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November 9, 2021

Lord, today we choose to put You first. We acknowledge that without You, we can do nothing. We invite You to have Your way in our lives, as we seek You first in all that we do. Amen.

Mary Mother began speaking, "The heart, it is the heart that matters. Your hearts must be pure dear ones. If there is anything of the world that has your attention, you have lost graces from the Lord. In this world you will have great tribulation, that is a given, it is what you do with it that makes the difference. You can cave in and feel sorry that you haven't changed anything, or you can grasp the situation with faith in the Lord and see how He handles it. There are so many things that need prayer beloved ones, but few are those to comfort them. Always strive to be a comfort to the poor and impoverished. As you pour out on others, the Lord will refill you and then some.

"He, the devil, is wanting to discourage all those who would rise to holiness. This is a dangerous endeavor, fraught with many pitfalls, not least of which is vanity, wanting to appear holy, when indeed you know better. Clare don't worry about that, be who you are and scrap other demands that lead you astray into vanity. The beauty of what God has begun with you is its simplicity and nothingness in the eyes of the world. That is why I want you to continue to carry on in a wise, yet gentle way. Never worry about impressing anyone, rather worry about pleasing my Son.

"Those who do not look over their shoulders to see who is watching them are truly blessed indeed, rather they contemplate with the eyes of their hearts, the Heart of Jesus and what is most pleasing to Him. All of you are moving in that direction, but I am asking you to do it manfully, that is putting the Lord before you at all times. Things will come and go from the world, but your gaze should be steadily on your Savior and His needs.-- --

"My children, make a habit of putting Him ahead of you at every moment, thinking always about His best interests. As you live your life this way, you will come to this last moment knowing you have sought nothing but His Holy Will.

"Do not be like the man who makes plans for dinner while he is walking to the gallows. Live mindfully, always putting Jesus ahead of your desires. If you make a habit of doing that, your path though full of thorns will smell sweet with roses strewn upon the path, because you are walking the path of humility and total dedication to your Savior, be assured He will meet you on the way.

"Children, call upon me to assist you to accomplish this every day, it is His will for you and the grace is being extended to you. Cherish it."