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February 14, 2015

Welcome to Heaven Talk, glad to be back with you again. I'm Ezekiel.

And I'm Clare.

Ezekiel: Tonight we wanted to come to you, our Youtube Family, and just talk about a few things that were on our heart and seem to be on the Lord's heart. Particularly pertaining to His coming again, and coming soon. Some pretty heavy-duty things headed this way in a short time.

Clare: Yes, definitely.

Ezekiel: And how we should be postured, how do we prepare, how should we be, what should or shouldn't we do - those kind of things.

I'll let you lead off if you have a thought.

Clare: Well, we made a little list here of the things that, actually what we're sharing with you is what we feel WE have to do, to prepare. And so, I know the Lord's been talking to me a great deal about repentance and showing me areas of my life where I really did need to repent and change my ways. One of the things that, well, that you did actually - the Lord put it on your heart - to ask forgiveness of a couple of people, didn't He?

Ezekiel: Yes, it's...I had the dream that we last shared, the dream about the cataclysmic ocean waves, water coming on inland areas and the animals. Fish flying through the air. You know, that really got our attention, a few of our Family and our viewers have taken that to heart. I woke up the other morning, and before I really even had a chance to get into prayer, a couple people came to mind that I realized I had slighted in the past or maybe confused or erred in some way, shape or form. And these were a man in construction business or something of that thing. Those were awkward situations where those things just came out weird. It looked wrong, it looked bad, it wasn't intentional but it never was healed. And the Lord had me sit down and write each one of them an email this week, even though that's been years ago, and just tell them how much I love them as brothers, and how sorry I was for any confusion or difficulty I caused. And they wrote back very kind responses as well. But it's almost like the Lord is saying, "Get your house ready."

Clare: Get your house in order.

Ezekiel: Get your house in order, letting the Holy Spirit come in and begin to prepare our house, kinda like when He told Hezekiah, the prophet, "Get your house in order. Tonight your life will be required of you." And of course, he wept and repented and the Lord gave him 15 more years. But regardless, the Lord's not saying "Get your house in order we're all gonna die." He's saying, "Get your house in order so that you can be ready."

So, yesterday when I had my prayer time - we kinda have a little service here during the day with communion. They Holy Spirit brought up the Gospel of Luke, chapter 21. "Jesus said to His disciples, there will be signs in the sun, the moon and the stars." We know that, right? We've seen a lot of that and more coming. "On the Earth, nations will be in anguish, distraught at the roaring of the sea and waves." Now, we haven't seen that yet, but it's coming.

Clare: Well, the tsunami's.

Ezekiel: Right, we've seen some of that.

Clare: Yeah, some of that.

Ezekiel: "Men will die of fright and anticipation of what's coming upon the Earth." Obviously, it's gonna take something really, super huge, cataclysmic scary to literally die of fright at what's going on, you know, how the Scriptures talk about how the Earth will reel and rock like a drunkard.

Clare: You had that dream about the ocean being like a jello, shaking back and forth, like the ocean basin being like jello.

Ezekiel: Yeah, it's been some time back. "The powers in the heavens will be shaken. After that, men will see the Son of Man coming on a cloud with great power and glory." It doesn't say, "After that, you'll go through a period of tribulation, or I'll take you away to a place I've prepared for you, and in time the Lord.." It says AFTER THAT. Some translations say, Immediately after these things. "When these things begin to happen, stand up straight, raise your heads for your ransom is near at hand, your redemption is nigh. Be on guard lest your spirits become bloated with indulgence and drunkenness and worldly cares." I think there's been a tendency with us and many others as well. You hear it, you've heard it, you've seen it, you've dreamt it, you've thought it...and it didn't happen, and it didn't happen.

Clare: ...And it didn't happen!

Ezekiel: And you just kinda settled back in to your, "Well, I'm gonna go back to my nets, I'm gonna go fishing..."

Clare: The virgins fell asleep because the Lord was delayed, you know. And some of us, the Lord has had to shake and wake up, and say, "Wake up! Don't fall asleep, now is no time to sleep!"

Ezekiel: Right! And He says, "The day..." When He says, "Be on guard lest your spirits become bloated with indulgence and drunkenness and worldly cares....the day will close in on you like a trap." If we're not ready, there's no guarantee that everything's gonna be hunky-dorey and we'll just get knocked in the head and go out.

Clare: Yeah, when a trap shuts, it goes (together) You're caught in it, there's no recourse, nowhere to go.

Ezekiel: "The Day I speak of will come upon all who dwell on the face of the Earth. So be on the watch. Pray constantly for the strength to escape whatever is in prospect and to stand secure before the Son of Man."

You know, if He's saying pray to escape what's in prospect, then we may have to go through a little bit of some of this. I know...and to stand secure before Him, you know. To be right before the Lord. And I don't think it's one of those, "well, we'll just get there at the last minute, grace'll cover it." It would be nice, and that might be kind of the case...but I don't think we can take that chance. I mean, this is like...eternal stuff we're talking about, and I don't want to be here through the horrible things that are gonna follow.

