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September 29, 2021

Hello brothers and sisters and Heartdwellers Family. May you all be blessed. (This video has no sound, just 3 pictures then a movie.)

This past week, as we were Praying the Rosary at Mother Clare's house, I (Mike Fisher) was outside and as it got dark during Prayer, I found myself looking up at the sky.

We can see many stars up here, and they are quite pronounced, so I like to see them most nights and usually contemplate on the specific Prayer we are doing at that time.

A few nights ago, I noticed a bright light in the Southern sky, and to my surprise, it started moving quickly, from the South to the North. I watched it until it went below the tree line, and grabbed my camera just in case I saw more of these.

Well, as soon as I got the camera ready, I saw another one appear in the same place the first had become visible. This time, I was able to film it as it moved again from the Southern sky to the North. This is the video posted.

It was a pulsing light, and was moving faster then any airplane I have seen, so I knew this was a UFO! You will see once the video starts, (After the pictures) that it fly's past a star that is not moving.

We are very close to a Sipapu Ski Resort. Sipapu, which loosely means the "gateway to hell" is just North of our Refuge, and the Lord told us some time back that it is no coincidence that we are close to that portal. We believe it to be a gateway to hell, just as it is named, and the Lord confirmed it.

These things flew directly over our heads, and I had a check in my Spirit that told me what they were, demons.

Clare asked me to post this, and since it was so short, I would not have fit the text within the videos time, so I wrote this out to explain.

UFO sightings are becoming more and more frequent as we move forward in Prophecy, and sightings of actual demons are as well.

Please, all of you, do your best to prepare your minds and hearts to see these things soon. I do not know how much we will see, or how long we will be here but I am quite sure that most of us will be seeing demonic beings soon enough.

I believe that I was led to see this, and film in, to bring it up as a subject for a message, and Clare asked me last night to post this.

God Bless all of you, and stay focused on the Lord. My last Rhema today was "Comfort me", so I delayed work I had planned to do to spend more time with Jesus.