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January 12, 2021

My beloved family forgive my absence, the Lord has had me working on music, while situations around the world ripen. Please do not believe anything you hear or see in mainstream media, because it is actually exactly opposite of what you are being told, and this is about to come out and shake your world. Do not be afraid, President Trump will continue to be our president. When Donald Trump took office, he had no idea the depth of what he was getting into. But God is with him and there will be shouts of victory in the camps again.

He is asking us all to TRUST the plan, to trust that He is with us and our nation. We must remain in a posture of prayer and be ready to accept all that he allows for us, both the good and the bad. Because a major shaking is going to take place especially in the areas of communication and in the halls of justice and truth. Major deceptions will be exposed and what you will learn will be so difficult to believe.

After I had said that I felt the Lord really wanting to speak. So, He began,

"Stand firm and see the glory of the Lord. Have I ever let My Faithful ones down? In all of history, it is only the unfaithful that have been subjected to the discipline of the Lord. In your nation you have fought valiantly for what is right. But the devil has had years to build strongholds of evil, webs and networks of evil going back to the previous century. Now these things have come to fruition, but My generals and faithful armies have woken up and stirred the flame of righteousness in their hearts. They are making sacrifices, fasting praying, even offering their sicknesses and their trials up faithfully, to see their situation totally cleansed and turned around

A great awakening is taking place in My People. They are turning from their superficial ways and seeking My face as never before. Shall I spurn them? Or come to their rescue? Indeed, many of you have suffered persecutions for your faith and you are standing tall, praying, fasting, and offering sacrifices. Shall I not reward you with a new land, new beginnings, and a fresh new start? Yes, there is much refuse to clean up, and it will not be pretty or happen overnight, but those who have risen to pray and offer their lives to resurrect the good this country which was intended to be the Land of the Free, those have indeed risen and taken up positions around your president on their knees. Shall I not reward them?

Yes, you are in a war, good against evil, and when you were asleep the enemy came and sowed tares in the field which grew up with the good wheat. But now I am putting the sickle to the harvest and I will indeed separate the bad out from those who stand for what is right. I only ask that you continue to be the praying army that will conquer the evil in your midst.

Those who do not know the truth, and they are many, must come to recognize who they have elected, what they stood for and what goes on in the dungeons below their fine mansions. They must come to grips with the unthinkable and recognize the masquerade of characters who look upstanding and honest. Many, many of My people have fallen short in discernment and do not understand the true nature of others. They have judged by their appearance and demeaner which seems respectable. They have not seen behind the facade that covers evil; they have not looked at candidates to see what they voted for which is where the rubber meets the road.

Anyone who is for dismembering a baby in her mother's womb, does not know Me, or they would never do such a thing or condone doing such a thing. Let alone pay for it and encourage it. Support and choose those who will stand with Me through thick and thin. Right now, I am shaking the earth and the turning the heat up under the kettle. My refining fires are burning away the facades, exposing the corrupt actors who have fooled you for decades. I am exposing the corruption and putting the tares in the fires of judgment. You will see many you counted as being righteous, be exposed and fall. This country will be purged of those who have done evil behind closed doors.

But My people, you must also examine your own lives and see where you have fallen short. Ask My Holy Spirit to shine a light in those dark places so I may heal them and anoint you with fresh life and new beginnings. Do not withhold the truth about yourself from yourself or from Me, I see and know it all and it is My heart to see you repentant and restored, even as your country is being cleansed that I might bring restoration to her.

Do not allow fear to govern you, pray extremely hard for the battle is intense and the stakes are high. Continue to have faith in Me that I will reward your prayers, your repentance, your faithfulness. Continue to look to Me for joy to rise in your hearts and do not get caught up in the bitter melee that comes with evil being exposed. Do not take in a bitter seed, rather pray for these men and women who have been working for Satan. Pray for their conversion and lest you forget, examine your own lives for times when you gave into evil. These who govern you are under far more pressure than you can ever imagine. The pressure is to sell out for personal gain, for popularity and power and every evil fleshly agenda.

You too have been subjected to such temptation, but not on the level they experience. So, I caution you not to judge or condemn, but pray sincerely from the heart for their repentance before it is too late for them.

Support your president and believe in him, I am fighting for you with him and your prayers are what is causing the victory. Stand fast in the midst of confusion and understand it is necessary for a time that things be up ended and cleaned out in order for Me to bring what is right and good back into your government. Do not ever fall asleep again My People, do not ever let this happen again. And when what is good and right begins to emerge from the charred remains, and your life again flourishes in the midst of a righteous government, do not forget Me. Do not forget the lessons and do not forget the poor and do not forget Who it is that has brought victory and fresh opportunity into your lives.

Be faithful to Me in the battle and in the victory and guard against arrogance and complacency as the dust settles and life begins to return to normal along with the wonderful changes that I am bringing and the new empowerment that I am anointing you with. Do not be afraid to repent of the things that you have been negligent in, rather confront them and change the things that caused you to go in the wrong direction. I am with you, I am with you, I am with you. Trust in the plan, trust in what I am doing. There is victory at the end of this very dark tunnel."

And that is the end of His message. And I have to tell you He has been doing that with me, He has really been showing me where I have fallen short and where I need to change, and that is one reason why I have been working more on music. It is difficult, you know in these times not to get caught up in what is going on in the media, but mainstream media is nothing but lies and poison so please, please do not believe anything you hear there.

One thing you can count on is that everything you hear on mainstream media is exactly opposite, exactly opposite of what is really going on. And someone brought to mind, this was the big lie technique that was used in the previous century when the Nazis came to power, telling a big lie, is often the best way to obscure the truth and understand that has been used on us for decades, and we did not even know it! Politically, I have been asleep most of my life and here I am at almost 75, finally waking up.

But I just had a sense in all those years that it did not matter who the president was or who got elected. And I am not saying that is right, it is laziness and lack of understanding and not caring. It was definitely wrong. But when I saw someone stand up in the midst of the morass of evil out there, and offer hope of something really changing, that woke me up. And I voted. And now I pray for our political leaders and for our nation in a way I have never prayed before. So, I am so far from perfect, true to character, I have a lot of flaws, but I am seeing what God is doing and I want to support him with my prayers.

And I ask you too, dear ones, to support him with your prayers because there is a beautiful turnaround coming if we pursue him and pray with all our hearts that this nation be brought back into an honorable place, that this nation be again the land of the free. God bless you, dear ones, thank you for supporting us, taking care of us, praying for us. We appreciate your prayers so much and the community is going really, really well.

Could use your prayers over the gate, we still have problems/ issues with that gate. But other than that, we are doing so well. And there is a beautiful group of people here, all of them really love the Lord, and are so intensely dedicated to Him. So, the Lord bless you, dear ones, and thank you again for your love and HiH