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August 2, 2021

Lord, please bring the souls that need to hear this, to this video. Amen.

Mother Clare began, this soul has been struggling for a very long time, because he has sought comfort in women. When one relationship doesn't turn out, he gets another and another and another. The Lord has chosen a woman for him, who lives very far away, but there are doctrinal issues between them that need to be resolved so they can be equally yoked.

It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

When we refuse to listen to Him dearest, he taps us on the shoulder. If we keep going the same way, He allows us to trip and fall flat on our face...I think your job situation was for that, his salary was withheld for political reasons. But if we still refuse to listen to the Holy Spirit, we are hit by a semi-truck. After that, flat on our backs, we have plenty of time to listen and we begin to take Him seriously, we learn the fear of God. We stop closing our ears to His voice. We really listen and finally, change directions. My brother you are at that place right now.

Ezekiel spent this day in deep intercession and the Lord warned him that something very serious is about to take place in his life. He said, "You can close your ears to me now, but when it happens, you will remember that good people who love you tried to warn you."

The woman chosen by God for you, prays for you continuously. She believes in you and in God's promises about the holy life you will someday live, and about all the little ones you will help and save. We are for you dear man, and we don't want this to happen, but the Lord loves you enough to stop you dead in your tracks and get your attention.

Also you have friends in your life who you sense are not good for you. You were warned that they had bad will towards you and are still a very great danger to you. The belief that you have that a Christian cannot be cursed, well, John Ramirez the famous Satanic high priest whom Satan visited every night and who gave his life to the Lord, use to curse Christians and would do it for free he hated them so much, but he also made a lot of money doing that. There was only one Christian woman whom God protected and he could not curse her with any affect, even Satan told him, you can't curse her.

But what I want you to understand Beloved, is that Satanists get together Saturday night, on full moons and on the 23 of every month, to assign demons of lust, greed, anger, fornication, scorn and contempt, Religious Pharisee spirits, blinding spirits, obtuse spirits, lying spirits etc., etc. They send these demons out on assignment to influence the thinking of a soul who has been targeted, perhaps by a jealous woman, who went to a witch doctor.

If that soul is leading a sin free life, they try to corrupt them by enticing them with lies. "It's okay, you love each other, you can have sex with her, God will forgive you." If that soul has a destiny dear to God they try to steer them away from it. If the soul is not very holy and strong and gives in to fornication, it is very easy for him to fall and loose what could have been the dearest thing in his life.

God is love, and because He loves you, He will go to extreme measures to keep you from going to Hell. God is Holy, life is Holy, Marriage is Holy, the Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Please take a look at what you are doing in God's mirror.

Is He saying, "Well done my faithful servant, come enter into your master's joy?" or has He been trying to get your attention, "Son you are going the wrong way." Truly it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

We all care very much for you, please, please take this letter to heart.