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February 9, 2021

May t Lord, please give us the courage to conquer our fears and the necessary information to leave behind for our children. Amen

As I have mentioned before the Lord has been very insistent about us thinking about the rapture, and of course, throws into question so many things. I am learning to let go and to rest in Him. Not easy for someone who likes to know what is going on, but what is going on is the covering and protection of the Lord, and right now He is asking us to rest in Him. But in the process of considering the rapture, and the implications of the rapture coming soon, I realized there is still more work to be done, more that I want to do, and if He does give us more time, I am really dedicated to applying myself with more to leave behind for those He does not take. In fact, He has been asking Ezekiel to pray for those who will be left behind and to pray for those souls who are not saved and might get caught in the conflagration or a terrible war. For the most part He has been giving us His peace and telling us that what is going on right now in our country is under His control, He is the Lord, the Lord of America and the Lord of the world and He is with the administration that has made so many good changes. Recently I 've gotten wind of a word about creatures from other planets and from outer space that will be landing on our planet and causing havoc, and of course that definitely gave me a pause for thought and was a little bit scary. Well Jesus held my head over His heart and held me tightly, as if He had to, I was clinging to Him for dear life. I have recently been reminded of the utter evil that shall invade and terrorize the earth, such as a demon alien invasion, where they actually eat people. And I know it is true that they do eat people.

Jesus began, "These are things I never ever wanted to talk with you about. Yet they are inevitable. There will be events of such magnitude that the whole world will be paralyzed in wonder and fear. Yes, even to the point where some hearts will stop beating." Jesus this is.

more horrible than anything I can imagine, except Hell. He replied," Yes, a literal Hell on earth."

"There is much I want to tell you, but you must give Me time. Lots of Time. This is a start, but I need more time from you Clare. That is why I have been trying to draw you away from the affairs of the world, so I could speak to you of these things and prepare the hearts that must go through this. First and foremost, I will be with them in miraculous ways. These times will call for miracles and the shortening of time, lest there be no survivors. These miracles will be of such significance that even those in Heaven will miss being involved in them. They are every Christians' dream.

"Fearful times, such fearful times...Yet in the Name of Jesus all can be overcome. That is the point. No one is without recourse, but they must open their eyes to Who I Am and receive Me as their Savior and Protector. That is partly the purpose for what will befall the Earth.

"Beloved Clare, these things are so very dark and ugly, they are not how I wish to spend My time with My Bride. But I know they are weighing heavily on your mind and that is why I will address them now. Nibiru, as I have told you before, is one of the carriers of these things, it is a demonically infested planet. Time and space are nothing to these creatures which are inter dimensional, meaning that they go from place to place through dimensions, not as you envision traveling to the moon for instance, but thinking it and being there almost simultaneously.

"Yes, portals have been opened. Man, in his arrogance has opened what I closed for his own safety, and now he will live and die with the consequences. But this has been allowed.

"What is so sad to Me, is that My Name, when a believer uses it takes the place of the most powerful weapons. But the way people have been conditioned to think that religion has no place in warfare, they are gravely mistaken, much to their detriment. They have no idea the power of My Angels to stop a bullet or even a missile. The world has conditioned them and stripped them of spiritual weapons which are interdimensional when used the proper way. These creatures are also interdimensional.

"In other words, you must have a real relationship with Me in order to use My Name to combat the enemy, as the example written in Acts 19, portrays. And here is the quote, starting at verse 13.

13.Now there were some itinerant Jewish exorcists who tried to invoke the name of the Lord Jesus over those with evil spirits. They would say, "I bind you by Jesus, whom Paul proclaims". 14.Seven sons of Sceva, a Jewish chief priest, were doing this.15. Eventually one of the evil spirits answered them: "Jesus I know, and I know about Paul, but who are you?" 16. Then the man with the evil spirit jumped on them and overpowered them all. Mind you now that was seven fully grown men. The attack was so violent that they ran out of the house naked and wounded.

17.This became known to all the Jews and Greeks living in Ephesus, and fear came over all of them. So, the name of the Lord Jesus was held in high honor. That was the end of the Scripture quote.

Jesus continued, "This will be a time of unparalleled desperation as people reach for their guns and find out they do not work, for the most part, against these monsters.

"Beloved, these are some of the things you must leave behind for your children to use when the time comes. Those who embrace Me in spirit and in truth will be given this power over the demon aliens. And as I have told you before, there is no such thing as a good alien. They are all demons disguised in various roles to trick people into trusting them. You cannot trust them. Even the softest spoken and gentle ones are raging monsters inside which will devour you at their earliest convenience. They will only remain friendly to draw others into their net, then when you go missing, they will make up some story that you left to go on an errand, but those who ask will become their next meal.

