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February 19, 2015

Greetings Youtube family, the sweet peace of Jesus keep your hearts in perfect peace. It's Wednesday, Feb 19, 2015, and I want to thank all if you who have responded to our ministry with a show of support. Thank you so very much for your prayers and your contributions. We've been able, as a result of your generosity, to take care of many things that have been hanging in the air. We so appreciate it and I know the Lord is going to bless you for your kindness and obedience in donating to the ministry. We know from experience, and you probably do, too, that you cannot out-give the Lord, that's for sure.

I also want to share a word with you about the Binding Prayer. There are certain things in the prayer that the Lord gave me directly. There are other things I sensed in my spirit, and still yet other things He has shown us over the years. I do want you to make this prayer your own. If there are certain things you feel inspired to change or add to, please do. I think you can sense in the spirit the things that need to stay in the prayer. I'll be adding a touch here and there and maybe consolidating a few things in the near future. I'll post the edited prayer when it's done. I want you to have the liberty to make the prayer your own, things such as with repentance. The names of major interfering spirits, such as Beguiling and Unclean spirits need to stay in. I think we can consolidate the times where I repeat myself into something more streamline. So far, I've only had two reports about the prayer working for them to clear the air and seeing and hearing Jesus more clearly than ever.

I want to give you a primer in saying this prayer and addressing it directly to the demons, for those of you who are not familiar with that. First of all, don't be afraid to call down a demon and to take authority over them in the Name of Jesus. It's sad, but true, that they are like dogs on a chain. If you were in your kitchen you might leave your screen door open, because it was a beautiful day. Let's say a dog wandered into your kitchen and started lifting his leg on your cabinet. I don't think you would just stand there and watch him do it. You would take authority over him and tell him to get out. Maybe grab a broom to swat him.

Demons are on a chain and they can only do what God allows them to do and you have total authority in the Name of Jesus. They are opportunists and try to come in to disrupt whatever it is you're doing. They hate it when you get into prayer, so you can count on interference. Don't just let that interfere and take lord over you. Take authority and stop it. Pray with intention. They have no right to be there and they are intruders. When they hear that Name it absolutely freaks them out. It's the Name above all names: Jesus. Be sure to address the demons. Don't just speak the prayer into the air but actually target demons that are near you in prayer. You may not see them. I don't always see them. You can tell by the manifestation of what they bring near you. For instance, anytime you lose your peace, there is some kind of Lying spirit or demon in the air working against you.

Be sure to target them and pray with the intention that all that you say will come to pass by the power of the Name of Jesus. This will make that prayer much more effective than if you just recite it to the air. Get into it. In singing we have an expression 'wearing the song'. Well 'wear the prayer'. If anyone else has something to add or has experienced breakthroughs from the prayers, I would love to know about it, because that will encourage the people. Perhaps you have something you use in your prayers that I don't and it works for you time after time. We would love to know about that.

Again, I would like to thank you all who are contributing. We had a rather urgent need for firewood with the winter wind coming in from the Rockies and we were able to get that and medicine that normally we sweat bullets trying to pull it out of our budget each month. I just can't thank you enough.

May God bless you and keep you in His perfect peace, Amen.