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February 21, 2022

Lord, let our hearts obey Your Word which provides a way of escape from temptation. Give us the wisdom to walk away when we are tempted and the clarity to see the way out that You will provide. Amen.

"Blessed Mother thank you for your faithfulness...I want to be just like you."

"And you shall," She began, "Don't you believe that?"

"If I think about it in my own terms, I don't see that happening, but if I lay it in your hands or your Son's hands, I know He can do anything with a willing heart even if it is weak and wavering at some times."

"Wavering is a given, even as circumstances change continually. But Clare, it is your faithfulness to seek Him even when you feel ashamed, still you get back up and go to Him. This shows your faith in His mercy.-- --

"Now this is the topic I want to discuss. Many of you look so far down upon yourselves that you almost incapacitate yourselves. I want you to have the attitude, "I can do this. With Jesus all things are possible, no matter how many times I have failed in the past, with His help I can conquer every circumstance." This is the kind of faith you need in Him, not yourself. You know your weaknesses and flaws fairly well, but you focus too much on that and not enough on His sufficiency which is always available to you.-- --

"He never gives you a task to do without making the means to do it available. It is up to you to just resolve yourself to do it. Many balk at new endeavors because they are looking at themselves, not Jesus. This attitude of heart is self-defeating. All of you in this community are capable of far greater things, but it is not in doing greater things that determines your value. Rather it is in obedience to the little things, with a good heart, that causes you to shine in His light before men.

"Man tends to gravitate towards accomplishing things that will bring them praise and security. They have not yet conquered their self-will and they are seeking vain things that very often will only lead them astray from the path of holiness. What I want from you my children, is a meek and humble spirit, just as happy to sweep the floor as to sing before a crowd.

"I am telling you these things because some of your thinking is askew. You still have the world and accomplishment in the world, in your hearts. I had only the duties of the present moment on my mind, and sought nothing more than to be obedient and faithful. And therein lies the solid virtue that qualified me to be the Mother of the Savior. Of course, I would never say I was worthy, never, ever. But the Lord saw the simplicity and faithfulness of my heart and that was what He was looking for. Not pedigrees from the halls of learning, not great physical beauty that would qualify me to be a candidate for a royal office. Nothing the world desires did I qualify for. It was my purity and simplicity of motive, my faithfulness and littleness that made me a candidate.

"Many of you have gifts that would win you worldly praise, but you have chosen the better part, you have chosen to serve your God in whatever capacity He calls you to. My children do not look back at the world and flirt with vanity, hold to the good course you have set your feet upon. Trust that littleness and nothingness to the world is indeed a high honor and not easy to come by. You have chosen to serve your God, better to sweep the holy floors of the palace than to seek fame and fortune in the world."

"Mother, I don't think anyone here is thinking about that, is this truly you?"

"You would be surprised at the scheming of the devils to try and pull a soul away from this holy vocation. The world still lurks in your hearts, none of you are above being tempted away back into the world. You would be surprised if I pulled back the curtain of certain hearts and you could see what they struggle with.

"But this message is also for the channel. There are those who have considered giving their lives to the Lord, but they still have stars in their eyes, wanting to accomplish that which is applauded by the world. Now is not the time to be thinking about this when the world is on the very precipice of destruction. Yet youth and dreams never die and many have toyed with the idea of giving themselves to Jesus, yet the world and their peers, reel them back into a worldly perspective."