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January 13, 2022

Loving God, please grant us peace of mind and calm our hearts. Give us the strength and clarity of mind to following our purpose and walk the paths You have laid out for us. Amen.

At the sign of peace, little Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, came to Mother Clare, "Stand firm, we are all praying behind you. You can do this, if you dismiss the fear, and focus on Jesus' faithfulness. He is indeed with you. Do not be cowed by the many shouts of failure and weakness they are trying to frighten you with. And do pray the Rosary. I know, I know, but pray it anyway. It will really help and give you strength from on high.-- --

"We are doing this together, all of Heaven is praying and cheering you on. Remember, all your strength is from on high. I am the littlest of the little and look what He did with me!! All He needs is your willingness and faithfulness."

Jesus began, "I am coming for you Beloved; doesn't that make you happy?"

"Yes Lord, but it is what we will have to live through until you do."

"I will be with you and your willingness will make it much easier than you suppose. Remember what I have told you. Do not try to handle tomorrow with today's graces. When you need the grace the most, it will be there. And you will do valiantly."

"Aw, that's so sweet of You to say, Jesus."

"If I am with you, how could it be otherwise??? Humm? Yes, I know, you struggle with getting your eyes on the problems, rather than the solution which is trusting in Me 100 percent. I am fully capable of doing above and beyond all your hopes and dreams could imagine. Things always seem very daunting until you are in them and see how well you progress through them. Dear lady, I long to have you in Heaven with Me. Did you know that we will play music together?"

"No, I didn't."

"Yes, we will compose, sing and play music together, and with Ezekiel as well. We will have fun and minister at the same time. There is so much to look forward to. Now I want you to understand the devils will try to steal your peace by insinuating threatening things, but I want you to buff up, stand tall in Me, and be fully confident that this will turn out well.

"In fact, it will turn out so well, even the devils will be astonished at what happens. I also want you to know that President Trump is working for you all as hard as he can, but the pressures are unimaginable. He knows we are approaching the Rapture and is solidly counting on Me to get him out of this. And not just him, his people, this nation, he is doing his best Clare, don't stop praying for him.

"What he is up against would overpower the greatest of men, and he is one of the greatest of men. But he is riding it out and fully committed to doing all he can for his country. There are going to be surprises along the way here. While the scenario you were given is for the most part, the plan, there are a few surprises coming for the world. So don't give in to discouragement. Remember I told you there would be surprises, and My mother has a few up her sleeve as well.

"I want to encourage you beloved and all My people, we are doing this together, we are preparing the world for My second coming and this nasty job of cleansing happens to be one of the most important things we can do, and we are doing it together because all of Heaven is cheering on those who are without all the necessary resources, but just watch what I do. It will blow your mind." (He smiled).

"Good night My dear ones, goodnight."