many will respond looking to Me for answers. This is what I want to encourage, come to Me and I will give you answers. I will comfort and strengthen you so you may find your joy in Me and in Heaven.

Yes, I am in agony in this hour. Several of our community members have seen the Lord in agony and I have felt it. "Yes, I am in agony at this hour. You must continue to cover your president because he is still at very high risk for being assassinated. All the countries that have joined in with him, fighting the same force that has been in control of your country, all of them are also at a high risk of losing those who side with your nation. I am speaking with you Beloved, please, put your hand in Mine and walk forward in confidence that it is Me, because you asked, I will not give you a snake when you asked for a fish. There have been several attempts to silence you and block your ability to hear from Me. That is one reason why you have found it so hard."

"But I assure you, down in your heart, in a place the enemy cannot inhabit, I speak to you as one friend to another. It was no mistake that I gave you the Rhema card about speaking to you as through a cloud, as I did with Moses. I brought that to light to increase your confidence. There have been many blows and tactics to interfere with your vision and hearing." Dear Lord, I am begging you to deliver me from this place, please deliver me from this darkness, silence, and lack of inspiration. Nothing appeals to me except being with You and hearing from you. I am feeling so very insecure right now. Jesus replied, "This is the work of the enemy and you must pray against it." I am asking You to please deliver me, please?
I have given you tools and weapons, you must use them, but not alone, call upon the others to pray for you and I will honor this. I want this community knit together in common prayer that heals and delivers one another and sets them free because attacks are frequent."

As to the reasons for My agony in these hours, tremendous is the war in the Heavens over this earth, and much intercession is needed to keep things intact. Understand that as the Planet X continues to draw near, there is much magnetic upheaval that affects every area of life. And that is not to mention the potential for deathly earthquakes. I see the little children living in the villages that will be affected, even those in Los Angeles, I love each precious little one more than I could ever communicate to you. That goes also for their mothers and fathers and every soul that will be caught in catastrophes.

Lord is the quake eminent?

He answered, "It surely is. The question is, because of those who have prayed for the people, how merciful it will be for these souls. I have been holding this back for such a very, very long time. But it is reaching the critical point. In this moment, only grace is holding it in place. There are those who manipulate these things with technologies as well, and they are bent on the destruction of your nation."

"Wars, rumors of wars, famines, pestilence, Oh Clare don't you see how tragic these times could easily become overnight, and yet with every passing day, give thanks for what didn't happen. When they do happen, these events will overcome the peace and security of all. I see all the potentials for sorrow, and I see the course humanity is heading in, and it is terrifying. Yet there will be saints and over comers. There are already unknown saints scattered throughout your nation, and they are praying for others regardless of their own needs.

"I know you are very tired...may I rock you to sleep? Will you rest in My arms and stay close to Me? Yes, guys I was falling asleep. "Will you allow Me to draw you tenderly into My heart of Hearts for humanity? Let Me hold you securely, reassuring you of My love, beyond all comprehension. Do this for Me? Please? Know that it is I, your love that comforts you, and you bring great consolation to My heart...when you stroke My hair and look deeply into My eyes. I feel so loved. Heed this message but fall into My arms for comfort. Yes, I am with you Beloved, I am here for you even as you have asked me to be. So, relish and cherish these moments set apart for us. Please relish them."

"And for all of you tender heart dwellers, those of you who grieve for the direction humanity is taking, those of you who grieve for lost sinners and cry out for loved ones and this too I cherish, you too I wish to hold in My arms and comfort. You have made yourselves a part of the plight of this nation, you have carried Simon's cross to the summit of Calvary, now I wish to comfort and strengthen you, for tortuous times are ahead for humanity. It is you who calm My heart, ease My burdens and lift from me the weighty bitterness that indifferent humanity has flung upon their God."

"So I ask you, never leave Me alone, always comfort Me, always be a Veronica wiping the perspiration from My bleeding brow. Grave are the torments I suffer for those who will be lost, but your kindness is a healing salve applied to My wounds, your prayers dull the sharp pains of rejection and scorn leveled against those prophets who cry out for repentance. Stay by My side My Bride, I need your comforting touch and prayers. Please do not forget to keep Me close for adoration, even as I explained to you recently, for you will find your peace there with Me."