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August 28, 2021

Lord Jesus, please prepare us to give a good answer and to prepare others to face the Lord. Please put a burden for the unsaved on the hearts of all men and women. Amen

So, both Our Lady and the Lord spoke to me tonight during the Rosary, and I will begin where she began. I saw Our Lady with a black veil covering her head and shadowing her face, her eyes are red and puffy.

She began, "So much death, so much death is coming to the world. So many unprepared and not ready to face God. This must be your most urgent prayer, coupled with consoling Jesus. Oh Clare, there is no end to His sorrow at this time, He knows that so many will not receive Him even at their death.

"You remember that you were told when souls die rejecting Him, they go to Hell within the Earth, and this will accelerate eruptions over the world as well as disastrous earthquakes. Prepare dear ones, be ready to experience what Jesus told you would happen in Matthew 24. Spread the word to your children, this will be a time like no other in history.

"All of you must be ready for what is coming. Keep your hearts clean dear ones, keep them clean, avoid the temptation, turn away the temptation to complain or find fault.

I am sorry mother. I have not been a good example of that.

"And examples are important, so do your best, try harder and ignore the fiery darts being shot at you to cause you to react. You must be on your guard and realize that these little things are sent to upset the apple cart. Therefore, turn them away and refuse to give them air play."


And what she was talking about there was my ridiculousness. Last night I was looking for a jar of honey, and I had to call around to see if somebody had it, and I was all upset, "What did you guys do with the honey?" I mean, how stupid can you get, just use sugar. Anyway, never did find the honey, but I made a fuss over it and complained, and you just-oh! You just cannot imagine how bad I am sometimes, but I felt badly about it, and I certainly want to try not to do that again, but realize, you know, these are fiery darts sent from the enemy to incite you and cause you to react. So, the best possible thing you can do is pray and not react. Anyway, she continued,

"You must be on your guard and realize that these little things are sent to upset the apple cart, therefore, turn them away and refuse to give them air play.

"All of you, my precious children, guard your hearts and realize this time that is coming will require all of your patience, all of your gentleness and kindness and especially constant prayer. Try to cultivate the ability to pray as you work. The grace is there for the taking, if only you will ask my Son to give it to you. Just say to Him, "Lord give me the grace to pray without ceasing."

"Pray for your relatives and loved ones and know that there are special angels assigned to them for their safety. Staying alive on this planet at this time is not necessarily the best course of action, if God calls one to Himself, it will be to spare them what is coming. Do not grieve, you will soon be with them. The major focus is on salvation and our Lord is extending every grace possible for them, and especially those of you who are consecrated to the Lord here on the Refuge.

"Stress to them that they need to be right with God, having forgiven all those who have hurt them, without conditions, without apologies, just wipe the slate clean and forgive - then do your best to forget. None of you need the extra burden of past hurts, failures or worrying about your loved ones. Be confident that He has covered that. I cannot stress enough that the salvation of these souls is the very top priority. Try to embrace continuous prayer, really try, it is so very important to develop this response as a habit to all that occurs around you.

"Please stress to those you speak with that preparation to face God should be your highest priority as well as praying for the unsaved. There are many things sent to distract you away from these essentials, please keep your hearts and minds focused and refocused when you drift away in your thoughts. Be ready, there will be very little warning except for a deep grief and disquieted spirit.

"You cannot even begin to understand what Jesus is going through...this is why I ask you to comfort Him."

And I know that Ezekiel told me a few moments ago that the Lord wanted him to sing to Him, play the guitar to Him, that He was really needing that. Now this is where the Lord broke in and began to speak.

"My precious little family, My heart is breaking for those who will be lost to Me forever. Comfort Me and know that the pain I am experiencing is beyond what I have ever felt for My children on Earth. The devastation will be so widespread that it truly will feel like the world will come to an end. The threats from outer space are very real, but as I have told you before, prayer can change the course of meteors. But even with prayer it will still be very disastrous for all life on Earth. The animals and vegetation, the sea creatures, all living creatures will suffer horribly under this judgement."

Lord, I do not see how life can even go on? I especially do not see how even armies can fight in the face of what is coming.

He continued, "It is ironic that while they are plotting one another's destruction, extinction level events are approaching. Rather than seeking more destruction they should be working together to save the Earth and one another but then such is the nature of selfish mankind. When you speak with your loved ones, stress to them that the body is not as important as their souls and where they will be in eternity. Help them to come to terms with the potential that they will die in these events, and encourage them to focus on their eternal home, which I have gone ahead of them to prepare. Truly the living will envy the dead.

"You are all bright stars in this dark world, remember this as you go about your daily lives, and be there for souls who come to you. I am with you, forever, do not fear anything, with courage you will triumph over all obstacles. Heaven is your goal and taking as many as possible with you is your mission".

And that was the end of His message.

And from my understanding there are three asteroids heading straight for Earth, and there is some cooperation between the nations to try and break them up. Mother Elisabeth had a vision of the Earth a few nights ago of the Earth as a sphere in space, suddenly it was black in the center and black radiated out to the sides, and the Earth imploded, and when it imploded it disappeared but what came back was a new Earth. Father also had a dream of the Earth as a charred ball with deep craters and sink holes in it, so obviously the Lord has got a huge reconstruction job ahead and new Heavens and a new Earth, so something is going to be happening, it will be happening with fire.

They have a weapon that they are thinking of using in Afghanistan they are trying to get everybody but the Taliban out of there. I think it is called the 'Rod of Thor' or 'The Sword of Thor' or something like that. Do not quote me on that, but they are taking it out of mothballs to use it on Afghanistan. So, please, pray for the Afghanis, there are a lot of Christians over there that are being murdered even as we speak.

Well, that is all for now, dear ones, I have a series coming up that will absolutely clarify the role of the Blessed Mother as a friend and an intercessor of ours. Just like your best friend is an intercessor, she is like that. And it is going to be clarified through Scripture, so stay tuned for that. And one thing I am going to try and clarify for once and for all is that we do not pray to the Blessed Virgin, we ask her to pray for us and it has been stated the wrong way for a long time and given a lot of people a misconception about how we view her. She is a creature who serves the Lord, just like the rest of the creatures in Heaven. Well anyway, that will be coming up soon.

The Lord bless you and thank you for taking care of us. Our family has grown, and some of us are down at the house in Taos and some of us are up here on the mountain. So, thank you for that, we are all getting acclimated to getting ready for what the Lord has coming but especially continuous prayer for the salvation of those souls who would turn Jesus away without it. Amen.

God bless you.