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February 8, 2015

And here is my next message:

"Lord, I am so worried about my spouse. He has been inundated with demonic voices of discouragement and confusion. Lying spirits, those sent to discourage and demoralize us."

The Lord began: "I am working with Him. He is coming along, he's getting opposition. He will steal MUCH territory from the enemy. The battles at times will be fierce. Tell him for Me:

'I adore you, My precious, precious Spouse. You are a light in My heart. That is why I have given you such a challenging life and work. Don't be discouraged when it seems that nothing fruitful is happening in your life. Very soon, a light will break forth for you, that will illuminate those who are in distant lands, even around the world. Be dedicated to what I have put in front of you. Do not back down or seek distractions when things don't go well. Rather, be committed through thick and thin, and do not be intimidated by your lowliness, or by any of the arguments of the enemy.

Put them to flight by a simple confession: 'My God said it. My God is doing it. Jesus, I trust in You.' This simple confession will irritate them to no end. Take pleasure in knowing that. And know that My words to you, My promises to you are True, and the devils are always liars. So don't put any confidence in their words.

"This is a life-long challenge for you - the thorn in your side is that you hear them so perfectly. And there's only one antidote: faith in Me.

"In the end your life will be a testimony to the power of faith, and a faithful soul who endured much darkness and bitterness for love of Me. You will rejoice at the fruit of your sufferings, for they are nothing compared to the Glory that will be yours in the next life. Rely on Me, not on them.

"Remember, when you go into agreement with their vile insinuations, you are in a sense making them your god - the ones who have the final word in your life. Don't allow this! Fight it with all your strength and remember that My Grace is sufficient for you. And where you are indeed weak, you are endued with power from on high. Thus, you are strengthened.

"You have frustrated many, many demons assigned to you, to erode your faith in Me. Keep up the good work. Place no confidence in your feelings, rather only in Me and My promises to you."