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February 17, 2021

May the peace and joy of the Lord be with you all dear Heartdwellers. This is Mother Elisabeth and yesterday, Father Ezekiel called Mother Elisha and myself to come immediately to his house to pray for a young boy named Johnny and to visit him in the spirit, keeping him company and holding his hand. Here is Johnny's story through Papa Ezekiel.

Ezekiel began, "I was suffering spiritually and physically for a young boy about six years old. Johnny was a slender boy with brown hair and was lying in a bed at St. Jude Children's Hospital. His skin coloring was jaundice and He was scared, as no parents or family was at his bedside. He felt all alone in the children's ward. I invited Johnny to play in my room and share my food with him. He looked like he had skipped a few meals in his time.

"Earlier that day, Mother Clare had sprinkled tiny, shiny, multi-colored hearts over me and on my bed, so when Johnny and I were playing, he was fascinated with the itty, bitty hearts. It brought him so much joy to toss the hearts into the air and watch them land over and over. In those moments, he was not afraid and not alone.

"You see, Johnny's parents didn't know the Lord and he knew nothing about God. He had never been taught about Jesus and how He died on the Cross out of great love for us. So, naturally being very sick, in a hospital all alone would make him fearful.

"Johnny's life up to this point had been one of neglect and abuse. He felt far from experiencing Jesus love, when the Lord revealed Himself to little Johnny and in one amazingly, smooth transition wrapped Johnny into His arms and took him home to Heaven.

"When Johnny arrived in Heaven, he was greeted by someone he didn't know. The Saint said, "Hi, what's your name?" And the little boy replied, "My name is Johnny." The Saint said, "Wow, what a coincidence, my name is Johnny too." And the Saint turned out to be none other than the Beloved Apostle Saint John. So, hand in hand the two new friends passed through the pearly gates of Heaven and began Johnny's tour into paradise.

"Then Blessed Mother Mary appeared, she was about seventeen years old and took Johnny's hand and led him to the glorious River of Life that cascaded down from the Throne of Almighty God and was lined with bouquets of beautiful trees on either side of the river. After spending time, splashing and giggling in the refreshing and revitalizing waters, Mother Mary guided little Johnny to the biggest and best birthday party ever! Much to his surprise and great delight, he was the guest of honor, the party was for him!

"In Johnny's life on earth, he didn't get the opportunity to have the experience of a birthday party or any kind of party for that matter. He was left alone and ignored most of the time. In an instant, little Johnny's life was changed and he got to feel and understand what real love is. He was surrounded by and enveloped in joy, peace and a love so deep and genuine from his God and heavenly family that Johnny felt he was truly home!

"The Lord allowed Johnny to come back to earth to visit me, to say "thank you" for playing with him and spending time with him before going to Heaven, which by the way, is the most awesome place ever!

"Heartdwellers please join us in praying for Johnny's parents and his family for their conversion, that they will all be redeemed and added to the Kingdom of God. And pray for other children, like Johnny, and their families, that the Lord will move on their hearts and they will come to know Jesus' love for them and invite Him into their hearts where He will rule and reign forever." And that was the end of Father Ezekiel's experience.

God bless you dear family and may we all enjoy taking spiritual trips to Heaven!