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March 8, 2021

May the Lord open our eyes, our hearts, and minds to the wonders of this world that we have never known or seen before. Amen.

My dear family, I have been out of pocket this week trying to comprehend how to bring what I have learned to you. I have been struggling with the same message for three days when I finally realized I had not given you the groundwork you need to understand the forces our world will soon be introduced to. So, I had to start all over again and this is that message.

It all began because I wanted to keep abreast with our president Trump. In doing this I ran across a group of people, one of which is Dr. Charlie Ward, a Christian, who is on Bit Chute, Rumble and Telegram. He used to be on YouTube but of course they took him down.

I subscribed to Telegram and his posts. He gathers relevant information from all over the world, about what is going on in the background of events, which has been deliberately hidden from us. He and many others have been talking about the coming Great Awakening. I assumed it had to do with the swamp draining as well as a financial reset that would return to the American people, what had been stollen by the Deep State. But I have found, it goes much, much deeper than that.

In brief, there are new technologies coming out soon that will completely change our world. And I do mean completely. Free energy, new forms of transportation in the air that everyone will be able to afford, and the most stunning of all, the Med Beds. If you saw the movie Avatar, you saw the clear chamber that was used to transfer a regular human body into an Avatar body and vice versa. What you saw were med beds. What they do is to read your DNA and return your body to optimal function, through plasma energy.

They can completely rebuild your heart, cure stage 4 Lymphoma in 10 minutes, grow new limbs and organs. This is done without pain in a noticeably short time span. They can also repair the damage in your body from aging. Amazing!!!

I kept hearing the 5D World, which refers to dimensions. In the conversations that Charlie was having with other people, and Robert David Steele as well and Simon Park. Most of us live in a 3D world, but 5D seems to be more interdimensional. For instance, the 4D world refers to being sensitive to thoughts, being able to know and see things and communicate without actually having your physical body there, without having to speak words. We know that is possible in Heaven, and even now when we pray, but the Great Awakening that is being talked about has to do with that ability and a major shift in thinking from negative to hopeful and positive. I would think, for instance, that bilocation is a Fifth-Dimension phenomena. And these are terms that are new to me, so forgive my errors if I am not explaining it exactly correctly. Do correct me, please.

To give you an idea of what it will be like to be treated in a med bed, you will make an appointment, show up, get into the pod, it has a clear window that covers over you, it will examine you through plasma energy corresponding to your DNA. Then the operator will program the findings to be healed and within minutes, you will walk out completely cured of every disease. If you are missing a limb it will grow back. If your heart is failing, you will have a new heart. If you have been traumatized such as the children being rescued from trafficking and underground cities, the operator will set it to heal unwanted memories and trauma. That is being used right now, in fact, for the children that are being rescued out of the tunnels all over the world.

Do you realize what this means for civilization??? No more expensive and destructive medications, no more surgery, no more artificial limbs, no more blindness, deafness, autism, trauma, PTSD, and depression. Everything will be healed, in a short time span and without pain.

There will be no more need for freeways, gasoline, complicated, polluting vehicles. No more electric or heating bills, no more wood stoves or oil heaters. Can you just imagine what this world will look like??? It sounds too good to be true, but Tesla uncovered many of these things, but it was suppressed by greedy men. Now that these greedy men are being tried and executed by military tribunals because they are enemy combatants many being paid by a handful of evil people from the world to destroy America. Now that they have done that, these things are being released. They have committed the most atrocious crimes you can imagine obtaining blood from tortured children as well as using these little ones as sex slaves, and even killing them for entertainment.

The dark side of this world is darker than anything you can imagine dear ones. And the patriots and good military leaders actually went to Donald Trump, laid out the atrocities and asked if he would help them restore our nation. Everything that is going on now in our visible government is just for show. Many of the people are actors and not the actual person. There will soon come a time when we will find all this out, but for now, it looks normal like the status quo.

In following current events from the Patriot's viewpoint, I was introduced to this 5D world and the coming world changes. But I was troubled by something I saw. When the med bed was introduced, a woman was narrating information about it in the video. At the very end, she claimed that this was all technology that was given by those not living on the earth. In other words, people from other civilizations off the planet. She also signed off as Chimera (Ki-mera), which is the scientific name for a hybrid animal-human that is produced in a laboratory, like a pigs body with a human head. In her sign off, she gave me the impression that she was a psychic communicating to us on behalf of the Galactic Federation of Light.

Well, let us look at this. The med beds in themselves I believe are neutral, the new technologies, also neutral just as the internet and MRI machines are neutral. But here the Med Bed is being associated with aliens. And as I have told you before, aliens, I believe are actually fallen angels and demons, in body suits. I believe they operate in a fifth-dimension world, or are inter-dimensional in substance, this is why they can appear and disappear spontaneously. I believe we will be like that in Heaven and that those who experience bilocation are also moving through a different dimension. So, there is nothing evil about bilocation, it happened to Phillip when he ministered to the Ethiopian eunuch.

