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April 10, 2021

May the Lord's peace be with you family. Amen.

Please forgive my absence, I have had a rough week with fibromyalgia, and I have found it exceedingly difficult to concentrate. I think it is a suffering for the Divine Mercy Novena, which we are in the middle of right now, it ends on Sunday, the first Sunday after Easter. And it is a nine-day prayer cycle for the world, different intentions each day. It is an immensely powerful novena.

I have some intel to share with you and please take timing issues with a grain of salt because so much misinformation is being put out there, nobody can really trust the details. I wanted to get this out of the way so we could stay strictly on spiritual things in my next message. I know there is a great deal of confusion in the minds of some, wondering why President Trump has not been reinstated publicly yet. I want to assure you, it is coming. The military has all it needs to uphold the constitution and put the choice of We The People, in the president's office. They have audited the authentic watermarked ballots that revealed that the only state that was for Biden was the District of Columbia. Believe it or not, New York, and California were for Trump. Right now, Jim Carey and James Wood, are playing the part of Biden- It has got to be funny! It was Jim Carey that tripped and fell on the stairs, and he has a background with stunts. I believe Biden has already been executed for his crimes against humanity and torturing and raping children. It is so horrific, that I get sick at just the mention of what the army is revealing in the tunnels that are all over the world, not just in America. Dear ones, they are taking hundreds of body bags filled with the body parts of children out of these trafficking tunnels. Under the White House, there were colonies of rats and roaches feeding on human remains.

There is a channel on YouTube, that seems very well connected, Rescue GE is what is it is called, and it has been broadcasting the plans to reveal to the public all that has been going on behind the scenes. In their YouTubes they continue to set dates which keep passing us by without any visible events. Now they have not posted anything new for almost three days.

Martial Law and has been in effect for several months. That means that the military is in charge, period. The black hats have hired thugs to cause disruption and rioting when the disclosure of corruption happens, so the white hats are being incredibly careful, not wanting to set off national rioting. I believe they are also threatening to detonate nuclear devices and other weapons of mass destruction, hidden in America, if everything is revealed to the public and the mainstream media is shut down. The military has made great strides in discovering these weapons, but it is obvious that all threats have not been neutralized, or the military would (spill the beans) and give the public the red pill.

Another factor is the fragile state of mind of people. It is my guess that if the information is released too quickly to the public, including the taking down of the mainstream media, some people will lose their minds, it is after all more bizarre than fiction. It seems that the best way to disclose what has been happening is slowly, gradually, little by little over time. What is being said on the channel, I believe, may be put out there to flush out all the retaliatory moves the black hats have planned or have access to, and according to my source that seems to be correct. Three reasons why they cannot disclose everything suddenly, I know you are all waiting for it, I know I am, every day, wondering when is the public broadcasting system going to kick in? And when is the truth going to be revealed? But there are three reasons why they cannot disclose everything, the threat of retaliation is still real, and every time they announce a move, more black hats come to the surface, and are exposed, and the public is so lulled into false narratives that they will go into shock when full disclosure is made, if it is done too suddenly. In the meantime, they are arresting, prosecuting, and executing black hats. I just got an update from our intel source and he told me that the Evergreen container ship that is stuck in the Suez Canal was deliberately thrown off course to be stuck in the canal by hacking into their computer, the computer that guides the ship. The elite Russian, and elite American corps, the Green Berets, etc., and Egyptians, are all cooperating and working together to save these children. I was told that there were about 1,200 children found dead in the containers and 1,300 still alive, according to an Army intel source. They also found weapons of mass destruction on the ship. The captain is singing like a canary and all the other ships stuck in the canal will also be searched. The release of the film, Sound of Freedom, starring Jim Caviezel, which is about trafficking children will not be released until the end of the year. And I would imagine that is to protect the operations that are going on, to find the children in these tunnels because there's still more tunnels, many more tunnels to be taken care of around the world.

Now, moving onto the COVID vaccines: My precious ones, please do not get the vaccine or even let them test you for COVID. As it turns out, the vaccine President Trump took is Hydroxychloroquine and Remdesivir, which is an oral vaccine, and the military is also taking that.

