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August 16, 2021

The Lord be with you dear heart dwellers. Mother Clare began, today in the Rosary, certain persons were praying too quickly and not giving enough pause to really meditate on the mystery of Jesus life they were praying. Today the meditations were on the Sorrowful Mysteries and the passion of Jesus.

I didn't want to interrupt and ask them to slow down. Shame on me...that is compromise because I didn't want to offend. I must never choose man over God.-- -- I felt convicted afterwards and the Blessed Mother began to speak.

"They do not realize the importance of speaking to me, slowly. There is a reason for this. I have a very definite rhythm I prefer. It is just a little slower, that gives everyone in the room a chance to connect with the mystery.-- --

"When you fly through it, it becomes rote and not enough solemnity and concentration, so each event in His blessed life loses just a little significance.-- -- That is why I prefer it to be more contemplative my children. I want each meditation to go deep, to connect with His sorrows and His joys. You know He is present and discerning the thoughts going through your minds at the time. He rejoices to find you truly soaking it up and present to Him in the mystery.

"This is just a reminder my precious ones, slower is better than faster. Allow the significance of the mystery to sink in for a few seconds before you begin your hail Mary's.

"This beautiful prayer with its meditation will take you deep, very, very deep into these events. How sweet it is to linger with Him as you recall what He suffered for you. Clare, do not doubt that I am speaking to you. You have known my wishes ever since the beginning when you prayed the Rosary. You have known that it is more pleasing to me when you are a bit slower. You do not have to compromise to save other's feelings. We did not call you to that, we called you to honesty.

"I will work with the hearts that have objections. But you are to make it clear that these are MY wishes not yours, that I have worked with you for years to slow down groups. Now that you are living in a monastic setting, please adhere to those instructions.

"I want to say that I am very pleased with those of you who are truly connecting with the plight of those around the world. This is our heart in Heaven, that the body be one, and those who are healthy and well, should pray for those undergoing trials. As you enter into that space with them, Holy Spirit will touch your hearts to pray more effectively. He is forever bonding the body into ONE rather than many scattered groups. This is why you sometimes feel grieved and don't know why, later on you hear of a very sad event, then you understand that Holy Spirit has united that event with you, wherever you are around the world, and even in Heaven with us. We grieve as well and many spontaneous prayers rise up for those in trauma.

"Heaven is a place where you become most like Jesus. You are brought to holy completion, and as you watch His reactions to suffering, your hearts rise to prayer as well, so you are praying in unison with Jesus. This is the pinnacle of intimacy and union with Him, when your heart witnesses to the pain in His heart and united, you send up your cries and prayers for the afflicted.-- --

"Yes, there is much joy in Heaven, but never are we far from those we care about on earth, we are always there to raise a cry and prayer that Father God will comfort and deliver them. This will continue until all is resolved, and there is nothing but joy and happiness on this earth.

"Truly you are to imitate your Lord, joining your heart to His and making His cries for deliverance your own. Blessed are you who can receive this teaching and take it to heart. I am your Mother of Mercy and I will never abandon you. Love my Son with all your heart and all your strength and always do whatever He tells you."