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November 30, 2020

My Dear Family, yesterday I was accepting that the Rapture was about to happen, but then last night I had a breakthrough with music. And I thought to myself, I will work on this as much as I can until the Rapture actually happens. I also thought to myself, maybe this was a kick in the pants for me to take things much more seriously and work on music nonstop. Maybe the release we are all waiting for will still happen! And Our Father will hold off just a little time longer. Only Our Father knows, but I am convinced this is the moment of truth, we are approaching the rapture in real time.

Dear Family, you must remember, the Lord still does not know the time. Just like we are all to be ready, for we know not the hour, so He also must keep His Heavenly army prepared and in readiness for the call could come at any moment. Perhaps my Mother became aware of new preparations and was allowed to shoot a warning shot to wake up what was left in me.

Dear ones, the last time my Mother appeared to me, Ezekiel almost died, he ended up having emergency surgery that changed his life in the middle of the night. So, I do not take warnings from her lightly.

But let me tell you this much, three senior members of our community had the very same readings, the one was given a rapture song by Misty Edwards. Out of the mouth of two or three His word will be confirmed. And I would not have warned you with these promptings, from my Mother and Ezekiel if I had not had plenty of substantiating confirmations, even from the Bible Promises, the Holy Spirit, Guidance, in the Twinkling of an Eye, Scriptures that were given not only to me, but to Ezekiel and other senior members of the community. We gathered together to weigh the evidence and that's where this message came from.

Now, I want to reason this out with you and perhaps the Lord will weight in and clarify, if He is free to. This is what I said in last night's message, "The other way it could go, is that this is a serious warning to all of us, the Lord is about to re-equip us for the last leg of the journey, but He must let us know this is our last chance to get it right and finish the work He has given us, thus, a stern warning replete with confirmations."

Now I cannot speak for you, but I know that feeling worn out will dampen my enthusiasm and cause me to fall into a funk. I believe the weariness of living and walking through demon soup every day, has taken the enthusiasm out of life for many of us, and being weak, I just want to crawl into a warm, cozy bed somewhere and pull the covers up over my head, go to sleep and wake up when the rapture happens. But I have been fighting that impulse every day. It is not my will or my desire, it is the exit route for exhaustion. And I, with all my heart, do not want that. God forbid.

So knowing my heart, I believe the Lord may have sent a message from my Mother to wake me up, saying, get up! You can't stay here! Get up! He's coming! This is the final hour! Certainly, that message did have that effect on me. So, if that is true then there is yet a small space of hope for us to do more for the Lord, even those assignments dear to our hearts.

In truth, I have told the Lord, that if He doesn't change something, giving me back some kind of youthful strength, I just don't have anything left. But last night I felt something different, I felt a spark at the piano that I hadn't felt for a long time. When I awoke this morning, I began to feel a desire to get up and start walking again.

No doubt my friendly Satanists will pick up on this and try to squash it, but I must remind them, for mercy's sake, it is written that whoever curses us, God will curse, and I pray for your conversion, but I cannot rescind the word of God that whatever you wish upon me will happen to you. It is not that I send it back to you, that is not my heart. It is that this is a law God has enacted and you cursing me is going to cause His curse to fall upon you. Please don't take my word for it, just observe the repercussions of the curses you send out. For instance, 20 years ago when we were here a certain witch cursed my son's horse and it died while my son had an open door. But the next week the witch's favorite horse was found mutilated in a field. What you send out will come back to you.

As Satanists you know what a covenant is, and that it carries weight. Our covenant is with God and His rules apply to us, and if we live within His boundaries, His covenant is binding, which means His protection is binding as well. That is why I ask you to consider the consequences of cursing us, because I do not want to see you getting hurt. I pray that you will wake up and see all the fun you could have serving God, a God who truly loves you, rather than a god that is only using you and when he's done, he will torment you for eternity. And when I say rather than a god that is only using you, that is a small "g" not a big "G".

Genesis 12:31
"I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you."

I am from the seed of Abraham both by faith and by Jewish lineage through my Mother. Therefore, this law applies. And there are so many others who are also of this estate, though it has been hidden from most because of persecution. So, children grow up thinking that they are Catholic because the Jews disappeared into the Catholic Church to escape persecution. Here in New Mexico, there are thousands of cipher Jews that came over from Spain. So, this protection from God applies to them as well.

I am reminded of the story of a high priest Satanist in Brooklyn who met nightly with Satan to discuss the curses for his neighborhoods. John Ramirez finally asked Satan to give him some time off. He was getting really tired. So, Satan made him blind for an entire year. That's the kind of boss you're dealing with. When I am tired Jesus either gives me substantial strength or tells me to go lay down and take a nap. Then He shows me how important my work is to Him and my heart wants to rally and get up and keep going. Do you see the difference?

It is an unfortunate thing to hold onto anger, bitterness and hatred which often drives people into satanism because they are abused by relatives or indoctrinated at such a young age, they don't know how to get out of it. But this opens the door for demons to direct your life right down into a deeper pit. Whereas, when you forgive and go to God, he leads you in His ways which leads to the glories of Heaven and a tender love for you.

Dear Family, neither Jesus, nor you or I, know when the Rapture will be called, so please do your best now, knowing that tomorrow could be your last opportunity on earth to do good before you are taken, or left behind.

Jesus have you anything to add.

He began, "You have spoken well Clare, yet I must warn you that it is a little more urgent than that. As I told you, this time is not a drill. Truly we are on the brink. I do not want to shoot your hope down that you will not be able to work more on music, but these days, the condition of the world, is far more serious than it was five years ago. This is the brink and it could go either way. Please pray, please keep up your prayers. Please do not slack off. Please put your heart and passion into your prayers. There is yet a chance, but the door is closing. Therefore, keep watch, pray, offer sacrifices and be ready on a daily basis. Remember, I told you, I am with you, grab a firm hold of my hand and don't stray from your awareness of Me from moment to moment. And do not forget your duties Beloved ones, continue on so that I may find you working when I come for you." And that was the end of His message.

Well, I want to say something here and that is that I have read and re-read this message several times, along with another senior member of the community, and I have to say that in the past, when the Lord gave me a Rapture warning, there was a deep, inner sense that He was going to answer prayers for more time, more grace and more mercy. I did not get this impression this time. In fact, I felt like I was literally hanging in midair at the end of this message, and no solid sense that there would be a postponing this time. In times past I did have that sense. But not this time. That's all I can share with you my dear ones, perhaps you have further insights. He is however asking for prayer, serious prayer, so let's get back on our knees. I love you all very dearly, even and especially our enemies, and I hope someday we meet in Heaven.