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February 25, 2015

Ezekiel: Good evening and welcome to Heaven Talk. It's good to be with you again. I'm Ezekiel and this is Clare. We wanted to touch back in with you. Hopefully we'll be able to do this on a regular basis. Clare, you had some things on your heart to share tonight?

Clare: Well, there are a couple of things. I wanted to share some things with you tonight, especially some testimonies we received from you folks. It's not to toot our horn but to get you excited about intimacy with the Lord. It's so worth the effort that it takes to get close to the Lord. We have one sister named Nikki. She had written in to me and said she kept having these really dark dreams and she wasn't sure the meaning of them. They didn't feel right, more like witchcraft. These questionable people kept appearing, dark people, and strange circumstances were happening. She has been plagued by this for years. I asked her what are her ties to witchcraft that she knew of? She didn't but she did get involved with the Ouija board and a few other things and it opened the door for demonic manifestation. Who knows, there could also have been a place on her blood line with her parents or relatives. They could have been involved in it and got Nikki involved in it as a child without her consent.

She had been struggling with these dreams, so we gave her the Binding Prayer and that's one of the testimonials I want to share with you tonight, about the binding prayer. She started saying it before she went to sleep at night, which is what I recommended. I told her she has the weapons that she needs to fight this and she has the name of Jesus. She can use this anytime she has any type of manifestation or feels anything dark come into the room. She had a beautiful dream that I want to share with you.

Nikki said, "Last night I said the prayer you sent me and asked the Lord to send His angels to protect me and He did alright. I had this short dram that I was in this place and my spirit kept telling me it was Israel. I was in a tall building with my good friend and we were looking at a window at what looked like two big dams and really big rocks with water flowing down them. My friend was pointing them out to me, as if she had been there before. It was a beautiful, sunny day. I saw people standing over there and it looked like they were busy looking at the rocks. One almost looked like Jesus with His white garment on with a hood. Then I found myself in a cave. There was this cave that's in the rocks there. I was floating above the water as if someone was carrying me. They dipped me in the water three times and still floating, I saw who it was. He had a white robe on with blue eyes and blonde hair. I came face to face with him and He was beautiful. I think he might have been one of the Lord's angels because I could see his face so clearly and I thought he may be an angel. He smiled at me so peacefully as if to say, 'You are at peace now.' I'm not sure, he may have even been the Lord but I didn't recognize him in the dream as being the Lord.

I just want to say thank you Clare. For if it wasn't for you and Ezekiel I wouldn't have known half of what I know about prayer. You guys are such a blessing."

Clare: All I did with Nikki was share with her what the Lord had shared with me, the binding prayer. Mind you, the binding prayer is coming out of years and years of experience of being deceived. If you're always right about everything, you can't help people who are caught in webs of deception. The prayer that I gave to her the Lord had partially dictated to me and then left me on my own. I felt the Holy Spirit bring up the rest of it. It covers a lot of bases and is something that I would never have thought to write because it is long.

Ezekiel, you had an experience you want to share.

Ezekiel: I'm not the kind of guy that just wants to read something I wrote or want anything to be mechanical or religious. I wasn't really warm on reading some kind of a prayer but the Lord took me up short on that and told me that I was being prideful and I needed to humble down. I have been seeking more of a natural conversation with the Lord. He now converses with me so normally and naturally and I with Him. It's been about five long, hard years without that. I thought, well I got to try this prayer and I began to read it.

Clare: As a side note, the main idea is that you speak it to the demons directly. You're not just supposed to read it, because then it doesn't have any power without that direct intention.

Ezekiel: I began to read it and as I did I made it my own and really spoke these things from my own heart and mind. Whether it was word for word or not, I prayed the prayer and I had a major breakthrough that night. The Lord showed up just as clear as He had ever been. I can see Him, I can hear Him, and I can feel Him. I am starting a new journey now as he is quite talkative again. It's good to have those barriers removed. One thing about that prayer is what Clare mentioned, it does cover a lot of bases that we don't think about.

