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July 4, 2021

Beloved family, I hope by now you are getting a taste of how the Blessed Virgin leads us. She is so tender, so faithful, so solicitous for our welfare. I pray you will entrust your prayers to her.

When I came into the Rosary this night, she began, "Yes I do wish to speak with you. There is no fault in you asking your husband to stay. It is more a matter of pain. The Lord was trying to give him a way out. But he loves you so deeply, he is trying with all his might to hang on to life."

Mother, what about the word that was spoken over him? I do not understand. Am I the problem? Please cut through any of my resistance and help me to hear clearly.

She continued, "You have done nothing Clare. Except this is a sort of purgation. You being more and more purified through repentance will definitely aid in this process. How much do you love him?"

Yes, I see I am still very much in self-love and not immediately willing to give certain things up. What should I do?

She answered me, "Give up what you can my child and I will make up the difference. I will."

But I do not wish to cause anyone more suffering.

She replied, "I have others who are willing to help where you leave off in your weakness. That does not mean you love him less, it means that you are not strong enough, but you could be. Press in dearest, I will help you."

"You have saved the good wine for last, I heard".

I always saw that as our marriage mother.

"Sweet Clare, he is doing all in his power to stand by your side."

Mother what can I do to help him so he will not get this pain so badly?

She said, "Fast as you can, and I will make up the difference. Put real effort forth and pray for his healing."

Oh mother, help me please.

"Clare I am ever by your side. You know, you can pray the Rosary anytime, you do not have to wait for the group. It would help you to stay closer to me and obtain comfort. Do not give up Clare, do not give up. Hold the line firmly., profess the promise and pray for your enemies. Every measure you take will bring forth good fruit. You cannot out give My Son."

That made me think of the beautiful droplets after the rain that were touched by sunlight and sparkled like multicolored Christmas lights on the spruce tree outside my window. Thank you, Jesus, for the twinkles in the tree.

Our Lady continued, "Your country is approaching the moment of truth". My head was down. She said," Look at me, Clare. I love you; I cherish you and I am sorry your path is so hard, but this is what it takes for the kingdom of God to come forth. Beloved little one, this is so transitory and will be over faster than you can calculate or even imagine. These are truly the last sacrifices to bring in the harvest...

"Do not fret my child, everything will glorify God and bring you unheard of joy. You cannot imagine what awaits you, just do not despair, fight the good fight down through this long dark tunnel. He is fighting with you, and we are fighting for you, you are not alone.

"There is no comparison in the way of these sufferings for the heavy weight of glory that will assume and overtake you. Do not despair, we will strengthen you. Hold onto the promise, he is holding on for you.

Mother, please alleviate his suffering. Please?

She continued, "There will be moments of mercy, yes, you have many praying for you and mercy is in order here. Continue Clare to offer everything and count on His grace to carry you through."

That was the end of her message and Mother Elisabeth also saw something and received a message from her during this Rosary.

During the second decade of the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary, the Blessed Mother Mary appeared and took a pure white mantle from around her shoulders and place it on each one of us, starting with Father Ezekiel, and then kissed the top of our heads. I said, "Thank you Blessed Mother, we love you. "And her face lit up.


Then she began to speak, "There are many graces woven into these mantles, but my dear children you must cooperate fully with these graces for them to become effective. It is like yeast which activates when added to the dough, so it is with the Lord's graces, there must be full resignation on your part to receive and embrace His Will. Your hearts must be pure and your thoughts and intentions true."


"You must believe and trust in my Son, now more than ever to withstand the coming events. Call on my intercession my children and I will help you and instruct you."

And that was the end of her words said to Mother Elisabeth.