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February 8, 2022

Lord, give us wisdom to make the best choices and the grace to trust in You even when we don't see immediate answers. Give us hope to carry on in spite of the circumstances around us. Amen.

Blessed Mother began, "Don't cry Clare, just step in and get the work done. Don't waste time on self-pity, forgive and go on. I am with you I know you are struggling and I want to help you. Try to get your armor on first thing of the day. Pray the binding prayer at the first opportunity.

"Right now, you would not believe the suffering My Son is going through, is it too much to ask for, that your right hand is gone for a while? All over the world people are suffering so much more than you can imagine. Even though it has not hit this country full on yet, still there are great trials going on for the inhabitants of the earth. As always, your prayers are so very important. Do not allow yourselves to get bogged down in the overwhelmingness of all that must take place. Let Us help you."

"Oh, thank you Mother please help us. Please help me. Please restore what was so difficult to begin."

Mother Mary continued, "We must try always to be in the shoes of others. But this is why religious orders do not accept vocations with children, because it always happens that family draws them off from the purpose of the order. However, it is possible, if you are willing to bear the cross and delays involved when they feel pulled away by family. There is still much good that can be accomplished. But you must consider that there may be loss as well. We want this to be a community with families as well, yet this is to come at a later time. Your recent married couple are an example. Much good will come from this union. Much healing and establishing in righteousness. We are fully onboard with this, do not allow the devils to sow doubts. This IS Our will. Much will be learned from this.

"My dear ones please lift up the suffering in this hour, there are so many."

"Mother how can this be done? I get so distracted by the needs of the moment."

"It is a grace you must ask for," Blessed Mother responded. "Ask, and keep asking, and ask again. Continuous prayer carries with it so many benefits. There will be many attempts to divide this community, but brotherly love will stop them all. This is why it is so important. Don't lose sight of this Beloved.

"As you all are waiting for events to unfold continue to lift the world up day and night, ask for this grace my children. Then practice it." --

"What is the best thing to pray for Mother?"

"Mercy, mercy, mercy, the endless need of mercy. Pray for mercy in whichever way you know it is needed. And always pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet along with my Rosary. These two are the most robust for this hour you are living through. In this way you will always be in contact with Him.

"There are different ways to achieve this, it is the heart that counts."