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October 7, 2021

Dear Lord, please give us strength when we are weak, courage when we are afraid, hope in Your promises and peace when we are in turmoil. Amen

Blessed Mother began speaking, "Convergence, a convergence of many different elements against America." Just then Mother Clare saw a vision of Chinese soldiers in uniform, marching shoulder to shoulder, looking straight ahead. Mother Mary continued, "This is what you are facing, this is part of the convergence. They are working very hard to overthrow your country. This plan is just now coming to fruition, but has been in the works for decades."

"Will the Lord protect us, Mother?"

She answered, "He will always protect you, stay in obedience. Measures are being put in place and the president has not abandoned you, he is just dealing with working around situations that have been in place for some time now. His movements are limited Clare."-- --

"Mother I'm really having a hard time believing."

"I know, it is not an easy time."

Then Jesus came and said, "Peace be with you. I have everything under control. Continue to pray because great difficulties are being forestalled and, in some instances, canceled."

-- --

"What can we do with such a formidable force?"

The question should read, "What can Jesus do because we prayed?" And the answer is plenty. Stay strong Clare. You must be strong for the community, even now."

"Oh Lord, how much longer???"

"Do you really want Me to answer that?"


"Any minute now. I mean that seriously, any minute. Be ready to stand before Me, My beloved."

-- --

"You mean, I am not ready?"

"Well," Jesus replied, "For the moment, as ready as you can be, but as graces are added to you, use them to be ready and ready others. I know you are totally spent. Much is going into your prayers for this nation. Hold on, hold tight, do not give up. Do rest and pray. I'm coming for you soon. I am coming soon."

"Lord, is there any hope for America?"

The Lord continued, "A remnant will remain, but when I come all will be set straight. Look forward Clare to this cleansing of the earth because it will make the earth ready for My reign. This is a good thing. Beloved, you will be with Me very soon, make the best of the time left to you."