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March 16, 2015

Well, Youtube family - I have a message from the Lord tonight about why the book of Revelation must be fulfilled. It's difficult - it's really heart-rending.

As I came into time with the Lord, a really beautiful song that goes on and on and on, and I always get lost in this song with the Lord dancing, and He was so present to me tonight. It was so sweet and intimate and so tender and real - He was so real tonight to me. I believe the name of the song is "Jesus, Holy Jesus" by Terry MacAlmon. And this is what the chorus sounds like:

Jesus, (Jesus) Jesus (Jesus) Jesus my Lord.

I really encourage you to press in with the Lord, because He wants that intimacy with every one of you. That's what our channel's all about. If you go back to the very beginning of our channel, I have teachings on Dwelling Prayer, as I call it, and getting intimate with the Lord is prayer. Because that's my heart's desire, to see you all get connected to Him in the way that it is in Heaven! As it is in Heaven, let it be on Earth - right now!

Anyway - getting back to the message. He was so present tonight, and after a short while He asked me to turn the music off. And I've been going through some ups and downs the last few days. know, a feeling that the Rapture was very, very soon - and then all of a sudden, losing that sense of urgency, and not feeling like it was going to be very soon. Kind of like, "Oh, well. Business as usual."

And it's strange, you know. I don't know if He energizes us with the quickness of His coming to keep us going, and then kind of draws back a little to let us rest in that while things are developing. Or, if He energizes us and encourages us in such a way because it IS going to be very, very soon. That's what I believe in my heart of hearts, but I don't have all the answers.

So, I asked Him tonight and said:

"Oh Lord, what is it? Sometimes I feel it so strongly that you're coming any moment, then other days it fades off into the distance and it's business as usual?"

"It's human nature."

"But, I don't like it. It's painful not knowing when - really painful."

"It is painful for Me knowing what I have to. I do not want the book of Revelation to be fulfilled, but it has to be so that I can come and rule the Earth. It is not My will, but My Father's will, that must be done, even though I fully realize the necessity for it all.

"Nonetheless, it is so very deeply painful to Me that these things must come to pass. But they are not meant for your eyes, My Love, you don't need to be convinced the way the rest of the world does. My Brides have already gathered to My side awaiting My coming for them. It is the obstinate ones, full of pride, arrogance and self-reliance and self-satisfaction, blinded by various desires and lusts - they are the ones for which Revelation must be fulfilled."

Let me just take a moment here and say, there's an issue with the world that I have, partially with my children. I didn't raise them all the way, my former husband did. And it wasn't like we had a sacramental marriage, a marriage where we were both equally yoked. The world was very strong in him. My children...the world is strong in them too - except for maybe one of them. It's very difficult to explain to them why the Lord did so many things that people consider terrible, like, killing whole communities of men, women and children. And very often that's used as an excuse by people who sin, "Well God did this, and God did that. I can't believe in God because if God is love and God is good, He wouldn't do things like that."

I can't tell you how many times I've had to listen to that. And I've answered them, very much like the Lord answered me tonight on this issue. So, for those of you who think that God is cruel, or that it couldn't be God controlling the world, well - you're right about one thing. He doesn't "control" everything. He allows and doesn't allow - so in a sense that's true. But Satan is the one who gets things going, and Man - the will of man. To push the button or not to push the button. It's man's will. Even, to build the bomb or not build the bomb. It's the will of Man.

So, I know the Lord has intervened many times on the brink of disaster for us. Even overriding men's will by circumstance, but it's getting to the point now where the book of Revelation needs to be fulfilled, so that the Lord CAN return and come and reign. This is what He's going to talk about a little bit tonight.

So, those of you who think God is cruel and don't understand His ways, maybe this will help you to understand. What the Lord is saying here is that, for His Brides, He doesn't have to fulfill Revelation to get their attention, because they've already gathered to His side and are ready to be obedient to Him. But for the rest of the world, the controlling world, the ruling elite and what have you - the obstinate ones full of pride and self-reliance. They have to see the results of their selfishness and the results of their own thinking. I'll continue on now.

"Wow, Lord they must be serious hard cases for all you have to go through to convince them." (Speaking of the events of Revelation.)

"Anyone who would use the bowels of the Earth to breed dreadful animals, plagues and pestilences such as they have done for control of the world, well, yes... they need serious attitude adjustments. Nothing short of what I have planned will work for them.

"Don't you think that the Father and I have pondered all the different options and come up with the least damaging? The least hurtful? The least injurious?"

"Yes, I suppose so, because that is Your nature. Although being God, you don't have to ponder..."

"Yes, well... we do have conversations, we truly do. There are so many things to take into consideration. Looking at just one: I gave them clean technology decades ago - but rather, they chose something they could fight over.

"Selfish ambition is so strong in them, they are totally blind to even their own good and the good of their children. So many of the world's problems revolve around the energy source, and they couldn't accept a gift of free energy. No, they had to suppress that and take that source to make a weapon of war and destruction with it - but deprive mankind of the benefit of the energy, free energy that I offered them. Do you see how perverted they are?"

