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June 5, 2021

Grace and peace to you all dear Heartdweller Family.

Father Ezekiel recently saw signs and apparitions which we would like to share with all of you. Ezekiel began, out of the southwestern sky I saw The Blessed Sacrament physically in the sun and also a second sun that was aggressively spinning and wobbling just beneath the first sun. I watched all of this taking place physically in the sky. Then I saw the head of a male lion almost due west. The lion's expression was one of calm and gentleness. Then further back in the more distant southwestern sky was a very clear image of Karl Marx. I saw these apparitions while our community was praying the Rosary and later looked at the clock on my phone which read 9:11.

Earlier in the day, Our Blessed Mother said to me, "The Global Reset, keep half of your assets with you. Do not exchange, alter or manipulate your assets." Father Ezekiel continued, after this I very clearly saw South America with three broken crowns at the top part of the nation, and it was as if someone had cut off every corner and point of the country. It was still basically the same shape, except for the lower third which was formed into a peninsula, closely resembling Italy.

Today, Father Ezekiel again saw two suns, one was the Blessed Sacrament with a crown of thorns and fresh green leaves have sprouted, and roses are blooming and they keep turning into hearts. Specifically, three hearts representing Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. To the right is a manger that is elongated into Noah's ark. The second sun to the right moves closer to the main Eucharistic sun until the two are merged together.

I asked Blessed Mother what is the meaning of all these signs and apparitions that Father Ezekiel is experiencing? What are you trying to tell us and warn us about?

Mother Mary began, "The sun spinning in the sky and changing colors and size was to get my dear child's attention, and as a confirmation that he was clearly hearing from me. Now more than ever, My Son wants all of you to pray for the consecration of souls to His sacred heart and my immaculate heart. The Holy Church is under attack, Christian families are under attack and leaders all around the world in the body of Christ are being persecuted.

Precious children, you must stand your ground and fight the enemy. To be effective, you must understand how the enemy works, pray, make sacrifices for others and keep your thoughts and intentions pure.

"Hell is very real, my precious ones, it is full of lakes of fire with screaming souls in torment. This is a time for all my children to come back to the Blessed Trinity, the Eucharist, the Rosary, do penance and make sacrifices for the conversion of sinners."

Right then, I remembered hearing about how Pope John Paul II use to carry around a copy of Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto to better understand and educate himself on the tactics and mindset of the enemy and how, if we are not watchful, communism can easily infiltrate a way of life. Marxism believed that religion, morality, social structures and other things are all rooted in economics. John Paul II was instrumental in bringing down communism in Catholic Eastern Europe by being the spiritual inspiration behind its downfall and a catalyst for peaceful revolution in Poland. The Pope also believed that Our Lady of Fatima saved him from an assassin's bullet. The spinning, wobbling sun was a miracle that Blessed Mother did at Fatima which was witnessed by thousands of people. Pope John Paul II was quoted as saying, "When God is forgotten, the creature itself grows unintelligible."

Blessed Mother continued, "My dear ones, if you stand firm on holy ground and hold fast to the promises of my Son, remaining steadfast in your resolve to submit all to Divine will and providence, you will maintain your peace and the lion will roar with victory over the dark kingdom." And that was the end of Our Lady's message.

May the Lord bless you and give you His peace dear family.