They are not taking Moderna, Astra Zeneca, ?Johnson & Johnson's Janssen, ?Pfizer-Biotech ·They are not taking that, those are poisons. But there are reports that the testing swabs being used for COVID have a tiny chip in them which becomes implanted in your body and causes sterility, when they swab you, plus there is evidence of Morgellons's disease and other live viruses on the tip of the swab. And this was from a fresh swab that was, the package was opened and examined under a microscope, two of them from this batch, and they both had the same thing, they had Morgellons disease, and live bacteria and a virus on the tip of the swab. Please, do not get tested, those swabs may be loaded. It is possible when the med beds come out that the damage caused by these toxic vaccines may be reversable. And the reason you are seeing this is because the black hats world agenda is to reduce the population tremendously and that is why there's sterility associated with the swabs and the vaccine. And that is the reason why they are doing this is because they want to reduce the planetary population.

Ok, I have given you all the icky stuff that is going on, my next message, I hope, will be much better. I just wanted to dispel any confusion in your hearts and minds about what is truly going on behind the scenes. Mainstream media has access to a lot of this information but refuses to publish it. It would not be right if I did not ask the Lord to speak to us. So, Lord, do you have something to share?

Jesus began, "Let us begin with how much I love you, My Brides. And I need your comfort during these times. I inhabit these soldiers and must deal with the torment they suffer after finding these unspeakable atrocities. Some of their lives are shattered by what they see, and they have to go into recovery. They try to be brave, but the images stay in their minds and torment them. It is truly a disgrace and horrendous acts of crime against the innocent.

"Many parents will be getting the sad news that their children are dead. Others will have to deal with severely traumatized children that need medical attention. The med beds will help to heal and restore the minds of these little ones. They are already being used to that affect and are showing hopeful results. You cannot imagine the wrath of Satan that has been taken out on these innocents. Those who have seen the carnage have seen inside Satan's mind. This is what he lives for.

"What Clare has given you is substantially accurate information. She has culled out much and only stuck to the bare bones fact. Now that you know this, I need your prayers. There are still tunnels with children all around the world, yet to be discovered. My Spirit is upon those soldiers and I am leading them. Pray for them, dear ones, they are so traumatized by the cruelty and carnage, that it is something that will never be totally overcome. Pray for them.

"And what Clare has told you about the vaccines is accurate. Take no part in the testing of or the vaccines. The one vaccine that works is the oral one the President took, or you can rely on Me to heal you. Most of the strains are nothing more severe than the flu which thousands of people die of every year. When you pray for one another, if nothing changes then recognize it as a burden and a fast offering to set more children free and preserve your country.

"The dreams about the Chinese living in your country are very real warnings. Yeah, Ezekiel had another one and we will probably publish that tomorrow. "There is so much more going on behind the scenes", the Lord continued, "that very few know about and the danger is quite real. Only your prayers can stop the occupation of America. Your country is literally in your praying hands. I am coming very soon and what will take place afterwards has been written in Revelation. Pray now for what is to happen later. Pray, pray, pray. Imagine your culture wiped out. Imagine your homeland occupied by foreigners, a totally foreign culture. This is indeed a sad sight. You do not know what it is like to not have a country to belong to. The plight of immigrants is very grim. What this nation will suffer is very much like what the nation did to the Native American peoples when they took their land from them. This is why I have called for deeper repentance.

"When I return to rule there will be equity. I will restore to each one according to what is right, but until that time the earth will be full of strife and confusion. You have not long to wait My dear ones, you have not long. Those of you who are raptured will be part of the earth's restoration and you will behold justice being done to all peoples and you will all live together in peace. That is My Promise to you. Look forward to Heaven, My Brides for those of you who are staying, look forward to new equipping for your spiritual journey until I return. My blessing is upon all who read or listen to this message and I would ask you to correspond to what is in this message and to use it, to pray, and to be ready, because I am coming soon."

Now, that was His message. What I wanted to add to that is that I have got more confirmations about the Rapture. Here on the Refuge we have people having dreams, and we're having dreams about Chinese occupation, we're having dreams about the Rapture and the Tribulation, and all I can tell you is it seems like between now and the fall something may happen, and if it doesn't happen in the fall it may happen in the spring, but the Rapture is very, very ,very close, so please, have your lamps filled and your wicks trimmed and be ready, for the Lord is coming soon, much sooner than anyone really believes. The Lord bless you, dear ones. Pray for us.

Thank you.