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March 16, 2021

May the Lord give us wisdom, fortitude, and endurance as we head into the Tribulation. Amen

My dear family, I wish I could be the bearer of good news, and there is some good news here, but Ezekiel had a dream last week, that I have just been sitting on, hoping it was not true. We sought the Lord about it and in the Rhema readings we all got, the core group got, the Lord confirmed that it was from Him. So here is the dream:

It is not unusual for Ezekiel to find himself in another country at night when he dreams. This night he found himself in a typical busy Chinese food market, jam packed with people of all ages milling around, teenage girls and young men flirting as well as shoppers bringing home fresh produce and meat for dinner.

He realized that he was lost and needed to call me to let me know he that was ok. He had no idea of how to get home from China, but he found a man in a booth that spoke a little broken English and the man asked him, "Where are you trying to go?"

Ezekiel answered, "America."

The man answered back, "You are in America."

Ezekiel then realized that he was only two hours away from the refuge, but when he looked for the freeway or a road, there were not any. All he could see for miles around was flat land and no roads leaving the town. He tried to find a phone to call me and tell me he was alright and on his way home, but there were no phones either. Then he woke up.

We were both shaken by the dream and went to the bible promises book to see if it was from the Lord and we got, Holy Spirit. When I told one of our brothers about it, who was an officer in the army, he told me that he had a dream when he was 5 years old that he was hiding from the Chinese, now he lived in Virginia. In the dream all his family was gone, and he was the only one left. The Chinese army was searching house to house for any Americans still alive, and somehow, they did not see him because he was told in the spirit that if he did not move, they would not find him. So, he stayed still and was safe. I also have had many visions about Chinese snipers in the trees in the Southeastern United States, as well as them landing in Florida under the cover of night.

I do know that after the Tribulation, everything will be different, the earth will even tilt on its axis. Lord, you told me that you would not allow America to become completely destroyed, but it seems as though a foreign government had taken over in this dream. These people were obviously well settled. Could you please speak to me?

Jesus began, "I do not want you falling into fear Beloved. Now you know why I asked you to get a Rhema from John Ramirez book Destroying Fear. You remember this afternoon you asked Me, 'Why this book and why this particular reading about overcoming fear? I'm not afraid.'

"That's my Sweet Jesus, always covering for me." I chided.

"Well, you did ask, didn't you?" He replied.


"But you weren't expecting a reply??"

Now You are teasing me.

"I like to tease you. Besides, I knew you would struggle in coming to grips with this, so I went ahead of you. Let us get to the point. You will be gone when this happens."

I thought so.

"You thought right. While you might have respect for other nations, most Americans are arrogant about their nationality. That is why you got Humility for the second reading. There will be a great humbling of this nation. It will still be a great nation, but not in the way people count greatness. Many great people will be born into what remains of this nation, and I will still use America to bring good into the world. There is something about a melting pot that brings many elements and gifts together in a culture.

"I want you to rest in this. There will be many surprises when you return. Much has been overlooked, and between the new technologies and an earth recovering from fire, things will be quite different. There will still be mountains, I will not level them all, and new ones will come up that no one was even expecting. The earth will be quite beautiful when it recovers, I promise you that. You are in for so many surprises, why do you worry. Have I ever recreated anything ugly?"

No Lord, that seems to be our gift as mankind.

"Well, many things will be changed," He giggled, "Including you!"

Wow! You are in a playful mood tonight.

"And why not? Aren't you tired of funeral dirges?"

You could say that.

"Well, I know for a fact how very tired you are. You don't even want to finish this message."

True, Lord I feel pooped.

"You could lay down for a little bit." So, I did.

I am back...I feel like a sack of potatoes sitting here, but I am back.

Jesus answered me, "And I'm still here Beloved. Please do not let the future intimidate you. Do you remember the dream of the Quonset hut that you lived in when we came back?" It seems that you were laying the lines for a place for us, but it was in Alaska...near the North pole.

"You mean near where the North Pole is now. It will not be the North Pole when you return."

