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March 7, 2022

So, before the Rosary began, we were talking about the different possibilities of what can happen, when it can happen, what could happen first, second, third, or however things are arranged and she began by saying, "You remember that I told you there would be many surprises? Things are yet hanging in balance. "

She continued, "There have been many plans, with many recourses, and all have been on the table for Ukraine, Russia, the U.S., and NATO. You will be surprised how the Father's will has taken this time over.

"One this is for certain in these fluctuating plans, and that is your faithfulness in prayer is having a real impact on events, which ones are chosen, and which ones are abandoned. My children do not focus so much on prophecy and who said what, that is not as important as your prayers for Mercy.

"This is the crowning glory of Our Father, His Mercy endureth forever. His Mercy has brought all of you together to be a force of goodness in this world and especially for those who do not know God, which Europe is full of. So please spend more time praying than searching for the latest tidbit. There is no reward in gathering information except possibly for your egos, which will cancel out the good you have done."

And I feel that, sometimes, too, when I am looking for more- 'what do you want to know about more? What is the deal with that?' And I think to myself, it is the pride, finding out this and finding out that, and we are curious because we are insecure. We are always insecure at what is going to happen next. Ok. Ok.

"So please spend more time praying than searching for the latest tidbit. There is no reward for gathering information." Ok. "It is so much more important that your prayers continue to go out to influence a better outcome. Trust Him and back Him up with prayer. If only you could see what the world looks like when all the souls who know God, stand up and unite to be a force for the good, you would understand the vital importance of your roles.

"Prayer is ALWAYS underestimated because people cannot claim that their prayers changed the outcome for the better. But there is one thing you can never go wrong with, obedience to God's known will. In acting in accordance with this, you will still have a good impact because it was done under obedience.

"Behold the abject poverty of your Lord in the manger and look upon what He in His poverty accomplished on this Earth, this alone should tell you to trust blindly in His directives, do not question, rather move quickly to execute the littlest of them, knowing full well that they are perfect because they proceed from God."

And I told her, Blessed Mother, please give me a hand here. I feel so weak.

And she said "And yet he has told you that in your weakened state He accomplishes much, in other words Clare, your weakness is no block to His will, it shall be executed in spite of your fatigue. Do not fret Beloved, do what you can and leave the rest to God. This will be a pleasing sacrifice to Him. And especially sing your song to Him, this does wonders for His Holy Heart."

I picked up a song last night that I had written a long time ago and started working on it, very sweet song, You Are So Wonderful, Jesus. It is very, very precious.

Ok, well that is it for the message.