"Do not under any circumstances receive these demon aliens into your homes or associate with them in any way other than to invoke My name and send them running. The groundwork has been laid in this world for the present generations to be atheists, so of course they will not embrace Me or use the power of My name until they have realized Who I am and received Me as their Savior. So, I am telling you this now to prepare others.

Lord is there anything else that You wanted to share with us?

"Just that I love each and every one of you dearly and am grateful for those who are willing to stay behind. I will be with them in a marvelous way, and things will be done more on a supernatural scale than the way you are used to operating now. I will in no way leave you without recourse in every situation. But your days must be filled with prayer and listening. This is a skill I will help them to develop. It entails shutting down the internal dialogue and reaching out for My Presence, which is ALWAYS with you.

"There will be many cleaver people doing many seemingly clever things, but just remember, the foolishness of God is more powerful than the reasoning of the intelligence and the power of the mighty. When you pray and I direct you to do something that makes no sense whatsoever, do it anyway. It will be your obedience that continually delivers you from the clutches of the enemy. And when He said that "Do it anyway" I was thinking of the movie, "The Chosen", that series and the wedding at Cana, and they are standing in the room with these stone jars that were made for holding water for purification rites, and they are totally out of wine, and Jesus asks the servants to fill the jars with water. This does not make any sense at all, he said. "I'm out of wine, I don't need water". The Lord answered him something to the effect of," not everything is going to make sense. Just keep watching, Thomas". In any case, the rest is history, the Lord turned all of those stone jars of water into stone jars of wine because the man did it anyway and the Blessed Mother in the movie, famous line where she says, "Do whatever he tells you to do". So, they did and as a result they had more than enough wine and in addition to that it was the finest wine anyone had ever tasted. Of course.

Well, dear family, I want to share something with you that happened to me in Taos. Recently during the summer months, we were citing UFO's in the sky in Taos. One was suspended over the local Walmart. I do not know if anyone noticed, it looked just like a star. That very night, I was in the hot tub looking out the window and I saw that same light moving erratically in the sky and stop over the hills to the east, the direction I was looking in. Before I knew what, I was saying, these words gushed out of my mouth, "Lord, deliver us from evil." And that very instant the craft was gone, totally gone. The Lord had told me, do not even look at them, they have a way of affecting your brain. And one of the ladies here in town that saw one land in the football field of the local high school, watched them and was very enamored of them. From that day forward she had a bald spot on her head where she felt something happen to her when she looked at them. And I knew someone else, the same thing, a bald spot on their head and they were actually abducted.

Please heart dwellers, keep your hearts for Jesus alone and do not buy the lie that they are gods that created us. Absolutely not! They are fallen angels that have been kicked out of Heaven and have made bodies for themselves from human tissue and DNA. If you read stories of those who were abducted, you will find there is not one good thing that they have ever done. They have terrorized, maimed, raped, and killed everyone they abduct. There is absolutely no reason to become involved with them, other than to take authority and cast them out and away from you.

Do not be sucked in by the lies and fairy tales and stories that they have come to help the earth, that is a facade for their real intention, which is to destroy every living thing God ever created, especially mankind, made in His image, by getting permission to land and to take over the earth by getting cooperation from people on earth. In the end, God will allow this to begin, but He will also intervene and destroy them forever where they will be confined to the lake of fire finally. And I will tell you a little secret, Mary the Mother of Jesus, knows who belongs to her son and who is evil. If you cultivate a relationship with her, she will not allow you to be misled and destroyed.

And I have one last word for you guys. If for some reason we should lose this channel, you will be able to find us at Still Small Voice, at, Rumble, Still Small Voice at Rumble, Still Small Voice at Parler and Bit Chute and at Sound Cloud, we are listed there as Clare and Ezekiel du Bois. And of course, our web site, We have another site called too Triage for Truth Seekers, but it is listed on the internet as That is designed to answer doctrinal questions. And there is also a search engine on our Web site that references messages when you type in a particular word. Some of you are not aware of the special features on our web site, and Rhema page. Here you can prayerfully click on a button and the Holy Spirit will bring up a word for you from a pool of a thousand plus Scriptures. Kind of like daily bread, the daily bread box where you pick a little slip of paper and it has a Scripture written on it. You will be pleasantly shocked by how accurate the Rhema's will be.

I also explain that this is not divination, it is relying on God by picking a lot to help you with discernment, which is Scriptural, and the explanation is written on that page. There is also a Rhema message so when you click on that button, out of our fifteen hundred messages, one comes up that is perfect for your situation. And it is a wonderful way to get inspiration or a confirmation from the Lord on what you are planning or thinking. And I go to that as well. I enjoy it very much.

The Lord bless you my precious friends, together, we are making a difference, your prayers are powerful. Let us continue to support one another in prayer and thanksgiving, we need the Lord, and we need His Body, one another. God bless you.