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January 12, 2022

Dear Lord, in Your love for us, protect against the wickedness and harmful intent to those helpless and unaware dear ones to whom You have given the gift of life. Thank you that evil plans to harm the innocent will fail and the conversion of those who carry out these plans. Amen.

"I am here Mother, just barely."

-- --

"It's been a tough few days. But it will be well worth it in the end. I am so blessed that you are praying for these poor ones who have been slated for extinction. Clare, this is happening all over the world in different places. Those targeted are out of the public sight, but have long been targeted for extinction. With the availability of DNA information, certain groups are marked as undesirable."-- --

Jesus began, "May I say, there is no human who I call undesirable, no, not even one. Yet this is being done by evil men who want to continue to produce a race of their liking. They in the end will be wiped from the earth and inhabit Hell. These are agents of Satan who have no conscience whatsoever and yet concoct in their dreams a master race.

"My dove, the atrocities of the world are truly beyond comprehension. I love the variety I created through human kind. I love their traditions, their songs, their art, their very beings and many are among the most humble of the earth. When I return no such thing will ever happen again. But for now, man's foolishness prevails.-- --

"Pray for these innocent victims of man's rage and ignorance. Pray they will survive as a race and someday I will glorify them." (I thought of all the Polish jokes in the 60's and what God did with Faustina and Pope John Paul II). Jesus continued, "You who determine who may live and who must die, you who judge by outward signs of contempt, you who think you are the superior race and so very intelligent, it is you that are the miscreants, not these innocent races. You cannot see that now, but you will from Hell if you do not repent.

"Every soul, every race, every child is absolutely precious to Me with a predestined gift to contribute to mankind. How foolish of those who cannot recognize that. Therefore, I will protect their rights and raise them up from the ashes, while the offspring of vipers will surely make their bed in Hell. It is the little and the poor that have some of the most important gifts to share with your culture, once they become accustomed to a lifestyle that is supportive of who they really are.

"In the millennium there will be no such thing as a useless human, all shall be guided and provided for to reach the very pinnacle of their beings and so many areas of art, music, and the style of living that all will be amazed at the great things they will learn from them.-- --

"Every soul I--place on the earth has a very special destiny, but first they will have to be reoriented from having to live in continual want, to being able to receive the many gifts I will bestow upon them. These souls are so simple that strictly relying upon Me is their daily bread. This indeed is something they will contribute to the world. How blessed you will all be in the presence of these little ones. They will survive and bounce back from extinction. One of the reasons that Satan hates them so much is their reliance on Me, this is an abomination to them so they invent ways to make them unacceptable to society.

"But you, My Children, will enjoy their sweet company and revel in their simplicity. They will teach by example what you have been trying to learn from St. Francis. Again, this is one among many reasons for their extinction. If man could not live at his pinnacle in a simple uncomplicated culture, never would I have chosen this lifestyle for My own. But this has been given as an example to you. Oh, the world will be so different from what you now call cultured."

God bless you dear Heartdwellers and thank you for praying for these innocents.