But in the presentation of these med beds, and the 5 D world, the inference was that the entities that gave us this technology, were of course more highly developed, and there was an air of spiritual superiority about them as they talked about love, peace, light, harmony, and a new world. My question is, "Who is your Lord?" Do you profess Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior or some ascended master which is what New Agers believe. Who is Jesus to you?

When I was in the New Age movement, studying to be a trance medium, Jesus was seen as one of the many Ascended Masters. But the Lord revealed to me supernaturally with signs and wonders that He is God, and these other narratives are lies meant to deceive people and, in the end, get them to worship a person inhabited by Satan. This narrative could easily be the Great Deception that Paul talks about in second Thessalonians, second chapter:

"The coming of the lawless one will be accompanied by the working of Satan, with every kind of power, sign, and false wonder, 10.and with every wicked deception directed against those who are perishing, because they refused the love of the truth that would have saved them. 11.For this reason God will send them a powerful delusion so that they believe the lie, order that judgment may come upon all who have disbelieved the truth and delighted in wickedness. And with all wicked deception for those who are perishing because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. Therefore, God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false."

Now, my concern is that Satan is going to use these new technologies, which are neutral, as a Trojan Horse to turn people's heads away from God to worship an extra-terrestrial being, as well as introduce a whole new religious framework that is permissive to sin, on the grounds that we should allow people to live anyway they want to.

And here I want to add that I believe, the one thing that saved me from the New Age was that I only wanted the TRUTH. I could not settle for anything that I did not know was absolutely THE TRUTH. So, when the Holy Spirit so graciously revealed the difference between my New Age deities and the One True and Living God, I knew in my deepest being that this was THE TRUTH I had searched for all my life. And once more the fruits of following Him, led me right into the perfect will of God and the greatest state of fulfillment I could have ever dreamt of for my life. There is no feeling like knowing that you are living in the perfect will of God. In this state you are surrounded by a world that assists you in all that you do. You walk in a peace that is beyond the chaos around you. And your life bears the fruit of living in the truth. You are God's partner in bringing to others, what Jesus did on the cross to redeem all mankind.

Lord, have you anything to say to us about this?

Jesus began, "For those who prefer the space beings, demons and angels in body suits of various colors shapes and sizes, they will be led into the Great Deception and be lost, taking the mark of the beast, and believing this tragic deception. The ones who will believe this deception do not have the true gift of discerning of spirits. Tragically that includes those who are simple but kindhearted, as well as free thinkers, the sophisticated and enlightened intellectuals who could not accept a God as provincial as the carpenter and in the working class the God of the simple born-again believer.

"Only the ones who know Me by the Spirit, will persevere and not enter into an alliance with the demon aliens. There will be certain give aways that something is wrong here. They will endorse those things that I have taught are sin. They will claim that I am just one of the many ascended masters. Those who choose to adhere to the truth with all their hearts and beings, will smell a rat.

"Let Me be perfectly clear, the technologies that are going to be released are in themselves neutral and good. But they are being marketed under the understanding that a higher galactic, universal civilization is responsible for them. In other words, how could someone who gave you these technologies which will alleviate so much suffering, how could they be evil? The answer is simple, they are fallen angels in body suits, highly intelligent and fully aware of the inter-dimensional physics of the worlds, and adept at using it to produce a convincing result.

"But they are pretending to be benevolent and of a higher consciousness, and they will never acknowledge Me as their Lord and Savior, because Satan is their Lord. To destroy you and everything good is their true intention. They will gain the confidence of those who rejected Me as their Savior because I have given those up to error and the Great Deception.

"Indeed, this IS the Great Deception, and it will take a sharp discernment, a knowledge of the Scriptures, and courage to stay out of this trap. You see, if Satan cannot bring about his kingdom one way, he will do it another and those who do not have an intimate relationship with Me will rely on their logic.

"Please My People, cleave to Me with all your hearts and warn those who are awake but misled. Many of them are particularly good and kind people, but they do not know Me on an intimate level. Their relationship is not beyond religious norms, so their discernment is askew, and they believe that because they have come from a religious up bringing, that they know all there is to know of the Christian faith. If they truly knew Me, they would spot the deception. In some cases, they have relationships with entities claiming to be Me, but truly, not Me at all but a demon masquerading, just like the ones I delivered you from the night I visited you in the pillar of fire.

"I love each and every one of you to distraction. But try to understand that the enemy will attempt to divert your attention to hard core fundamentalists and those who use the Bible to condemn and find fault. That is religion, not relationship. My tender love for you knows no boundaries and My Heart has nothing but good planned for you in Heaven. So please do not exclude the possibility that a destructive force may use this wonderful technology to gain your confidence and ultimately your worship.

"I am the Lord who loves you and there is none other. All of My plans for you are Yes and Amen. I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you, so that where I am you also will be. When I prepare this place, it is from top to bottom, made of all the things you love and hold dear. I know every inch of your heart beloved, and I rejoice to provide you with your dreams in living color as My reward to you for believing in Me and living for Me.

"So please do not dismiss the Scriptures or a true relationship with Me because others have been crude and provincial in their presentation. I will go into greater depth about this deception in the next message. May the sublime comfort and joy of knowing Me fill you now, to overflowing. Amen".