Clare: Every time I pray it, I find a few things here and there that get tweaked. I'll keep posting those when they come up.

Ezekiel: The demons are strict legalists. They are the worst prosecuting attorneys in the world. Jesus is our defense attorney. All He has to do is put His hands up and show the Father those wounds. The enemy is trying to get in any way he can. He's has had a few thousand years to watch our every move. We are dealing with some pretty brilliant minds, although they are fallen. We just need to know how to shut the doors - in particular check our own house. In my case, my pride or unforgiveness; whatever it happens to be.

Clare: That's a good point. On that very topic we have a testimony that just came in a little while ago. This person had written to me in September. She had given me a Word of knowledge and I had prayed over it and I felt like the Lord was saying it wasn't from Him. I gingerly wrote back to her and said, 'My Jesus is not agreeing with what your Jesus is saying.' To have to deal with that it, shatters your reality to think we have been deceived. I know because it's happened to me a lot. The Lord uses those things to humble us. Here's a testimonial from her.

She said, "The day I stumbled on Chronicles of the Bride began a journey that I 'm trusting will never end. It's only just begun. My soul thrilled to the idea a little nobody could actually see and be with My Savior in a personal and intimate way. I've journeyed with Him to places unknown for me. To have Him instruct me, guide me, love me, and lead me in such an intimate way that I could literally someday reach out and touch Him."

Clare: I don't believe she just stumbled onto our Chronicles of the Bride but was led there by the Holy Spirit. This book is on our website and is a free download. These are the experiences we had in Heaven that were very much like hers. We were doing different things with the Lord like playing in the water, climbing cliffs, hang gliding...beautiful things. During those times the Lord is revealing His character like a husband. Her experiences, as our experiences, were in an intimate way - but not a carnal way with the Lord.

"There was a problem and I was only just finding out how serious the Lord looked at sin. You know, the little sins we tend to gloss over or explain away and just what sin looked like from His point of view. You see, I'd been baptized in the Sprit two years before and soon after began hearing the Lord's voice. I wrote down everything He said. Well over a 1,000 pages of glorious things. I was so pleased that I was found worthy to hear from Him! (Uh-oh pride, the nastiest of nasties was creeping in) And oh, my husband didn't want to know these things because he didn't care. I guess I have just been taking a better walk with the Lord, sorry. See you later. I've got to go and get closer to the Lord again. I don't have time to spend time talking with you. He's more important. I'm sorry I can't do that special thing for you right now. I need to get away with the Lord."

Clare: Oh, we know that story! Immediately you can begin to see the fruits of division and recognize there's demonic activity involved in that because the Lord never causes division.

"When I wrote to Clare, I was all buoyant about sharing one of my words with her. I was stunned when I received her reply saying, "I'm sorry sweetheart, but my Jesus is not agreeing with what your Jesus is saying." I said to myself, 'What?? Oh no, you must be wrong...' but Clare was right. This is what the Lord told me soon after. He allowed a beguiling spirit to His servants when we need discipline especially on pride, arrogance, judgment, and presumption."

Clare: And I found out about that by having a lot of pride and arrogance and judgment. The Lord was working with me.

"And the Lord did tell Clare He had great things in store for me, but with a familiar spirit in control, I am going nowhere."

Clare: When this happens - for those it has not happened to yet - don't run away! Get back in there and try it again. Don't think it's too difficult and you don't need this in your life. The bottom line is, all of us need this in our lives, especially because times are so treacherous. You need to know someone by the Spirit of the Lord. If you aren't close to the Lord in that way, pressing into intimacy you can be misled by people's good intentions on the surface."

Ezekiel: It's like you're a 1,000 feet from His throne. He's not going to let you crash and fall. You're not going to be lost. Press through and crawl through on your knees. He's going to work with you and teach you and form you through the process. The way up is to go down.

