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November 3, 2021

Dear Lord, we pray to see Your vision at work in our world, healing our brokenness and making us new. Grant us the wisdom to clearly hear Your voice through the darkness and grant us the courage to be Your faithful witnesses by sharing Your love with others. Amen.

"I can still speak with you." Blessed Mother smiled sweetly. "The harvest field is ripe, but where are the harvesters? It is going to be time to go out and proclaim the good news. The Lord will get their attention and you will bring them the answers. He is with you Clare and He wants to use you to speak to the people, not only on the channel but also in person. Are you willing child?"

"Mother if you say so, I know you will give me the strength and the words."-- --

"Holy Spirit will give you the words and speak through you. I just want you to be willing to bring them the good news. Also, the conspiracy theories they have used to lie to them will now become reality and that will be very confusing to so many."-- --

"Wow, I never saw myself as someone going out and speaking."

"That has not been in your mirror or your agenda, but it has been His, all along. So, now is the time. How do you feel about rotten cabbages?"

"What a gift."

"And there shall be many such gifts. Just wait, don't get carried away, but don't be surprised, rather, be ready. Would you like the fire?"


"Then get ready for it. Purify your motives and intentions, let there be nothing of the world or yourself involved in this. Actually, this will come quite naturally to you, as you will see. Hearts will be ready to receive Clare. Don't worry about Papa, we are taking excellent care of him and will guard him. But you are to go out and proclaim the good news, we will be with you."

"Wow!! I would love to do this, really love to do this."

Mother Mary continued, "You will take several with you to lead them to the Lord and give them packages to follow up."-- --

"That could be hard."

"I will help you. People He loves you, He is doing this to get your attention. Do you understand??? He has put these wonders in the sky to bring you out of a deep, sinful sleep."

Mother Clare responded, "I'm going to get proud, you'd better use someone else."

"No my child, it is your turn to warn the people with all the love you can muster. Don't worry--we will take care of the pride and vainglory. You know you are nothing without His could you allow yourself to be talked into something so very ugly?? We will be with you in a mighty way. Prepare for miracles. They too will be necessary to wake up the sleepers. Love is the motivation, He loves them, the ones who dabble and consort in witchcraft, and the ones who are so beaten down by life, they have no self-esteem or desire to be and do anything.-- --

"You know what that feels like and you know how to rouse them with a good word. This is your time to awaken the lowly and the outcast, to love them with all His heart. They are hungry and they need this, the signs will open their minds and hearts to the truth. If you truly love them, you will do this. The more you are persecuted, the louder your voice, and the more lasting His message. You can do this."