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July 6, 2021

May the Lord bless us with His grace that we may have complete control over our lives and our flesh. Amen.

My dear family of Heart Dwellers, the Lord is asking me to speak about the sins of our culture that will hold us back from the Rapture. And even from growing spiritually. So, I will be sharing on this theme for a while. He really does not want to leave anyone behind. The mother of Jesus has been coming to us regularly to instruct us in ways of holiness. Her entire heart is to prepare a spotless Bride for her Son, and to make her Son's love known to those who are done with religion and have drifted away.

As a Heart Dweller you know that it is the relationship with Jesus, in your heart and by the way you live your lives, what you value, that is most important. In this hour when so many are dying from epidemics and war, none of us is guaranteed another day to change our ways. My heart is also to be ready for Him, but I know I still have a way to go. So, most of these instructions are for my personal sins, but they do apply to all of us.

The Body of Christ is still not ready for the Rapture, and we all need to examine our hearts and see what is displeasing to Him. This is where I am right now as well. I have been struggling with my flesh over food. Foods I love, and I feel like I am still captive - I want so much to be free. When Our Lady started speaking, it was on the heels of a struggle I had just had with food and given into.

She began, "Long is the road to holiness, depending upon each soul's disposition. You can be delivered in a week or in many years, it is your decision to cooperate which determines the amount of time. As you get rid of superfluities, the road becomes shorter". Superfluities-things we do not really need. "You are at a disadvantage being an American where life is covered over with superfluities. Getting to the actual bottom is quite a work."

"So, you are acquainted, you can lead the way. Many here have a sense of what is superfluous and have made an attempt to reach that goal. "That is some of our new members. "You would do well to learn from them," she continued.

"Beloved daughter there is nothing we wish to deprive you of, but we long to see you go back to those days when only the barest necessities were important to you because you did not have an adequate income with four children. And you were very ingenious.

"You have a gift for this, it is still there, just buried over with wants. Would you please think about returning to that life of self-denial?"

Yes, mother, I would love to.

"Well, it is not so easy now because you have resources, before it was done out of necessity, now you don't have that pressure, but oh what a wonderful witness it is."

There is a part of me that really wants this, Blessed Mother.

She answered, "Yes, I know. We are trying to rekindle that. In fact, we steer you in particularly good directions through the poverty. We have lost this of late and you are no longer a good example, I would love to see you return to that.

She continued, "Many are in your same position; they are surfeited over with superfluities." Meaning 'covered over'. "You would do well to speak of this in your own life to inspire them to go another way."

I am going to start with my bookshelf, guys. That is a place I need to clean up.

She continued, "Will you consider this?"

Yes mother, I think it would be a joy for me to go back to that.

She replied, "Study the science of sparseness. and scarcity, call it a great day when you must deny yourself. These opportunities to sacrifice are occasions of detachment from earthly concerns. The more detached you are, the better. The freer, the more consumed you will be with Jesus. This will require real effort on your part, but remember how glorious it was in Dog Patch, Arkansas and Analomink?" Those were two places where we were living in substantial poverty. She continued, "When you were that poor and offloaded so many unnecessary things, remember how wonderful you felt?"

I do.

"You can have that again Clare, if you want it."

What about provisions for the community like books?

"Wouldn't you rather be healed by the Lord than study all those books on healing? Wouldn't you rather be inspired as to what to use?" And here she is talking about the herbs that are all around us.

I do not have a lot of confidence in my discernment on that level yet.

And she said, "If I were you, I would not either, but you can certainly count on My Son to be there by your side helping you. He has many remedies not known to man, especially the prayer of faith."


I do not know what it is about me that feels better when I have "THINGS."

She answered, "It is a security issue that stems from your mother and your childhood. You can easily overcome that and find yourself in pure wonder at what the Lord's miraculous provision brings. He longs to surprise you and do the unexpected.

"Don't you see Clare? They are moving into the tribulation and will need to count on Him above and beyond all else, you could not give them a better example than this. It is written into your DNA but so is extravagance, you must make the choice, no one can do it for you."

I have already chosen, Blessed Mother, I just know how weak I am, and I really must count on Jesus to give me the strength to push things away that I know I should not have.

She continued, With the Lord's help you could be strong and resolute. Where you are weak...He is SO VERY strong.

"Wouldn't you like to try?"

I would.

Mother, I am willing to be made willing. This must be a work of grace. I do not have what it takes right now. Please, help me with grace to enter into true self-denial and to be consumed with thoughts of the Lord and serving Him and not thoughts of my stomach. Please, pray for me, please help me to overcome this.imHiH

"We are truly with you Clare, cheering you on, and praying behind you. We can do this together".