Oh Lord I am so thankful that there is still something to look forward to in the new earth...but I really do love the northern lights.

"You may live wherever you like, but I know you so very well, you will live where I ask you to. It will not be boring, far from it. There will be flowers, gardens, your favorite trees- that would be fir and pine and spruce and aspen, there will be streams, mountains, hills, and canyons. But you will be terribly busy assisting Me in setting up the government. It will not be boring work Beloved; you will love providing for others. You have always had a bent in that direction."

Wow Lord you sure took my mind off China! Pretty slick, huh? But I still need to ask, will our land be returned to us or will the Chinese own it?

Jesus replied, "Your country will be smaller, and yes, your land will be returned to you, but it really won't matter because there will be so many changes. Changes in climate, changes in vegetation, changes in the way I will govern the earth. From this dream you should understand, this will happen before I come back. -Meaning the Chinese occupation Remember the 20-million-man army in the Scriptures? They were Chinese. Because of the aggression of this nation and its agenda to strip God from the earth, all will be returned, and life will be so quite different. There will no longer be aggressive nations, for I will rule and reign, and everyone will have what they need. This will be a time of Heavenly equality. Truly My kingdom will come upon the earth for the thousand-year reign. How beautiful it will be. And yet, there will be some who will not be content with this arrangement and they will raise their ugly heads towards the end of the millennium, then I will lose Satan and his demons and finish the cleansing at the last Armageddon. During that thousand years, certain genetic traits that will not be tolerated on the earth, will begin to emerge through some of the blood lines. That is why I must wait a thousand years till the generations are fully matured."

At that point I was thinking about communicating...I said I do not know Chinese, and I am not very adept at learning languages.

He replied, "Don't worry Beloved, you will have extraordinarily little difficulty with languages, these will be second nature to you and all who return. You will also speak the language of music and singing, in ministry as well. Yet there will be times back in the palace for you to rest and be rejuvenated. You will lead a very balanced life. Everything you have begun on earth will blossom when you return, truly there are so many wonderful surprises and opportunities for you and all My Blessed ones. No more sickness Clare, no more fibro, fatigue, and fog. And you will easily learn every instrument you have ever desired to play. Ah-that would be the violin. Your life will be without limit and you will help so very many who will be lost. I promise you, you and My other faithful Heart Dwellers have so very much to look forward to. So, chin up My Brides, you will be returning complete and whole, ready to work, ready to serve. I know that all of you are exhausted, but relief is coming, soon, I promise you.

"As I have told you before, there will be a year of honeymoon in Heaven with Me, you will need time to adjust to everything and even renew your thinking, adjust it to all you will encompass in your new environment. Things will be so easy, people are so agreeable and helpful, you will not encounter rejection or persecution. Plans will fly together in your hands with great ease. There is no resistance in Heaven, none whatsoever. Here you are fighting a swamp up to your neck of contrary forces every single day. It's not like that in Heaven Beloved."

Oh Jesus, WHEN????!!! I am so tired. Please tell me when?

"I wish I could, but you know better. I will tell you this though, you have just enough time to finish three songs."


"They don't mean you couldn't finish more...but you do have just enough time to finish three".

And I asked Him, with vocals?

He said, "That's up to you. It is possible though, but not likely since you have not been applying yourself there. But that could change with a little extra grace."

Lord, help me to want that grace, please? Help me to want it and use it. Things always look brighter after a good night's sleep.

"Well sweet dreams Beloved, play your flute before bed."

Thank you, Lord. And He was talking about a drone flute that I just got, wonderful to play, just beautiful, I got it for certain songs that I had written, and I did not have the right key for in a flute.

Well, my dear Heart Dwellers, please make sure you are familiar with our website,, please. And also, we are going to be on Bit Chute, and Bit Chute is nice, you can make remarks and comments there. We can have a little bit more of a conversation than we can on Vimeo. We will continue to post on Vimeo, but I just want to make sure you can find us in case something should happen. The Lord bless you, dear ones, we are in this together. Keep us in your prayers as we pray for you as well.

and give me an absolution, almost