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October 29, 2021

Lord, we pray for the heart position of humility, that we are here for a greater purpose than just our own gain and desires. We pray that You will highlight to us what it truly means to live a humble life. Lord, please shape and secure our hearts in true humility by Your guiding hand. Amen.

Mother Clare began, "Oh dear Father Francis, I am so overwhelmed by your visitation. It plunged me back into my first love. What a beautiful service we had! It was so perfect and so real and so overwhelmingly holy. Dear father, how I long to be a better daughter. I don't want this fire in my heart to ever die down again. I am so deeply touched."

Saint Francis began speaking, "It's all a matter of belief. If you serve a good God, how much more so should his imperfect servants be in wanting to welcome you into their company. Oh little Clare, little, little Clare, how little you truly are. I know you cannot live up to the great penances done long ago, even now by some hardy souls and yet, it is not the penance, it is the love that makes the difference. Keep on loving Clare, keep on loving, even the ones least deserving of your love, keep on loving."

The Lord began, "Great is the company of souls who will follow this holy way of life. Not because they are capable, but because they want to give Me their all and you have shown them the way. It matters not that there are remnants of self in your heart, these will be burnt away by the flames of love, and you will worry no more.

"I want humility, not pride. We will go forward. I will bring this vision to fruition, you cannot Clare. With your prayers much can be accomplished. Don't give up, keep going, hold fast to the vision. I will complete what you have begun. When there is opposition such as you have encountered, it is not done maliciously, they just do not understand the damage this is causing the community. If they did, they would be horrified that they were a source that could destroy the community. We are working with all of you, be hopeful."

"I am hopeful, thank you Lord. I'm sorry for the self-pity."

Blessed Mother began speaking, "You have a few stubborn ones, they may not last Clare. I want you all to be aware that the enemy is exploiting your weaknesses. I am working with your hearts that need to be purified. You don't know what you have until you lose it, and it is the little foxes that spoil the vine.-- --

"It is true, what you said. That was not you, but the Holy Spirit who put those thoughts into your mind. You must first be a cohesive group, wanting to strengthen the community and not wishing to stand out in disagreement. Until this is accomplished there will be hole the enemy will exploit.

"Do remember when the Lord told you that the first year would be learning how to live in brotherly love with one another and the second would be about ministry. You are moving in that direction but because of monumental opposition from the enemy, and some still opposing your original vision and preferring their own ways to the way you have asked, the community is still carrying a deep fracture, this is the PRIDE my Son is referring to. The Pride has got to go for this to be a cohesive group. Satan will exploit those who harbor issues. This must be resolved. Please pray dear children.

"The issue is deep disrespect, and knowing better, using expedience as an excuse. I am working with all of you, my children. Please become more acquainted with Saint Francis to understand the way he is trying to lead you. You must leave off the world and embrace the inspiration of this great saint because of what he wishes to do with this community. Not everyone will conform Clare, this is not your fault but a personal decision on their part. Pray, and I am working with you all. Do not be surprised if some choose the world."