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October 28, 2020

May the Lord's grace fall upon your hearts, to open them completely to this message, and may your Holy Angel remind you often of God's promises to you.

Well I would like to build a little on the last message to you. The gifts the Lord has given us, such as music, are both a challenge and a form of recreation. We live very intense lives during this critical time in the world, and for praying Christians, it is even more intense. And when we have even just an inkling that the Lord wants us to venture out into new creative channels, we can be slow to respond because of fear.-- --

In the past few messages He has stressed the importance of NOT burying our talents, but it occurred to me after I posted that message, that some of us are feeling overwhelmed because we are already very covered up in prayer and taking care of our families and we see these other things as frivolous. So, we suffer along, with all kinds of stress, diligently keeping up with our duties and do not a lot time to more re-creative, mistakenly thinking that we don't have time or they are not important. But I realized how important these things are to the Lord because He has invested us with gifts and graces. But the world and even our parents may still be lingering over our shoulders, condemning us, telling us we should be doing more responsible things with our time. And so, we continue to defer our dreams and go back to a lack luster, drag along daily existence.

The truth is, anything the Lord anoints and appoints you to do, Anything, is a responsibility, and we have to talk down these lying voices to justify spending time learning new skills or sharing our gifts which are not part of our everyday responsibilities, or so we are led to think.

But I realized how much pleasure we get from these things that God has given us the anointing to create. It is also recreation dear ones. Sometimes we are so bound up in our stress filled issues that we go to bed emotionally exhausted. But if we sat down at the piano, or pulled out our paints and did a little of that each time before we went to bed, we would go to sleep much more rested and restored, and a 20-minute nap in the afternoon can do wonders for the evening.-- --

In corresponding to these creative gifts that others may devalue, we are matching the Lord's efforts to bring forth creative things that He has gone out of His way to acquire for us. And there is joy in doing this. We tend to lose our perspective when we are dedicated in ministry or being a good wife or mother or employee. Life becomes drudgery and common place and we lose our perspective on who God has created us to be.-- -- -- --

Lord, have you anything to say? Jesus began, "My precious ones, I know your frame and the gifts in you better than you could ever know yourself, and so I encourage them to come forward, by asking you to work on your skill. It's not always a blaring trumpet to tell you that you have a skill. It's a certain kind of joy and a still small voice in your heart." I'd like to do that. "Much of the time that's the way I begin to touch your heart and prepare it to receive these gifts and to use them so that you will have the courage to step up and begin."

And here I'd like to tell you a little story as an aside. My husband is a wonderful musician, he plays the guitar and sings beautifully. And after we got married, I would listen to him and sometimes I would sing double vocals with him. But one day we were at a shopping mall and he had to go get something in the music store and I was going to sit in the car and wait because I don't like shopping malls and he left his mandolin with me and I started plunking around on it and I really loved it. I didn't know what I was doing. I just made sounds that I liked, I made them over again and sounds I didn't like I didn't repeat. And I got to know the strings and the position of the frets and I started really feeling joy, messing around with this music, but I thought this is really a waste of time, I should be praying or writing and doing something else. After all I was 58 years old and my mother always told me, if you want to be a musician you have to start young dear, you can't pick it up in your later years. But much to my surprise, not long after that, we had to house sit for someone who had a piano. One of the days we were there I thought well I'll try this keyboard and I started to play it, and my husband came in from the other room, because I have never played piano, although I had always wanted to since my teenage years. My husband came in from the other room and he said, "Honey, you really have a gift." He was amazed, and I thought, "Huh, I do?" So, we checked with the Lord, we used the Bible Promises, we used scripture readings and we very cautiously began on this journey to support my gift, and the Lord has done wonderful things with it, and it's totally Him. When I went to do Exodus for instance, He assigned angels to me to help me with the placement of different instruments. That's on SoundCloud by the way, there are several different sections to it, and it's about the story of the crossing of the Red Sea, although we hadn't quite cross the Red Sea yet.

But anyway, I just want to encourage you that the Lord will confirm to you that this is a gift He wants you to use if it is indeed His Will. So, don't be shy about asking Him and seeking confirmations.

And I also wanted to share with you, that when I first became a Christian, He really took me up in earnest about painting, and I started doing pastel portraits and I was amazed really that I was able to do that. It was all His gift to me and that's the reason why I have been able to paint the portrait of Him and of Father God. So, the Lord will give you the graces to do what He would like you to do for Him and for others. If only you would just believe. Okay back to the Lord and what He has to say.

Jesus continued, "Not only do I need the fruit that will be produced by your perseverance over a long period of time, I want to give you abundant life, I want to see you spread your wings and fly. There are secret desires in all of your hearts and I hear your most hidden musings, when you see someone particularly good at what they are doing. I also feel that cringe inside of you that responds because you feel let down, overlooked or without talent because you did not avidly pursue an instrument to play, or your voice, or an art project, or following experimental hunches with a science project.

I hear you say, "I wish I could do that" and I feel the envy in your heart, because I dwell there.-- -- But if you are working on the gifts that I have given you, to your utmost extent, these people who are accomplished will not provoke you to jealousy but inspire you to continue to hone your ability.

There is a certain joy that is imparted to My faithful ones who are working on their gifts, knowing that someday they will be able to contribute to the growth of others because they persevered. They don't cringe when they see someone who mastered an instrument, or built an energy project, rather they feel part of this world of wonder they inhabit, acknowledging that they too have the gifts, and finding inspiration in what others are doing.

So, in corresponding to My gifts to you, you not only obey, and are pursuing a dream, you are finding pleasure and an outlet from your highly pressurized life. This brings balance, calm, satisfaction and hope into your life because you are sharing with Me the life, I have given you.

How beautiful it is to see a soul who has given Me their life and does what I want them to do with their gifts in spite of the criticism from those around them. And once more, I promise that someday you will realize those goals and attain to wonderful accomplishments that feed your soul and the souls of others. For I never give a gift just for the sake of giving. I always have a targeted audience that you will someday minister to, no matter how far removed from reality you imagine that to be.

So, I am encouraging you, find joy in these gifts I am giving you. Find ways to convey the gospel message through your craft, and watch to see what I do with it. Give me your 10% and let Me give you My 90%. Do not just go to work out of guilt, go with joyful expectations that someday you will be ministering to others with this gift. Truly, I tell you, no effort of yours will go by without reward, here on this earth and later in My Kingdom of Heaven. So, rejoice and do what seems impossible to you, and BELIEVE that I am with you, sustaining and infusing you with inspiration. Why do I command you to Believe? Because it is an absolute truth, and merits your total unwavering faith. Come here now, close to My Heart, beloved one, let Me thank you with a holy kiss on your forehead. I adore you My Spouse."