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February 21, 2022

Lord, we lift up our Shield of Faith against all the fiery darts of the enemy and take our Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God and use Your Word against the powers of darkness. Jesus, we trust in You. Amen.

"Lord, I need to hear from You. Please, please help me. Covens? I know you did not put us here to be kicked out."-- --

"You are so right," Jesus began. "I did not put you here just to have you leave again or give up. I planted you here for the cries that reach My ears every day. They are cries of despair from innocent children drafted into covens against their will. They have no defense. They are helpless and targeted without understanding what is behind it.

"Beloved Clare, YOU are going NOWHERE, until I decide to take you. You have been hit with endless scenarios of how 'they' are going to take you out. Of how they are going to break the community up and leave you alone, of how your precious ones are going to die. Understand this, I am a God of My word and My word for you is life abundant, not the gloomy scenarios they feed into your head.

"Yes, there will be challenges, many. But nothing you, the community and all the angels and saints around you cannot overcome if you are obedient. I will guide and lead you to be obedient. Clare do not fear, do not fear man, evil angels and spirits, do not fear anything. It is not becoming to My Bride. There is no force that can come against you that I cannot totally defeat. No force at all. Though they think they have the upper hand, I laugh them to scorn.

"Be there for your community and explain to them that every means available, every lie and deception they can conjure, they will play your minds with. This is why the armor, several times a day is going to be necessary. You are coming into a season of warfare that is fierce, underhanded and full of fury. They are angry that you are indeed taking territory. Not territory that can be seen by you, but invisible territory in the hearts of souls living in this area. NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST YOU WILL PROSPER. They will all fail.

"But you My children, My Brides, must be totally obedient and submissive to brotherly love and the survival of this community. This time of testing will come to an end and you will all be better off for it. But you must lay down your selfish agendas and excuses as to why you cannot be present for prayer and Friday night prayer, which I am calling you to attend and put your heart--into it.

"Understand, it is going to take all of you working together to defeat these forces. Put aside pet projects for this season of warfare. None of the things you envision doing are going to last through what is coming to earth. This is not peace time, this is not prosperous time, this is a time for destruction and your hearts must be trained to defend yourself and others, as well as doing what you can to comfort and minister.

"Your solidarity is what will bring you through. Your faithfulness to warfare prayers, will bring you through. This is a time of arming for battle, not day dreaming about the future. The future is upon you and it is not a pretty sight. I have called you here to this mountain because it is safe and you will learn what you need to know to survive these times.-- --

"Now is not the time to go here and go there, now is the time to consolidate, unite, become skilled in warfare, in loving one another, in the tactics of the enemy to separate and divide you. Together you are strong and Satan will do everything in his puny power to draw you away where the wolves can circle you.-- --

"I have prepared this place for such a time as this, I have hand-picked those who are called here, I am equipping you to stand, be united and overcome the wiles of the devils. They have your number; they know what could cause you to abandon the nest I brought you forth from and they will tempt you over and over again with lies to cause this community to disintegrate. It is in your hands to respond as warriors defending your homeland. I have given you a clear word, hold to this and We will be victorious. Be faithful to pray for your enemies.

"My Mother and her prayer warriors are with you all."