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March 11, 2022

Dear Lord, we are not ready for what is coming to America, any day, any hour now. Please help us to cleave to You and invoke all the saints and angels especially Your Mother, to pray for us and for the whole world. Amen.

So, the Blessed Mother gave me a message last night that our country was going to be destroyed. And I think what she means by that is probably such devastation that we will not be functioning normally. Let's see, what were her exact words- yeah- "Destruction is coming to your country." That is- those were her words. So, whatever you need to do, and she told me, "Whatever you need to do, do it quickly. Do it very quickly." And she mentioned the date in March, the twenty-fourth, and along with that, actually that was the Lord's message, He mentioned the twenty-fourth of March as an important date to have everything taken care of by. So that is only two weeks away. So now I will not put out that message because I am telling you basically what He said, to get everything ready.

The Kremlin issued a statement late today: "FRIDAY EVENING WILL BE A BEAUTIFUL FOR THE WHOLE WORLD." A lot of people are speculating is that what he means by that is the United States will no longer be an issue, causing problems in the world. Who knows? But that is something that he said, and it has got everyone speculating on what is going to happen tomorrow.

But I was in the Rosary, and I came to the Blessed Mother, and I said, Mother, I am weak kneed. The very thought of what is coming causes the blood to drain from my body.

She replied, "Yes daughter, it is that serious."

Is there any way to stop this? I asked.

"Prayer and fasting, but the hour is late, very late and there has not been enough serious prayer from around the world, especially your country. I will give you strength if you will allow me."

I said, Yes Mother, I need it and also for all of us. Please give us all strength to carry this.

She replied, "They must ask for it.

"The world has come to this. You know it is in the Master's scheme to cleanse the Earth and prepare His Bride to be taken."

And at that point I was thinking about the Bride being taken and I started to drift off and she said, "Are you with me?"

And I said, I am sorry Mother.

She answered, "Yes, I understand, there is much to be preoccupied with, I do not fault you, just calling you back to me."

She continued, "Yes indeed...devastating.

"Cleave to the Lord Beloved, with all your heart and all your mind and all your strength, this is where strength will come from.

She continued, "Do you know how much He suffered these very same feelings for the world?"

I cannot even imagine it. Honestly guys, I felt like the blood had been drained out of my body and my knees were weak.

She answered, "No man can possibly conceive of it, but what you are feeling now is but a tiny drop in your heart compared to the ocean of misery He is now suffering.

"My children I cannot overestimate the solemnness of these moments before your country is destroyed, you cannot imagine the deaths, the horror and tragedy of these times. You have never seen this before, except in a vision." And there she was talking to me personally- and she said, "The vision He gave you as you walked side by side among the dead and bleeding bodies thirty years ago.

"We will carry on Clare, yes, we will carry on. Focus on the Lord and draw very close to Him, cleave to Him every moment for your strength. I have gone ahead of you to make the way."

And that is the beauty of having her as an intercessor. She goes to her Son and makes requests and everything works so much better.

"There are times when there are just no more words, and this is one of those times. Take heart daughter, you will endure, all of you will endure, we have made it so."

And what was happening in that moment I was thinking of all of the things that are about to happen and again I-I just could not talk, I could not think, I could not even hear what she was saying because I was like paralyzed almost with the thought of this happening. And so, she was kind enough to say, "Take heart, daughter, you will endure, all of you will endure, we have made it so."

And I said yes, I can feel it now and I will try to take it seriously when you alert me. Please alert me to know when that hour is going to happen.

So, dear ones, I just want to let you know this is what is coming. Be prepared, please be prepared, especially prepare your hearts to be immersed in the Lords' heart, and to get all your strength from Him, and we are praying for you.

God bless you.