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November 4, 2021

May the Holy Spirit guide you dear ones, that you may discover the fullness and richness of the faith and be forever united in Jesus arms. Amen

Dear family, if you are new to our channel, I highly recommend you come in on the ground level so you can receive the very first teachings the Lord gave us. In the beginning, He began with the problems of the current day church, this series was called "Wounded Waters "because a church should be a place of healing, yet the world has taken over much of the pure spirituality of the early church, which is what we are all about, especially the early church at Philadelphia.

The Lord began by teaching us discernment and how to connect with Him in an intimate but pure relationship, where our hearts become one with His. We call ourselves Heart Dwellers because we have bypassed the denominational barriers and wish only to live a life of love from His Heart according to what He gave us in His life and left behind in the Scriptures.

He also took us through a long Honeymoon, dancing, romancing and even being taken to Heaven to visit the special place He has prepared for us. I currently have a book out called Chronicles of the Bride that gives a little slice and cross section of what that was like. During the time of these messages there was a deep bonding and discovery of how sweet and loving our Jesus is. He did so many wonderful things with us and taught us so much about His total dedication and love for us. The details of the things that He does amaze me sometimes because he knows us so well, He produces little gifts that are just so perfect that only He could know about. This was also the season when we believed the church was going to be Raptured back in two 15 and 16.

Then He came to us with an extension of five years. I received much ridicule for this and lost some of my You Tube audience. However, it was His mercy that gave us those five more years to gather in more souls for the Rapture. Then He came again and gave us more time, and I cannot remember how much time that was, but during that period, He began to ask us to leave the honeymoon chamber and enter the battle for souls on Earth.

He also taught us about the healing power of the Lord's Supper just as it was practiced in the early church, and how the Holy Spirit transforms the wafer of bread into the true Body and Blood of Jesus, under the appearance of wine and bread, along with many attesting miracles. These things have been lost to much of the modern church, and the sustaining power of His Body and Blood is what makes all the difference in a Christian who wants more, wants to go deeper, wants to be completely united with Him. He has asked me to bring back the gifts we were given in the first century, which Satan has twisted and maligned to be evil. In that period, I shared with you how the Lord brought me out of the world to belong only to Him, something I struggled with for seven years in the Evangelical body of believers but just could not attain to.

After we had been together for many, many years, He began to introduce us to the Great Cloud of Witnesses and their function in these end times to assist with the harvesters, which united Heaven and Earth into One Body with One Head. Then He brought to us some of the members of the Great Cloud and explained that their function in Heaven was to pray for us on Earth and even appear at times and give us instruction.

So, you see, this channel has been through many seasons to help round out those who have been with us from the beginning. Now, new people are visiting us, and they do not know the background teachings leading up to this time, so they are at a loss to understand things like Dwelling Prayer and the necessity of it, as well as the functionality of the Great Cloud of Witnesses, and how important those relationships are.

The Lord also spent a great deal of time on discernment. Teaching about the pitfalls that happen because people just do not know their weaknesses. So, He taught us about ourselves and how Satan manipulates us into chasing fantasies and living lies. Everyone who is new to the channel should listen to all the teachings on discernment, it is foundational for understanding and something without which we cannot live. You are not here to follow me; you are here to follow the Lord and stand on your own two feet. -

On Vimeo, - we were on You Tube originally and then we were kicked off- On Vimeo we have many playlists organized by topic and you can go back to those, but we do not have current messages there. I encourage you to go to Still Small Voice on Vimeo, and go through these early teachings, by subject matter. You can also go to our web site and find teachings there, but they are not organized by subject, they are grouped by date, which could be a plus for you in a unique way. On this site there is also a search engine that will help you find things by subject.

And last but by no means least, we have a Rhema page with over a thousand words from Scriptures, and great saints down through the ages. It also has a button for random message rhema's. It is organized in a random matter, so it is good to pray ask for Holy spirit to lead you and then click the button to receive a relevant word from the Holy Spirit. It really works, guys!

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Lord Jesus, do you have anything to add? I was not going to ask you, but I felt you might.

Jesus began, "Thank you so much for thinking of Me. As a matter of fact, I do have something I want to speak to you. I have brought this channel forth to unite the factions of My Church. There are no denominations in Heaven, because in Heaven your understanding is complete and without doctrinal flaws. I am weary with those who are constantly finding fault with this Christian and that Christian ad infinitum. I want you all to lay down the swords in your mouth and embrace one another as I embraced the lepers.