Clare: Yeah.

Ezekiel: Do you?

Clare: No!'s going to be terrible.

Ezekiel: So, it's like...okay. It's another shake-up, wake-up call. What do we do, what do we not do. Well, obviously you don't panic, but I'd say we're on high alert. And we've got another blood red moon.

Clare: I know, there's one this Spring, and then there's one again in September.

Ezekiel: Oh, okay. We've got another blood red moon coming up this Spring and one in September. This is not the time to get lulled back into sleep and just the daily thing get up, you do what you do, you watch a little TV at night and you go to bed and get up and do the same thing, you know. Almost like we're being lulled to sleep again and we're like zombies walking around. We can't be like that.

Clare: Can't be like the virgins that fell asleep, for sure. So repentance has been the keynote of what the Lord has been talking to us about. One of the things that it said in there, you've closed the Bible, but it talked about being drunken or bloated. And I know one of the things the Lord has had me doing is fasting and setting aside certain foods. And you know, there's different kinds of fasts. Not all of us can do a bread and water fast, or a vegetable and water fast. Not all of us can do that. But the Lord honors every sacrifice that we make. You can give up sweets or sodas or something like that if you're eating things like that that you know aren't good for your body - you can give those things up.

Ezekiel: Any kind of fast offering, just know, the Lord is asking us to cooperate in this. We can't work it out, we can't earn it - but He's asking us to...come on, get in here and be part of this preparation, you know? 'Cause He's releasing graces on souls that don't know HIm and are gonna not only go through that Tribulation, but they're gonna have to go through Hell for all eternity! And for a small time of inconvenience and like Clare was just saying, could be any type of a kind gesture, covering for somebody at work, more charity.

Clare: Well, yeah - I had a little list here of things that I wanted to do. The first one is to make sure that I'm not holding unforgiveness for anyone, so I'm making a list of the people that have hurt me and I want to make sure that I've forgiven them in my heart. And if I can't forgive them, then the least that I can do is...if I FEEL like I can't forgive them. Of course, it's an act of the will, to forgive. You may not get the feelings that come with that. So what you can do is, "Lord, help me to be willing, and help me to feel the love and the forgiveness for that person."

Ezekiel: It is a decision.

Clare: Yeah, it is a decision. You know, someone once said that unforgiveness is like taking a cup of poison and drinking it. How did that go again?

Ezekiel: Yeah, bitterness is a poison that YOU drink while you're waiting for someone else to die.

yeah! Exactly. that's right...

Clare: It's useless, it's foolish. This is all about getting our house in order (inside us) Getting ready.

And then, a list of the people that we've hurt.

Ezekiel: Yeah.

Clare: Anything we've said or done that we know or feel in our conscience that there was something not right there, that needs to be made right for them.

Ezekiel: Even if it was years back.

Clare: Oh yeah.

Ezekiel: We need to be honest and have that kind of integrity.

Clare: Family members forgiving each other for things, you know. Getting maybe, getting together and forgiving each other.

Ezekiel: He's all about resolving and reconciling and restoring, you know. All things will be restored in Him, and He's doing that right now, throughout the Body.

Clare: Yeah, and if you've taken advantage of someone, or cheated in any way, to repair the damage. To be generous with people, if you've been stingy. If you've seen your brother in need and not extended, or over extended yourself to help him, then it's time to make up for it right now. You know, we really, really want to be clean before the Lord. And of course, we can't.... The Holy Spirit has got to be involved in this, we need to ask Him Please show me what areas are not pleasing to the Lord right now. And I don't want to leave any unfinished business behind - please show me who I need to make a peace with. (I know I'm gonna eat these words later...) But it's okay, because I need to obey. I need to do the same thing.

Ezekiel: If He's coming back for a spotless Bride, He's asking us to go to the Chinese laundry and go behind the counter, and do a little work on our own wedding gown, you know? And we can't do that on our own, we're not supposed to be scrupulous, "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I'm a sinner, what do I do..." No, He's just saying, 'Come on, guys! Let's get ready!" I mean, this is imminent, imminent soon. Very soon.

Clare: Well, and then you were talking about more praise and worship and creating an environment in your house. I think some of us really have a hard time in our home situations, because we live with other people who have the television set running all the time. I mean, the world is continuously pumping the world in, and I think this is an important time for us to shut the doors on the world and to pump in the holy music and the holy teachings of the Bible.

Ezekiel: Saturate those air waves...

Clare: Yeah, and even to have the integrity and the strength - it may cost you - but even to have the integrity and the strength to speak up, to your children or your spouse or whoever. "Honey, I really feel that this is no time for us to be listening to the world. We really need to feed on the Lord. We need to be ready. We need to have the graces that come with hearing the word of God, the faith that comes with hearing the Word of God. We need that right now.

Ezekiel: Right. We need to be filling our tanks and feeding our souls and getting ourselves ready.

