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October 13, 2021

Lord, we lift up our hearts to You in love and adoration and praise You for your goodness. Amen.

Mother Clare began, "Blessed Mother, please speak to us." She responded, "Your prayers are working. Keep at it, there is so much need for prayer, so much need. People are responding." "I feel guilty about not getting to music." "Do what is set before you, do not worry about what you cannot get done, unless you are wasting time. Please do not waste time. It is best to tuck in with the Lord and receive from Him. I know the winds are blowing every time you try, but don't give up. He is waiting for you dearest. He loves you Clare and wants you to tend to His needs.-- --

He needs your companionship and you need His. He always wants to strengthen you, so you can strengthen others. This is so important for you. Ministry takes a great deal from you, which you are not aware of. The Lord has so much more to tell you but you must be silent and adoring in your moments together. Try to make that happen tonight beloved of God.

"I am watching over you, protecting you from the wrath of your enemies who are confounded that you are still standing. It is causing them to reconsider their commitment to Satan, so do not stop praying for them. You really do not have a concept of how your prayers actually work on these hearts. There are some hearts that are steel hardened, but others that have grown weary over the years, you will never know how you impacted their lives until Heaven."

"Mother I do not want to harbor bad feelings about the local witches, please help me with that."-- --

Blessed Mother continued, "Clare, they are so very pitiful, so very, very pitiful. If only you could see the state of their souls and their absolute destitution, your heart would go out to them even more than it has. Do pray from the heart for them, it is tragically sad the way they have spent their lives and what is waiting for them is nothing they could ever imagine.

"Yet God holds out hope for them. Truly He will not give up until that fateful moment comes. He works in their dreams at night and your prayers aid in that process. Pray also for the ones who follow them and the children they recruit, this is the greatest tragedy. This area has a sordid history and many born here are already in Hell. This is why it feels so dark to you.

"There are pockets like these all over the world, souls so lost in darkness they have nowhere to turn. They long for God's touch, which most often must be administered to them through dreams and visions, for there is no one else that can approach or reach them. There are many encounters in the spiritual dimension that you are not aware of. Your heart Clare, the longing of your heart, calls you to reach out to them. Cultivate this longing and ask for the anointing.

"I know all of you are waiting on events to unfold, just remember to cleave to the Lord and one another in brotherly Love. It won't be long now beloved; your time is coming. Continue to strengthen your husband and pray for him as his cross has gotten heavier. I will uphold you. You have only to ask for assistance and it will be given you."

"Thank you, Mother, truly you have upheld me today, so that I could be here for them."

"This pain is being used for the lost."

"Thank you, Mother."

"Thank you for your offering daughter."-- -- -- --

"I don't feel very gracious about it."

"Even that is received as a gift for souls."