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October 28, 2021

Dear Lord, thank you that Your grace is beyond measure. May we come to know Your power and grace to overcome the obstacles in our lives. May the things that stand in our way become examples of Your limitless power. Help us to bring You glory on this earth and may we be steadfast, immovable and always abounding in our work for You Jesus. Amen.

Blessed Mother began, "Refuges will become more prevalent now so that the Lord's faithful will have places to go. I have advised many of my children about establishing last minute refuges. My Son will give special graces for those who will live in these refuges and it is wise to store several containers of water.

"Most importantly dear ones is your faith in God. He will provide for you beyond what you can think of or even imagine. The deeper your faith, the more God can accomplish through you and others in your refuge. Do not be concerned about who the Lord sends to your refuge and do not judge outward appearances, you will be given the gift of knowledge and those He sends will have the skill sets that you need so that the refuge can thrive. Angels will be sent to surround, protect you and help even in the smallest and most minute of details.

"Your resources will be supernaturally sustained by My Son when food supplies, medicines, vitamins and other personal needs run out at the stores. You will all be strengthened by your work in tending to others, praying for them, caring for them and ministering to them. Their needs will be great and the hurting will be so starved to hear about the Lord's love. They will flock to you to know more about a loving, merciful and faithful God.

"The suffering will be unsurpassed, but your witness of My Son to others will be glorious. These will be unprecedented times and the souls will be ripe for My children to assist in reaping the harvest. Prayer will be essential; I will be with you so that your prayers will well up inside you and spring forth as Holy Spirit will be speaking and working through all of you.

"We will not abandon you, We will be with you during this time of natural disasters and judgment. The spiritual fruit born out of these ashes will far exceed your earthly comprehension. Your prayers and thanksgiving will avail you much and this will keep you safe and secure, under Our wings of provision and protection."