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October 5, 2021

Lord, give us the grace to comfort and spend time with You, and help us not to fear the future, but to boldly trust that You are in control of all things. Amen.

Mother Clare began, "Blessed Mother, please speak to us." "My Son is suffering much pain right now children. What you have seen is only the tip of the iceberg. Not only that, but what is to follow. Very soon, every sphere of life will be chaotic and difficult to navigate. Prepare your hearts to be steadfast.

"Dear ones, your spouse is very much in need of comfort. Please spend time with Him repairing the damage done by those who just don't care. They are Christians but not praying as deeply as is necessary. It hurts Him to see the lukewarm souls.--Please make reparation for these sins. How you ask? By loving on Him, consoling Him, singing to Him and music. Make your love for Him felt, it brings Him so much comfort.

"Your nation is approaching the point of civil war because of the mandates on the shot. Those who oppose this tyranny are joining patriot groups and making plans."-- --

"What about President Trump?"

Blessed Mother continued, "He is coming back but great damage has already been done. Clare, there are no guarantees that the nation will rectify itself. The disorder and discontent have gone deep into the nation and people are disillusioned, and your enemies are poised for an attack at the proper time. Your prayers are holding many things back right now. The Lord is very concerned for those who are not quite ready and for this reason, He holds back certain catastrophes. California is one. Your prayers are holding it back, continue to pray.

"Eventually, the time will come when it is no longer possible to hold these back. He wants to give many souls time to leave that area, although, the living will envy the dead. You could not fathom the depths of His mercy and concern. Even for the community here, He is solicitous that you have what you need, but especially that your souls are prepared for what is to come. At some point you all need to change the subject from building to prayer and scripture study, especially what has been written about the end times.

"Be very solicitous for the needs of each other here on the Refuge and in Town. Practice self-denial and sharing. Go deeper into your prayers and journal your concerns. Children, it is time now for all of you to hear the Lord. Open your hearts in faith and receive what He has to tell you. Share these words and visions with one another. Be very solicitous for each one here because each of you are a golden treasure from Heaven and all of you come under attack. Do not be ashamed to share your attacks with one another in order that you can pray for an increase in faith and perseverance.

"Learn more trust and perseverance with one another. When one soul increases in faith it helps all the others. So, please spend more one on one time with Jesus and allow Him to speak through you for the edification of all but specially to strengthen you.

During "The Coronation of Mary" decade of the Rosary, she continued, "My beloved ones, lift up your heads, for there are crowns formed for each of you that you will soon be wearing. Even those staying behind, even they will have a great increase in grace. But understand there are many wonderful things waiting for you in Heaven, so please hide that in your hearts so that in times of temptation to give up, you will derive strength to keep going. There are so many wonderful gifts waiting for you, so lift up your heads and do not allow the enemy to keep you downcast. You have waited long and hard for this time, soon it will be upon you and all you have suffered on Earth will be eclipsed by His joy in you at the wedding banquet."