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February 25, 2022

Lord, when our hearts are overwhelmed, enfold us in Your peace and lead us to You, our rock and strength. Amen.

"Help me mother, please help me."

"Stand still and see the salvation of Your God, dear Clare. Nothing about this is easy, and yet you want to bring forth as much fruit as you can before you are taken, this is why it is so very hard, you are going uphill with this very heavy cross. Please do not grow despondent, but carry it with the strength of who Jesus is in you, not who you are in and of itself.

"Copious graces flow Beloved, copious graces are flowing. Find your solace in that please. Do not expect to get better and be up and running around. Rather go deeper in prayer, more quiet, more stillness, more Scripture, it is filling you with valuable graces to minister from. Things truly now are on their last legs; therefore, times are bound into the tribulation to become more and more difficult. Cleaving to Him is your only salvation. I will help you, give you strength and wisdom, nothing about this is easy, but there is great refinement going on here. Be a good example dear one, be a good example."

"Lord, I don't want to be far removed from You and where You are at and in intercession. I feel too absorbed with myself, but everything inside of me is so messed up over the condition of the world."

"Can't you feel Me Clare, your whole heart is enveloping Mine and we are doing this together. Everything you feel. The whole world is holding its breath. Just be with Me, don't look for assurances, just know that where your God hurts, you hurt together, and how comforting it is to Me that this is your will to cling to Me in My sufferings. Cleave to Me, we are doing this together. I know just how much each one can take."

"Lord, please give me a sign that I am truly with you."

"Look at Me," He answered.-- --

His face was all worn, bleeding from the 'Comfort Me' image. "Expiation is extremely important at this time," He continued.

"Lord, I love you, help me love You more."-- -- --

Jesus smiled at me. "You spending this time just wanting to be in My presence means all the world to Me. I know your mind is not engaged, but your heart is and that's all that counts. Oh how I wish I could hold You and rock You in my arms."--

"Oh Jesus, just squeeze all the love in the world out on Me to give to You."-- --

"Stay in this place of peace and comfort, you have a busy week ahead of you."

"Oh Lord this world is so transitory, so fading, so empty."-- --

"True, but it is your presence in this world that makes it bearable for others who are not ready yet, your messages bring light to the darkness all around you. That is why you are so hated."-- --

"Lord, I have done nothing dramatic and ecstatic, truly I am a nobody walking through nowhere."-- --

"But what do I do with little pencils?" He replied.

"Ah yes, You are the master painter."

"You have made major inroads with souls. This is so important because many of them have searched long and hard to make sense out of religion. They needed someone to stand up and say, "This is the way, walk ye in it."