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February 8, 2015

I found it very difficult getting into prayer today. There were numerous things that caught my attention around the house: the phone ringing, people at the door - it was almost impossible to get into deep prayer. But finally I managed to pull away from everything and redirect my energy and my attention away from all those exterior things, and spend that special quality time for Him. I knew He was waiting for me.

The Lord began:

"My Precious - always put Me first. Do not allow the demons to shift your attention off of Me. This is a priceless gift that we share together. It took a long time to cultivate. It can be ruined very quickly. It is the little foxes that ruin the vine. This is an age-old strategy of Satan - little by little, line upon line, draw her - the Bride's attention - off. Just a little bit each day. Eventually, she's way off and the gift is gone. No crime scene, just an absence of what used to be a sweet communion and relationship, one that nourished and built up the Bride into a fountain of living waters.

"There are so many I long to rest in the arms of, but alas, they are taken up with the world, and have no taste for My companionship. Faithfulness draws the faithful. I will put a longing in hearts for something different, something radically different from the lives they are leading. Just as I did for you. First, they must grow weary of all that is around them. There must come a point where it all means nothing to them. When they are at this point, then I can lead them and guide them into that relationship. But mark these words: they must be at the point of weariness with the world and all its allurements."

"But Lord, now you have brought me back to a rather normal life - different from my more radical days in the East."

"True, I have. But only because you need what is necessary to serve others. But I wanted you to experience almost complete freedom, that simplicity, so that it would become the very foundation of your life and ministry. Missionary is a very good title for the work I've given you. When you are a missionary you do not possess great things - rather you travel lightly, even as Joseph and Mary did, carrying their precious bundle."