Clare: Sometimes the Lord has to clean house, because He wants to lift us up into higher realms. But before we can go up, we have to go down.

"He had seen my attitude towards my husband and He had allowed a very strong correction. I was totally undone and crashed. I felt so all alone but God is so faithful and so kind. Little did I understand at the time that He was purifying me in order to bless me. Little did I understand what He did was necessary because of the joys that lay before me. Humility is the first order of business that is needed to become intimate with the Lord. Everyday. I needed to go low and find healing in my marriage. To find humility in my soul and to be cleansed of all this stuff that got in the way. At the time it seemed like I'd be looking up from the bottom of that pit forever, but in reality it was just in a few weeks He began opening doors to restore me. To help me see Him the way I so earnestly longed for."

Clare: That is why that binding prayer starts off with an examination of our hearts, our conscious, our minds, and especially repentance for pride because all of us have pride. She has such a heart for the Lord and really wanted to see Him intimately. When she read Chronicles of the Bride she understood that this is possible for anyone.

"I began seeking just who this Lord of mine was in truth, not as the church had taught me or as others convinced me. Through the writings of other dear saints like Heidi Baker and so many more, I found that He longs for us to come to Him. He longs for that intimacy and that we're willing to come into a place of humility and in anticipation. He'll meet us there if we're willing to be there. The walk and the path is probably as different for each of us as we are from each other. The basics remain: dwell in humility and abandon your life fully to Him. Believe that He is not only able but willing to meet you intimately and claim this birthright of every single believer."

Clare: Belief and anticipation are very important. We have so much unbelief and signs of the world around us that convince us that this or that is real - and in fact, it's not real. What's more real is the spiritual.

Ezekiel: Part of the reason she writes the way she does, is she is a very sincere sister in the Lord. It seems like any of us have been broken, for instance, if you've been in the hospital for a while you leave holding the side rails. You don't go out and try to run track and climb mountains. You take it slow and careful. Coming through this experience, Carol is probably one of the most honest and real people you'd want to meet, because she's so genuine and open. The Lord has just opened her completely and let her be transparent to Him, herself, and to others.

Clare: And the beauty of that is, this is where we all need to be. The Lord sees everything and if we have His approval, what need do we have of men's approval. It's not important at all. On this person's own path she joined a Facebook group called Inside-Out Teaching and Equipping School, which is a loving place with other likeminded believers where you can take classes to learn about and activate spiritual gifts, prophecy, and words of knowledge. I'm really impressed with the things they are teaching her and I'm interested in what they are sharing. All the teachers walk in these giftings and the Holy Spirit is always opening hearts and eyes. She said the most recent class she had is called Third Heaven Encounters.

"Through this class I've sat on Abba's lap. I've seen Heaven from the edge of a tall cliff. I have flown with the Lord and watched Him play in the water until I could barely stand (from laughing)."

Clare: And she has had a hard relationship with her father. She sat on God the Father's lap and has seen her own cloud of witnesses.

"And most special of all, I've been held in His Holy wonderful arms and heard His heart beat for me. He's truly more wonderful than we could imagine and He's waiting for you to set the world aside and find that deep, quiet, clean, secret place in His humbleness of heart and invite Him in."

Ezekiel: I was just writing to a sister today and I really felt that the Lord wants her to find a quiet, private place that she could go to regularly, not just in her heart or in her mind, but physically where there wouldn't be computers on or TVs. You've got to keep the world out. You have to. The enemy will do anything to interrupt us. You know, many of you have experienced this. There are ways to close those doors and windows literally too.

Clare: That's also a part of the binding prayer. I said the prayer before we got started here. Anytime we go into prayer and I forget to say it, when I sense the Lord and His presence there, He reminds me to say the binding prayer. I stop right there and I go say the binding prayer.

