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November 2, 2020

The Lord bless you my dear ones, give you the strength and the courage to pray and support our nation in this critical hour.

Jesus began, "My people, this is the time to apply yourselves to intense prayer. These situations of civil unrest and rioting that could arise in your country because of the evil ones, these situations can be mitigated, or stopped, by your prayers. Pray also for the safety of your president and his staff.-- --

Target your prayers. When you hear of trouble or violence in a state pray over that city and state. It is a good practice to have a map before you and lay hands on the area being affected.-- -- This brings you into deeper focus with your prayers for the area.

Depending on the length and intensity of your prayers, you can make a major difference in what is going on. Your president is going to be voted into office again, but the instances of voter fraud are everywhere and those who do not believe in the right to freedoms of this country will try to denounce this election. There will be civil unrest, but I am telling you now, your vigilance and prayers will make all the difference in intensity. They will move to the right to cause trouble, but I will be waiting for them. They will move to the left, but again I will be waiting.-- -- What they want to go up will come down. And what they want to come down will go up. And all of this, because you prayed. So, believe in prayer, it is the weapon of choice, not guns and clubs and violence. You defeat the purpose of this democracy when you take the law into your own hands, it is prayer that will defeat every attempt to overthrow your government.

Pray against voter fraud, pray against anarchy and civil unrest and violence, pray for your president's safety, and pray for the eyes of Americans to be opened to the true condition of their government and all the good your president has done.

PRAYER CHANGES THINGS!!! Be faithful in prayer. The Divine Mercy Chaplet also is very powerful along with entreating My Mother and the Saints in Heaven. They are at your disposal, and know by the Holy Spirit that you are enlisting their support. They are there to help those still on Earth, you will someday see this in Heaven when you are enlisted to pray.

Would it be too much to ask of you My People to pray back to back Chaplets, Rosaries and intercession in tongues? I am asking you to do what you can in prayer during these critical hours, and any fast offering you make will increase the power of your prayers. And vigils are very powerful. You will make the difference. Pray Psalms 51 and 91 as well over your nation. Much mercy will be dispensed during these hours of dedicated prayer. I am with you and for you America, you have chosen to come alive, to change and take responsibility, shall I not therefore come to your aid. Indeed, I hear the cries of My people and I will be faithful to answer them.