"You see, when you back bite, criticize and find fault with other Christian's beliefs, you grieve Me deeply. Partly because most of you have errors in your own thinking, that have been passed down to you from previous pastors who also had errors. And I am all about the truth, and I promise you, in Heaven you will surely have the whole truth. In the meantime, I want all of you to put down your swords and embrace your brothers and sisters in brotherly love. I am not saying ignore serious error, but I am saying that your version of the truth and Mine are most likely different, and humility is needed in dealing with My Body. All of you have an error somewhere, and all of you have a truth somewhere, so be humble.

"I want to see you loving one another, even as I loved you. I want to see the humility that says, "I may be missing a few pieces to this puzzle." then calling upon the Holy Spirit to correct your errors and teach you meekness, that others most probably have more of the truth than you do. Do not be so sure of yourselves, be willing to recognize error in your faith, because what is commonly being taught now is full of error. Embrace what is good and sound and do not squabble over different viewpoints of the Scriptures. The Scriptures are correct and without error, but your interpretation may not be. Only the working of My Holy Spirit can untangle meanings, so be open to correction on things that you have long thought to be the absolute truth.

"I want My Body to function as a whole, and what holds you together is your love for one another. What separates, kills and divides are those souls who think they have the corner on truth and spend all their time pointing out errors in everyone else, while they are committing the biggest error of all, scattering the sheep, and throwing them into confusion, teaching them the ways of the Pharisees, not My ways.

"On this channel I begin by pointing out the things that have hurt you in your experiences with the churches. It is not about denomination; it is about brotherly love. The errors and wounds committed against you came from a lack of love for one another. Then I proceed to teach you about yourselves and the ways in which Satan pulls the blinders down over your eyes. I teach you about you so that you can recognize how you are being manipulated. I show you ways to get confirmations outside of yourself using holy books and being aware of signs I send you to confirm the truth or discredit error.

"I teach you how to recognize false prophets and divisive teachings that are rampant in the church today. I teach you how to hear from Me, and know it is Me. The whole purpose of this channel is to bring the flock together in brotherly love and to learn how to recognize truth and adhere to it. This is not a prophetic channel that is constantly feeding you juicy tidbits, rather it is a channel to teach you how to get your own tidbits, how to discern your own directions, how to see and understand the toxic ways of the world, and how to break free from them.

"You will find things on this channel that challenge the Pharisee in you. But you will also notice that in the beginning I taught you how to recognize error in a vessel, then I introduced you to the things of the early church that have been lost to you by the clever arguments of devils. I expect you to be able to discern these things on your own when I introduced them, because they were so controversial. I waited until you trusted this vessel and have been taught how to discern before I handed you a tangled mess to discern. Here I am talking about the intercession of My saints and My Body and Blood, which is truly present in the bread and wine.

"These doctrines have been mangled and mishandled by those who did not go deeper, rather they accepted the denominational norm as their safety zone and stuck to it. There are those who suspect the truth but will go no further lest they lose their ministry. But I am telling you this vessel wandered around in the darkness for a long part of her life, and when she found the light, she did not stop there, she followed Me into the taboos of modern Christian doctrine, and she found the truth buried beneath hundreds of years of error and lies. I led her there so that she could bring it forth to you.

"So, if you are new to this channel, you may not have the groundwork from which to discern truth from error and you may want to go back to the early teachings I gave her to understand truth even when it goes against your cultural norms.

"My People, you are so beautiful to Me, each and every one of you, I long to give you the fullness of My teachings as they were revealed to My Apostles through the working of the Holy Spirit through them so they could be fully equipped. This is what I long for you to have. So, I ask you, ask My Holy Spirit to guide you, and set aside the norms of your denominations and popular thinking. Set aside also, the work of the devil in every denomination and learn to stand against nay-sayers and persecution for what you have learned.

"I love you tenderly and I have many wonders yet to do in your lives, not the least of which is the pure and intimate relationship that will blossom between us as you go deeper into your faith and dwell with Me in My Heart, as I dwell with you in your heart. Come to Me unafraid and ask Me what you will. I will lead you in the right paths, for you are dear to me."