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February 17, 2015

God bless you Youtube family. This is an entry from Chronicles of the Bride, October 27, 2007.

What's very interesting about it, is it really correlates with the last two things that I had posted about intimacy and communicating with the Lord. This is another confirmation to that Valentine's Day video that I just put out. I came upon it totally by surprise.

Again, it was the Holy Spirit's reading. We picked up the Chronicles of the Bride today to get a reading and it opened to this page. We trust the Holy Spirit to pick out readings for us. He did it and brought up something else that would be very helpful to us in our desire to hear the Lord clearly.

By the way, I had two people report back to me that the Binding Prayer has worked for them immediately. One of those people has had a tremendous battle hearing and seeing the Lord but he had a break through immediately. If this is given by the Holy Spirit, then He knows what He's doing. He knows what the devils are up to.

When I came into worship today, I saw a devil in the corner and he was fuming mad. It was a large devil and nasty looking. Like a miniature Satan with a large head. He was so angry with me. I had barely got the name of Jesus out of my mouth and he was gone. So, somebody is upset about that and that's good.

I'll begin this message then.

Jesus said, "Trust Me, Child. I want to speak familiarly with you. It is a good and wise thing to test the sprits. However, within so much time in a known relationship it is important to move forward and be natural; that you may enjoy the consolation of friendship in a comfortable way. This is the way I want to be with you. This is the way I want to be with all of My children. Yet, so many are busy with other things. The cares of this world and their allurements soon build a wall of interference by which I can only communicate Myself to them in circumstances, in distant ways.

"Many say I speak to them in and through My written Word. Just as with so many other things, I brought the Scriptures forth for their edification and good, but also for their hardness of hearts. I knew that men were weak and easily pulled away by their wandering minds and flesh. I could speak familiarly with My servant Moses, as one man speaks to another. But the rest had to hear Me from the spoken Word in My inspired writings."

I believe what He is saying here, is that the Scriptures are necessary for teachings and edification, and He is present to us through His Holy Word. But in the beginning, when God walked with Adam in Paradise, written words were not necessary, since they conversed with one another on a daily basis. In Heaven, too, we will always honor and treasure the Scriptures as God's Word. But we will again have Him to speak to us familiarly on a daily basis, because our hearts will be renewed with tenderness, holiness, and with nothing of the world to distract or pull us away from our full intentions on Him.

Jesus continues, "And so, which would you prefer? To have a guest you spoke to only as through a curtain? Or to have a guest you could see and hear and converse easily with? I have placed no barrier between Me and My disciples, but they regularly keep a wall between us. I love and cherish them with all of My heart and I would that all would come to know Me intimately. Pray for this grace, but know that it comes at a cost. Are you truly willing to change your lifestyles to accommodate that kind of closeness with Me? It will surely mean a serious change for most. Are you willing to put away all of the distractions in your life and make room for Me exclusively? Can you make the sacrifice of many things; friends, books, entertainment, and so on?"

I want to say that that has been a struggle for me. I think one of the things that brought me to my senses was the understanding about the Rapture. Before I really knew that the Rapture was the real deal, I think I was a little sloppy. When I found out the Rapture was real, I looked very seriously at what I was spending my time on. I came under heavy conviction when I went off to go shopping "for entertainment" so to speak. Like when I would go to look at something just to get my mind off problems. I put that stuff away totally. Instead of doing it maybe once a year, I just put it totally away. I don't do it at all. There is a cost and it is challenging, but it is so rewarding.

"I'm here for every soul I create. I never change nor do I sleep or rest. I am constantly looking at you, waiting for you, yearning and longing to spend time with you, and speak to you My heart. You have only to gird up your courage and try. I will most assuredly meet your efforts if they are fully from the heart, with no preconceived opinions of your own. Give to Me your whole will and intellect. Ask to be made again as a little child. Peacefully wait for Me and be patient, and I will visit with you in ways you never imagined. Only make room for Me. I want your whole heart. Your strong and earnest desire and pursuit of Me and Me alone. I will give you the abundant grace, but you will you avail yourself to it?" That's the end of the message.

So, with that in mind, I pray for you, myself, and all of us - that we can continue to put the world outside and leave it outside. That we may continue to expand in that intimate space for the Lord; in time of silence and precious space for us to commune with Him.

The Lord bless you, Youtube family and thank you for tuning into our channel.