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May 23, 2021

So, after the Lord made that recommendation, we gathered together after the community dinner and prayed the Rosary and lo and behold, she appeared to me for the first time seriously in the sense that she was there to advise us. The first time in twenty-some years, when we were in Florida and in the apparition, she was appearing there as Our Mother of Mercy. It is beautiful, and I am going to share with you what she said. Several people in the room knew she was in the room; they could feel the sweetness. When she comes and visits us, it is so sweet and gentle and you can just feel it, it is like a big hug from Heaven. So, the Blessed Mother began, "I am so pleased to see you coming together as a family and praying.

There is no end to the joy I feel in your presence. Hard times are coming but you will be greatly productive in serving Him. You are not to go along with the fright and confusion of the rest of the world, rather show your faith in God by being at peace and encouraging peace and to come to me for intercession, for I will surely deliver them from evil in that hour. "And as an aside I want to mention here there was something going on in the Philippines and an army was coming and they were going to slaughter a lot of people. And they started marching towards that army praying the Rosary and the army stopped, the whole thing was diffused. I do not remember when that was, but I do know that, and I want to encourage my listeners in Africa where these slaughters are taking place, please, gather together as a village and pray the Rosary. Pray the Rosary for protection pray it every single day and she will protect you. Be consistent and pray, she has done miracles for people who were about to be caught in a massacre. Ok.

Our Lady continued, She said,

"Many will run to and fro looking for answers and ways to avoid the inevitable, but only their faith in the Lord will be rewarded. All other reactions will not get them through." Now see, here is she is pointing to the real source, the Lord. She's asking you to pray, and the prayer is, "Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you. Blessed are you, among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now, and at the hour of our death." So, you see the Rosary is nothing but a simple prayer the power comes from the Lord, and she is praying on your behalf. She is a mighty, mighty intercessor in Heaven.

So, then she said to me, we had talked for a couple of minutes, "You wanted me to come back to you. I am here." And what she meant by that is the book we had put out on September 11th, the very morning of the Twin Towers, that very morning at three in the morning I finished the book, and I woke up to the Twin Towers. The title is "A Hope In Winter Comes". And it is on Amazon, but it is also free if you write to me. We would be happy to send you any of our books are free if you write to us. She said," You wanted me to come back to you, and I am here." And I thanked her profusely because I really missed her sweet, sweet presence, and her counsel. And so now she is going to appear probably every night after dinner as we get together as a community and ask for her intercession through the Rosary.

She continued, "Your commitment and faith are what drew me in, knowing that you truly do believe in me and entrust your life into my hands. You have done well to accept this invitation beloved."

Thank you, Mother, I never honor you as I should.

"That's not true," she replied. "When you honor Him, you have honored me in the most perfect way. Clare, all I want is for you to acknowledge and believe in Him. This is what qualifies you for this mission, or should I say for the many facets of this mission.

"Holding it together, holding it together with prayer, yes, this is most pleasing to me." And just when she said that someone was starting a decade of the Rosary, we each take a decade, he was, one of our brothers was beginning it and she looked at me and looked at him and she said," He is precious". I said, Yes, I know. And then she continued, "Each one is precious in their own unique way. You have no idea how this will impact your community. The fruits are endless, that much I can tell you. Because you have responded in obedience you have done and will do much damage to the kingdom of hatred and darkness.

"What is coming is hard, but in the end, there will be victory, much will be done to finish or put the finishing touches on His Bride. Indeed, it is through fiery trials that gold is refined and made pure. This goes for souls just as much as it does for gold. The beauty is that if you cleave to me and to My Son, you will come out purified and teach this to others. I am to play a major role in these end times my dear one, and you are one of the pivotal leaders to bring my true mission forth to those uninformed. Go forth in confidence you all have been chosen for the purposes of Heaven to bring forth His will on earth." And then she very tenderly stoops down in the Spirit, she was standing in front of me, and she stooped down, and she raised my chin and she said, "I love you." Wow I need to ponder that to get the real depth and meaning out of it, but you could feel the love. You could just feel it.

And I told her, Wow I need to ponder that to get the real depth and meaning out of it, and she answered. "That will be done." I really do want to embrace her love and return it to her as well, she has done so much for me all these years, when I was an Evangelical and had so many doubts about her intercession because I was drawn to St. Francis of Assisi and the purity of his lifestyle. It seemed to be such a remedy for this worldly environment that we live in. I knew that he had a devotion to her so I knew that I would have to, at some point in time, confront all the bad feelings I had about the Blessed Mother because so many people have lied about her and said terrible things that had nothing to do with reality.

She is not some kind of goddess jeepers creepers the reason she has a crown in Heaven is that we are all going to have a crown in Heaven. Some of us will have more crowns than others. Unfortunately, the dark side has their own queen of heaven which is really an evil demon masquerading as being something good very evil and you have to know the difference, you have to have discernment. Well, my loved ones thank you so much, thank you for being here on the channel. Pray for us, and we pray for you. Be strong, be strong and do not let anything deter you from holding on to the Lord and praying for our President. God bless you.