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January 10, 2022

May the Lord touch your hearts with the desire to give to the very poorest of the world, for when you give to them you are giving to the child Jesus in His needs. Amen.

Mother Clare began, "What is on your heart precious Mother?"

"My children, she responded, "The littlest ones around the earth and the very great debt you all owe to them. All of you in this country and in other places around the world have been accustomed to a lifestyle of excess where likes and fancies are necessities in your minds. Little do you know this has been deliberately arranged by Satan to overload your souls with useless trinkets and pastimes so that in his timing, taking these things away from you will prove to be too much for you to stand and you will quickly run to get the mark and do anything else to get back what you see as so important in your lives.

"Do you know the priorities of the poor of the world? Food, shelter, heat and clothing. Education is no priority to them; basic survival is their daily toil. You have an obligation dear children to help them in their circumstances. Not just in prayer but also in good works and supplying medicines, food, water and shelter. You will someday face the Lord to give an accounting of what you spent your money on...what you gave to the poor, what you withheld from the poor and lavished on yourselves.

"I am asking you now, in preparation for that day, to give unselfishly and make do with what you have, let what you have not, go, unless it is truly a necessity. Children, give while you can, for soon it will be too late and you will stand before the Lord, for it will not go well for those who were selfish and have not repented. Repent and give is my word to you, before you can no longer give.

"The world as we know it is coming to an end and people will be living on an entirely new set of daily priorities and values. Then you will know what it is like to suffer want, not just trinkets, but the kind of want that brings people to their knees in tears, begging for God's mercy. The kind of want that determines whether you and your family will be alive from day to day.-- If you cannot give solid support of some kind, pray with all your heart for their welfare, as if they were your own children, for surely you are your brother's keeper."

"And here I want to mention that the Lord has asked us to support the ministries near the Mexican border, that are taking in children to protect them from the cartels. Right now, Mother Elisabeth is gathering information and visiting missions in that area so we can determine how to help them. If you want to give to those missions, please make that clear on your donation. She is very experienced with the situation in Texas, and has been a Realtor there. She has friends that also run a home for children and another ministry that feeds hundreds of people every week. We have been donating to them along with our other donations to those who take in and rehabilitate trafficked women and children."

Our Lady continued, "Many of you have very good hearts and have just not been familiar with the plight of those on the border and even the displaced, scattered all over the world, so you haven't been giving. It is important to know which ministries to give to because there is corruption in some of them. God help them in that hour, it will not go well for those who have stolen from the poor."

"Blessed Mother, where are we in that area?"

She said, "You could do better, but you are learning. What is important is your willingness to give up the things you use to consider as necessary. In many ways that decision will soon be made for you. You are leading in the effort to help Clare, but it is a slow process when you are not on the front lines and realize how much your lives are tied into unnecessary things. But you are making the effort, and that is good. Remember, all of you from America are use to life on a different standard and embracing frugality is new to some. But you are well on your way.

"A soul is responsible in their actions for what they know. If they do not know, it is a different standard, unless they deliberately avoid knowing. Be merciful children, even as your Father in Heaven is merciful. As consecrated souls, you are mothers and fathers of all souls in the world. This is why you pray for them, and give where you can. Where the worst judgment will be is with those who have more than enough, but close their ears to the plight of the poor. It will not go well for them.

"He's coming, and more than even at the door, there is no time to waste. Repent and give. I touch each one of your hearts to be disposed to give, for I love you and want you to be pleasing to my Son as His Bride. I am with you, I hear you, I help you. Confide in me, I will be there for you."