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January 5, 2022

Loving God, we pray that You will comfort us in our sufferings and help us to be diligent and faithful to comfort You, Lord. Give us confidence in the power of Your grace, that even when we are afraid, we will put our whole trust in You. Amen.

These past days have been full of all kinds of trials. I have no idea how I am going to hold it together Lord.

Jesus began, "Because you are not, but I am. I would not give this burden if I were not prepared to pass out graces to carry you. Truly, this is not your work Clare, this is MY work and all I can say is thank you for being willing to cooperate. Thank you for cooperating."

"Lord, I don't feel joy in suffering."

"That's not easy. Ask. Ask for what you need beloved and I will give it to you, cheerfully. Can you receive it cheerfully? You want to create music for Me, right?

"Yes, Lord but how? How do I support this pain and sorrow?"

"With My help. I will carry you as a young child across the Los Angeles freeway at rush hour. Do you have confidence in Me that I can do this?"

"Yes, of course."

"Well that settles it. Just remember when you get up, put on your armor and pray the binding prayer."

"Would you please help me cut it down a bit?"

"There is nothing to cut, you need everything. You are in a new season now. The season of warfare and suffering. Yet there is still ample joy for those who will embrace it. I promise you I will give you the grace to cut right through every obstacle the enemy puts in your way, if only you will believe. I would like to say more to you, but I fear you could not receive it."

"Please make me ready to receive it, Lord."

"This is the point. Clare, My sweet spouse, I know your limits better than you do. Give your ALL, that is all I ask of you. Give your all. I will meet you there. Comfort, comfort, child. I am still here. I do wish to be with you, I wish for you to be one of the mothers of My Church and for this you must experience suffering, but do not fear that, joy will come on the heels of it. I will make it worth while, I think you know this."

"Lord I feel strange about that, like it doesn't matter, even though it really does matter, you know, always looking for comfort."-- --

"Let Me be your comfort each day as you shoulder your cross, which I lift up to your shoulder and place there with tender care."-- --

"Sweet Jesus, please change me to love suffering."

"You are asking much, but it is not impossible if you obey every step of the way."

"I do not have that kind of strength."

"Yes, I know, but My Mother will help you, and you will have that kind of strength and you will be able to teach it to others. This is what I want from you in this season before I come for you. They, the whole world, your world, your church, your children, they will need this to know how to conquer their flesh and make it through the tribulation. If you learn it, you can teach it. Remember the tenderness with which I carried My cross. You, too, shall do the same."

"I am here Mother, but as you can see, I am struggling with waking up and paying attention."

-- --

Blessed Mother began speaking, "Nevertheless, beloved daughter I am here with you. Things are moving forward in the world going into a state of open conflict, but as you can see the world is waking up to the agenda of the evil ones. This has become necessary to make possible how the Lord wants to save them."

"I thought we were on the very edge of the end times tribulation."

"No beloved you are IN these times, but that does not mean that prayers cannot be heard my children. All that is needed for a complete take over is that good people do nothing. You see if they rise up in enough numbers there could be a different outcome."


"Yes, really, but in a temporary sense. You can see that my Son is longing to save the groups that are still quite ignorant. Cross pollination. It is necessary for their salvation. That means conflict and oppositional forces coming to the aid of the people. The world is awake Clare. They are watching the countries in the forefront and preparing themselves to go against this nefarious force. We have yet to see how many will genuinely respond, but we are not stopping them. He wants us all in an awakened state, not only those who are furthest away in the background, but those who are receiving the benefits of this awakening.

"War is inevitable, but understand many different, powerful elements are tilting it this way and that. All of this is to give time to the people to wake up, rule and begin to form plans of action. They have been waiting. They have been instructed by your true president to wait, and they are waking. They understand certain elements, sequences and how things must go about being done. It is very complicated, but they understand it perfectly. Many have had secret meetings in preparation for these coming times, and they are on standby.-- --

"Your country is also preparing for a civil war. It is not evident right now because it is being prepared underground, but it will become evident. This also is what Russia is waiting for, this plus geological events and even things above and beyond earth in the first and second heavens. But your president is guided by God, and understands how the Lord wants things done. This is why I tell you to keep working, there are things now that you understand that will be very useful soon."

"I am thinking this has to do with you, Mother?"

She smiled, "Let's just say it this way, it is your time to shine. And it is my time to shine through you. Clare, continue to fight heresy. This is SO important and I promise you, it will pay off. You are not going anywhere just yet, but remember, when you do go, it will be a big surprise."-- --

"Oh, Mother please be merciful with Ezekiel?"

"Mercy is not mine to give, but the Lord's and He is favorably disposed to your husband and you, and His mercy covers more than you can understand at this time. Please, do fight heresy."

"I was an ignorant evangelical too, how is it that you can calculate the earth's depth and movements but you cannot recognize the Lord's mother and her role??? You've got to get out of your evangelical box and go deeper in the Scripture you are so avidly defending and supposedly knowing so well, go deeper. He's got the whole world in His hands."

Jesus was smiling in the Eucharist and below Him was our lady holding the world

and the song "He's got the whole world in His Hands."