Cleaning up from the inside out, and there's no room for compromise any more. This is NOT the time to, well, I've been good all week, so I'll cheat a little on the weekend, you know. I can get muddied up and then cleaned up later. This is not a child's game anymore. Those of us who are serious about the Lord and love Him, are looking for Him, are waiting for Him, we're running to be there.

Clare: But we don't want to run into His presence with stains on our wedding gown.

Ezekiel: Let's not run, poking and picking and fighting and dragging garbage along. Let's cut those baggage's loose, you know, drop the ballast so we can fly free and easier. But He has to do it. He ultimately has to do it in us and through us. But I know that He wants us to offer that to Him and say, Lord - would You? Almost every day I have to say, Daddy, Father, would You - Jesus, Holy Spirit. Would You come and live in me and through me - would you speak and think and act, and would You avoid what I need to avoid today. Would you just take this day and live in me and through me?

And I gotta tell ya, it makes a huge difference on the days that I forget to do that.

He wants to do everything through us and we forget that, we tend to venture out and do it ourselves. But this is a time, I think, also when we want to be very discerning about what we get involved with and where we go and what we do.

Clare: Absolutely.

What we watch, you know. What we allow into the eye gate and the ear gate. We don't want to offend the Lord. The Lord lives inside of us and He has to suffer through us watching things that are obnoxious to Him, that are questionable. He has to live through that. We don't want to submit Him to that.

Ezekiel: I mean, even the most innocent of family shows and things...So, are we saying, "gosh, we just need to relax a little bit." Oh, I know, they're not cursing and there's no flesh or anything like that. But is there lying, is there cheating, is there underhandedness? Is there disrespect? You know, whatever's good and lovely, think on THESE things. And we're on to pray all the time, "Lord, keep us CLEAN." You know, you have a check that He's given us, in the early Christian communities, it was very common for them, very common for them to have what they would call an examination of their conscience. They met together all the time, daily, they lived together, shared what they had. But part of their common prayer together was examining their conscience, in fact, they'd do it before they came to the meeting. And they would confess their sins one to another.

Now, we don't necessarily do that now, but I think there's a lot to be said for taking inventory. I mean, I can feel it, can't you sometimes? I can feel it when I've yucked out somehow during the day. And, maybe not yucked out, so to speak, but I'm saying if you feel yucky, if you've offended Him at all...aren't you becoming more sensitive like that? Where the slightest things bother you?

And, you know, "Lord, I'm sorry!" You feel it at that moment, you feel it later in the evening and you repent. There's something in us, obviously, the Holy Spirit working through our soul, our spirit -man who wants to be clean. I mean, everything in us is urging us and surging out to be that clean and pure and spotless Bride. I think it's time to snap up, stay alert, stay awake and participate in that. Welcome it and do everything we can to protect it. Right?

Clare: Yeah, well, in Japan - the tsunami that happened in Japan. How many people that morning were ready to die? How many people had made their peace with the Lord and they were ready? We have no idea what's going to happen. I mean, if you live on the East or the West coasts - we have no idea what's going to happen. We've had dreams and visions and we've posted those things. If you hadn't heard our latest one, which is a very short dream that Ezekiel had about sheets of water coming in with fish and water...

Ezekiel: ..Far inland, from WAY up in the air.

Clare: And you know, tsunamis normally carry all this debris with them, but this was no debris. This was just fish in the water, you know, and crabs.

Ezekiel: What, what would it take, what kind of power and impact would it take to just displace that kind of water from the ocean to bring in masses of crabs and jellyfish and stingrays and even sea turtles and things. I mean, my first thought was, gosh, some kind of explosion. And then the second thought - and some of you have already weighed in on that, the meteor theory. We could be hit with a meteor. I don't know what's going to happen. I just know we have to keep our heart and mind and eyes on the Lord.

Now please, I caution and ask you, don't start checking into every meteor and bomb and everything on the internet, 'cause it'll get your eyes off the Lord. We're all curious, and you'll get compulsive and then you'll get addicted to that instead of... We've got to focus on HIM. But something big's coming, guys. And He's saying, step it up. Those of you who are in ministry,

Be on the watch.

We're all to be ministers of some sort. But to keep a watch on the lambs and the sheep. Know the condition of your flocks, now more than ever. And how can we do that if we don't know the condition of our own soul, because as the Shepard goes, so follow the sheep. All this is very doable, it's very possible. It's also very joyful, I mean...He's COMING! He's coming soon! And He says to lift up our heads and rejoice.

So let's cooperate with the process. But I think we've entered a new state of alert here.

Clare: Yeah, for sure. Absolutely. Thank you. Thank you for listening.

Ezekiel: Yeah, I wanted to thank those of you have prayed with us and for us as we all do each other. Those of you who have been kind enough to support the ministry, the little mission that we have here. Thank you so much. And any comments, any suggestions. Those of you who have dreams and visions and such, please - write, comment. We hope to have a segment where we can share some of those at some date soon.

So, the Lord bless you and keep you, make His face to shine upon you. And just knock your blessed little holy socks off everyday and night until we see you again here on Heaven Talk.

Clare: God Bless.