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July 8, 2021

May God bless you and keep you dear Heartdwellers. Mother Clare began, "Lord, what is transpiring with Your Church?"

Jesus replied, "It is in shambles. Rife with division, criticism, justified prosecutions, totally buried in scandal." "Lord, you said nothing would prevail against her?"

The Lord continued, "That was indeed a long time ago, but it still stands. What is so disconcerting is the massive collapse of moral integrity. My people Clare, they are so watered down morally that their values are no different than the world's. It is the apostasy that was prophesied, it is here. No moral compass, but whatever the status quo is. You have known this for a very long time. That is why you were so persecuted when you were a part of the church.

"You, and others like you, will continue on in the church, the gates of hell will not prevail, but only those with a deep devotion to My mother and good discernment will survive what is coming. The rest will become a part of the one world church, an amalgamation of false religions and license to live without a solid moral compass."

"Lord, I am afraid to write anything down now I am so tired and negative."

Jesus continued, "Don't worry, you really should go to bed now. I love you and we can talk more tomorrow. Clare, cuddle up in My arms, I am with you Beloved. I haven't been far from you even for one moment today.

Come into My rest, you and all My precious Heartdwellers."