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August 20, 2021

Loving Heavenly Father, thank you for one more moment of Your mercy to sow and gather souls for Your Kingdom, Amen.

Well, dear Heart Dwellers, Mother Clare began, Blessed Mother, my heart is heavy one of our precious family members is suffering. Mother Mary began speaking, "The plans and doings of God are inscrutable. She has made an offering of herself. Isn't that a most beautiful thing? There is much merit in this offering. Besides, it will not be long now. She has cooperated fully with Him, should she not receive this blessing?"

I have mixed feelings.

"I know, she continued. But everything is going to be alright, watch and you will see. Perhaps you should cut your miracle teeth on her situation?"

I am speechless Mother.

"She has made an offering of herself. Shall He not receive it."

Then what is the use of praying for a miracle.

"Be thinking as God thinks, not as man. Man looks to present tense; God looks to eternity. Look at it this way, things are about to change. Worry more about those who are non-committal, they are in greater danger.

"My people, my Son did not hesitate to commit all that He is to save you. Yet some of you sit on the fence as if you were a bird born there. How sad it will be for you when the pressures and necessities of the flesh come upon you and there is no escaping it. These are in danger, not Jessica, her salvation and place in Heaven is assured.-- --

"But those who continue to hold out and are non-committal, they are the ones in grave danger. My people what is there in this world that is worth the price of your soul? Have you not learned the value of the Son of God in your life, did He not give all for you? Why then do you hesitate and sit on the fence? Are you not convinced that everything in this world including family and friends are not worth anything compared to your Savior?

"As things continue to form, the way will become more and more narrow, the escape routes less and less available. Do not put off your conversion, do not put off your commitment. The hour will come when you are in great straits and then your final disposition of soul will be set in concrete.

"Beloved ones, do not stay on the fence." And that was the end of Our Lady's message,

Dear Family, in regards to salvation and walking with God, there is no sitting on the fence. It's either you answer the call or you reject it. It's either you follow Jesus or you turn away from Him. If someone is not saved, the person is lost - there is no third option. .

If you are not following Jesus, it means you're following Satan. There is no fence to sit on! Once someone is not in heaven, there is no confusion where the person is - it's hell. If someone is not walking in the light, they are walking in darkness.

Elijah said to the back slidden Israelites, "How long are you going to sit on the fence?" (1 Kings 18:21).

He challenged the people to follow the LORD if He is God or follow Baal if Baal is God, but they couldn't answer Him a word. Today is the day to make the decision to follow Jesus, the Lamb of God, and to be found on the Father's side.