Ezekiel: You know, a lot of people think 'I've got this prayer and this is the way.' No, I just think the Lord gives us many graces and this is just one of those tools to use that really seems to clear a lot of the static in both our hearts, minds, voices of the past, and certainly the demonic.

Clare: Speaking of that, I'm really interested in what you folks have to say and what you have to share, because we can all learn from one another. We had someone else whose handle is Wake Up People on the Internet and he talks about being open and sharing our testimonies to share and honor our Father. He explains that we should be an open book to be shared for all men. This gives much hope, faith, and help to those that are weary and those who are longing for freedom and a stronger relationship with Jesus. "

He goes on to share his own prayer, "Open our eyes and ears to give us wisdom. Holy Spirit lead us into complete deliverance of our enemies. Open our eyes and ears and give us wisdom and leading. Expose the enemy hindering us from knowing and hearing and seeing You more clearly. Give us Your joy, courage, and wisdom that we might be strengthened to take authority You have given us to purge the hooves and footholds of the enemy tearing down all strongholds formed against us. Search our hearts oh Lord and expose all iniquity, pride, and evil desires that we would be convicted and moved to complete repentance. Give us new desires for the things of heaven that honor and glorify you. Fill us with your Holy peace, fire, joy, selflessness and overflowing out to the depths of our hearts to go forward and poor out your love and virtue for those in need. For the awesome glory of the Lord of Hosts, the mighty champion in heaven. Hallelujah."

Ezekiel: I remember Smith Wigglesworth's friends would talk about how they would go over to visit him, and he would have a piece of bread. And he would say, "Come on in, I was going to break a piece of common loaf." They thought it was odd that he was having this little communion thing all by himself. He said, "Well, I understand that the Lord is saying 'as often as you do this' to mean 'as often as you like and I like."' We need to share the Lord more and the world less. We don't need to talk about what's going on so much out there as much as we need to get together and share things about the Lord; our hopes, our dreams, our aspirations. He's right there in our midst where two or more are joined (Matthew 18:19). Let's take advantage of this.

Clare: It's worth all the effort to purge the world out of our lives. Just to constantly make choices when there's a fork in the road: the world or the Lord? Keep choosing the Lord. I'm preaching to myself right now, because there are things that can catch off guard and lead me off, too. That's another thing that's in the binding prayer is praying against distractions before they can even happen.

Ezekiel: I also want to encourage you all - many of you are making comments, (on the Youtube channel) we thank you for your support. We have been walking with the Lord for 22 years without drawing from Social Security. Whenever you send something, it is so beautiful, because we know it's straight from the hand of the Lord and it keeps this little mission house going and to take care of the elderly. This is our heart of hearts, first of all with Him and with Him with you. It's so important that we hear from you. I want to know what the Holy Spirit is saying through other brothers and sisters in the body. I need fresh manna, too. Your opinions and your experiences are very valuable and precious and appreciated.

Clare: If you post anything in the comments, that is public, we'll be sharing in Heaven Talk possibly. We wouldn't do that with anything private, without your permission. Your comments open our eyes to things we miss. We all have a perspective and have something different to offer. Rick Joyner talks a lot about how not just one person has all the gifts. If one person had all the gifts, then they would be proud, arrogant, and wouldn't need a body. The Lord loves cooperation, humility, and working together. He gives different pieces of the puzzles to different souls and when you come together in Jesus, in love, all these pieces fit together. We get a more thorough picture of what's going on.

Ezekiel: We see in part and I think there's a reason for that. We'll have to go to one another to get the whole picture. Fellowship is sweet. Thank the Lord for technology that we can pull each other on a screen and speak to each other's hearts and practically have church with a Holy Ghost prayer meeting. We just want you to know how much you're appreciated and loved. He loves you so much that He can't take His eyes off of you.

Well, that is all for this segment. The Lord bless you and keep you and grant you the most deepest desires of your heart. May He answer all your hopes and dreams and most importantly draw you in deeper and deeper into His warm embrace.

Clare: Amen.