"I do, Lord, but it is a shame that innocent mankind must suffer."

"But mankind is not so innocent, from the highest to the lowliest. Pornography, slave labor, sex trade, stealing from the poor what little they have and the poor stealing from each other. The whole barrel is rotten from the bottom up. It is the selfish nature of man that must be regulated by God. Man cannot regulate man because he is so prone to corruption, so weak and easily persuaded to do what is wrong for his own gain.

"So, you see, it must come down to this. I must return and replenish the whole Earth, destroying the rot and corruption, pollution and degradation that man has created for himself. It won't be long now. Please hang in, there My little one, it won't be long."

I have to admit, I really, really yearned for His coming tonight and to be with Him, and I just sat and cried for a few minutes at my altar, my little prayer spot because I miss Him so much, and I want to be with Him so badly. And this world is SO messed up. So, it was a little word of encouragement when He said it won't be long.

"Oh Jesus, it seems like forever. And every day I grow older and more disillusioned by the burgeoning corruption found everywhere."

"I know. But I have given you stamina and you will hold up under these things as you have been. I will not let you fall or collapse - I hold you up, My Love."

"So, what do you want to talk about tonight?"

"The necessity of consequences.

"So many attribute to Me what should be attributed to man and Satan."

"It's not fair!"

"I know that, but for some reason they just can't bring themselves to see how responsible every human on Earth is for the approaching consequences. It is like a drunkard who continually blames his problems on others, when in fact his problems have been created by him and him alone. So, rather than point out the culprits, it's just easier to blame it on Me."

"Lord, they always site the way you had the Israelites kill every man woman and child as they took over the Promised Land."

"Yes, because they were not present when the demons mated with the women, when the babies were offered up into the red hot, brass cauldrons for their God, Moloch - or Satan. They were not present when these little infants screamed the horrors of pain. They were not present when everything they owned was consecrated to Satan. They did not see that a cancerous, spiritual disease was implanted in every man, woman and child and animal. At least the innocent children are in Heaven with Me. Had they grown up, they surely would be in Hell with the rest of their family for torturing and brutally murdering innocent children. There is so much the world doesn't know, the world doesn't see.

"No, it's much easier to just blame 'God' and go on with a sinful lifestyle, having justified their choices because 'God' is not just or worth listening to or obeying.

"Not all have this mind set. Some are living a righteous life but still condemn me for religious wars and the like. They don't see the real set of fingers pulling the strings.

"But the ones who love Me? They do. They recognize the difference between good and evil. They know Me well enough to trust that if I lay the sword to a group of people, it is because those people are hell bent on living for Satan and propagating his way of life.

"And even at that, the Israelites still embraced pagan ways and even incorporated them into My Temple, and thus their downfall."

Just as an aside here, it's been discovered about Solomon's temple that there were several secret chambers. The prophets talk about it, where "detestable things go on." Where they worshipping detestable things in these chambers, in Solomon's Temple.

"You cannot mix good and evil - they cancel one another out. It was bound to happen that the Pharisees would be crooked, because for the sake of money and influence, Solomon and others allowed them to build secret chambers that honored their 'god.' It was bound for destruction with the first pagan woman Solomon took as wife.

"Let that be a lesson to you, how one bad apple can ruin the whole barrel. There is nothing quite like the beauty and comfort of a woman - it has shaped the course of history and been the downfall of many a civilization.

"So, when I am blamed for the evil in this world, it is out of ignorance and pride. Man does not know or understand what he has done to himself. And of course, he does not want to be frustrated or corrected, so he kicks against the goad. He blames Me, to justify his continuing sinful life. This, My Love, is why I must fulfill the prophecies in Revelation. Man must see what he has done to himself and where it has finally led him.

"Nothing I do is out of wrath, in the sense that man experiences wrath. For Man it is retaliation. For Me it is education, painful education - but the bed they made they must sleep in. Even at that there are so many things I have prevented that would have been horrendous, but for My mercy they were negated. So much will become clear to you in Heaven, you will come to understand so much.

"So, just be aware what is coming. It was not My choice, it was theirs. It was not My retaliation, it was their consequences. It was not done out of hatred for man, but out of love - to bring them to their senses. Everything I do has LOVE for its motive; not one thing is done for any other reason.

"Even conscripting souls to Hell; this is what they wanted, this was their choice to make. Who am I to override their free will? They wouldn't have been happy in Heaven anyway. I gave it to man so he could be free to choose. He could choose good or he could choose evil. What more could I do?"

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It's a pity people are so blind that they can't see You are not the author of their problems. They are - along with Satan's help."

"So now we have come to that decisive point in history where all things must be made right again. Pride and arrogance must be exposed, corruption must be purged, men must be given again a new chance to choose right from wrong.

"I am coming, it is time."