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August 26, 2021

Lord God, please give us the strength to persevere in patient humility and love, Amen.

Mother Clare began, Blessed Mother what do I do with this?

"You are learning patience and perseverance, but above all, Brotherly Love."

A message?-- --

"Perhaps, but I highly recommend prayer and brotherly love.

Littleness and humility Clare. Do you remember the card you got?"

Yes. But it is just a pervasive attitude that is obnoxious.

"He doesn't see that."

Can you help him to see it Mother?

"I can try, but no promises."

Ooh I don't like that.

Blessed Mother continued, "You must grow into humility, it is most necessary for you in the position you are in in the community. Your humility paves the way for theirs. Your yielding, your meekness, all of this when lived properly, is an inspiration to those who have not gotten there yet. Although these degrees must be cultivated.

"My children, the way up is the way down. Those who are boisterous and lord it over others, have not fully grasped--the mission of Jesus to learn meekness and humility. Pride is something that cannot be conquered overnight, it takes many breakings before a soul realizes the full extent of their pride and boisterousness, and just how obnoxious they are.

"To the world, meekness is not considered a virtue. So, one who has lived their whole life being the head and not the tail finds many challenges in walking as Jesus walked. Some in this lifetime will never attain to their greatest of qualities.-- -- But those who do will resemble my Son. Those who do not will still go to Heaven but they will undergo healing at the River of Life.-- --

"When you speak of these things, you speak of those things which are more difficult than any other thing on the earth. Do not ever be afraid to be humbled or made little, but always be afraid of offending through forcefulness and bullying.-- -- These are qualities that have no part in the New Millennium.-- --

"When there is an opportunity to be little, relish it, then more gifts will be added to you. Do not be afraid to embrace it, this is the wonder of God's personality, He is exemplary in humility. How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the gospel to a waiting world? Do all in your power children to embrace the meekness of a child while working through your daily struggles, and my Son will shine through your life."