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July 15, 2021

Lord God on this day help us to be in Your peace, trusting in You and keeping our thoughts in Your truth. Amen. Someone in the community got a very discouraging word about us not being Raptured. Immediately Mother Clare went into prayer during the Rosary.-- --

The Blessed Virgin began, "Don't be afraid. It is not true. Not true. They are misinterpreting what was given. I want to put your heart to rest Clare. You are not being left behind. Neither are they. Let us settle that right now. Can you receive that from me?? Truly I am here in your midst."-- --

"Put your head here over my heart. What do you hear?"

Wedding bells. "Yes, for you and My Beloved son."

Have mercy on me.-- -- --

Bless Mother continued, "Oh, you have been given so much mercy and you have shown so much mercy. Put these fears away, it is not true.

"My bride is indeed getting ready. There are so many that truly have been preparing themselves, many, many, many of Heartdwellers. Thank you."

Oh Mother, I feel like I have failed Him miserably.

"Not true child. You just are being deprived of seeing the good you have done so that you would not fall into pride or sloth.

"Don't you see, this rosary is all about the glorious mysteries, that is no accident, I knew this would come up and disquiet you, today of all days was a good day for that."

Mother Elisabeth saw white missiles shooting over America from the East coast.

"Very soon. Very very soon. It is coming."

Oh, dear God! Must it be this bad?

"Pioneer, Pioneer, you can't stay here (Song by Honeytree). That is a reflection of the times as well, it is time to move forward and cleanse and chastise the earth.-- -- It must come beloved, it must. Trust in the plan.

"Don't be sad."

All the souls, men women and children, that will be killed and suffer.-- --

"This time must come in order for the new world to be birthed, it must. Look beyond the pain, look at what is waiting for mankind. Finally, Satan will be harnessed for a thousand years. Oh, life on earth with be so different, and so blessed. It is good for you to ponder that to keep from falling into despair. So many who have been sitting on the fence will finally have their Savior."

I remember a word I saw, God brings "chastisement and revival."

Mother Mary continued, "Yes, that was meant for your eyes. It is even as it was told you before, war then Rapture, war then conversions. You remember, He gave that to you years ago. Others said no, but you said yes, it will be this way. Then you wavered. But this is the way it is to be.

"I bless you all now for the strength to endure what is to come. Remember I am taking care of you, Jesus is taking care of you, do not fear. Trust, Trust, Trust, I impart to you, and I am by your side.

"PEACE. PEACE, be still, you are all in His care.

"This day in your regard I have indeed crushed the head of the serpent."