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January 18, 2021

My dear ones, this is a communication I believe we should take seriously.

Starting soon, maybe as soon as tomorrow there will be a 3 to 5 day rolling blackout, for sure it will happen on Inauguration Day. Fill your tubs with water, there will be no running water, fill cars with gas, although during the blackouts no one is allowed to leave their homes ... gas stations shut down, hospital workers will have to stay at work, no internet, cell service, you can use landline if you have it . This is to prevent Antifa and Black Lives Matter to communicate and cause riots, and for the military to do its job without interference.

This is coming from my friend's husband who is a top commander. They have been given permission to tell loved ones to get ready. And apparently what happened is this commander was called to Washington and his wife stopped to have tea at a restaurant where they know the owners of it really well, and she told them what her husband had told her, and that is what this message is about. So, get prepared to sit still for a few days and be praying. Pray, pray, pray and just so you are informed and know what is happening now is a very good thing, but there will be bloodshed, so pray please pray.