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March 11, 2022

Dear Jesus, please keep us in Your peace and help our beloved Heart Dwellers to stay calm and deep in prayer, connected, and trust You to provide and protect us. Amen.

Well, my dear ones, before community prayers today, I was giving an update, based on some things I heard from Mike Around the World last night. He is always doing an update on Thursdays and sometimes very late at night during the week. Basically, He was telling us that California is on the brink. And we have already heard that everything is going to happen suddenly- at the same time, to

throw us into complete and utter confusion.

And what is impending are serious earthquakes, losing all of California on the Western side, having an earthquake and opening up the Mississippi River, all the way up to the Great Lakes. And earthquakes and underground volcanos near New York City, possibly a tsunami. At the same time, the Russians and the Chinese and the Iranians are closing in and stationing themselves around our nation, and we have plenty of foreign national Chinese that are here with different jobs, but it is very highly likely that that will-that will change, it will not be a job they are doing, but they will join forces with their homeland.

So, there are several things that are supposed to happen and the only way we are going to survive this is staying in prayer with the Lord and encouraging others to turn to Him, and that is what we are praying for.

Dear God, save these people, they have no clue of what is about to happen! Oh, and the other thing is that in California there are city-sized sink holes that they are not being told about and in Northern California, the volcanoes are starting to wake up, we already know that. So, we have been getting prepared for that time.

So, in prayer, the first thing I heard was, "Soon, chaos." and, "Check your stores of food."

I have been watching the quake activity and when Mike from Around the World talked about the Cascadia Subduction zone as well as the volcanos in northern California waking up, and the earthquake swarms, you know, four and five point swarms off the coast of Oregon, the whole day, I think they said there were fifty earthquakes that day in that one place, it confirmed my thoughts, which probably were not mine anyway...Holy Spirit is always welcome to put them there. The swarms off the coast of Oregon have been very significant. And I believe, now this is just me, I believe they are being provoked by Scalar weapons, which Jesus talked about a day ago in that message.

Now something very interesting is lining up with these events in Northern California, and that is Dmitry Dudaman's prophecy that the enemy will try to invade on the Western coast near Oregon and Northern California in that area. They will try several diverse ways to invade and every time they did, something would come up. And the last thing that totally kept them from getting on our land was a volcano went off, the lava was being poured out into the ocean and they had to run to get away from it, and it is interesting that the volcanoes waking up, and that we know there are Russian subs in the waters around our nation, and just a note on that, I do not believe that President Putin wants this to happen but I feel like he is being forced Into it by other factions in his government.

In the December the ninth message, the Russia, Ukraine, America, crisis is serious. The message was, "Nothing will come of it until it is the meantime pray for strength and readiness. Everything will blow up at the same time. It has been designed that way to make a final end of America, but there will never be a final end, only a season of great oppression as the new government takes the reigns."

And it has been planned this way. You see, Communist China has been preparing to take over the whole world, and be the superpower, but before they can conquer Israel, hold on to Taiwan, and continue to spread their errors and conquer other nations, they have to take America out of the equation, so that is why things are being planned this way. They want America out of the way totally.

It is on my heart that they are going to end up in the Ezekiel 38 war, where God actually defends Israel, they did not need America to defend them, God himself will defend Israel, at least in that situation.

So that is why America is a target, well, one of the reasons. The other reason is the Chinese love America, and they want to take it over.

"There will be resistance groups all around the country that will stand their ground. This will frustrate some of the evil ones' plans, but they have planned for their demise as well. Trust."

In that moment I looked across the room, we were praying, Mother Magdalen was weeping over the loss of life in California when that happens.

The Blessed Mother began, "Yes, weeping is in order. Your country will be in complete shock, not understanding what is happening to them. There will also be many surprises. Prepare your people's hearts. What is coming is horrendous. Many will lose their faith; many will gain their faith and turn from their evil ways. Others will become even more evil.

"It is time for those on the fence to make their decision. Things will only get worse from here on out. They need to know where they stand as many different decisions will have to be made. There will be much mourning and utter 'lost-ness.' However, the government knows exactly what is to happen and they are prepared to step in and take over, including internment camps, for your protection and provision, of course. Warn your people not to go there unless they know that God is calling them to minister there. Many saints will arise during this time. Oh, how He dreads this- She was speaking of Jesus, "You still have a little time. Use it well. Yes, short wave radio communications are important. It will not be easy to find out all that is happening in the world."

Mike from Around the World on Sound Cloud has a preparedness list that we are going to go through to see if we are properly prepared.

The Lord Jesus began, "I will guide you. I want you all to be My people of peace and faith. Others will recognize something different, that is when you tell them that I am taking care of you, and I will also take care of them...if they give their lives to Me."

In the spirit I saw Padre Pio, St. Francis, St. John Vianney, St. Therese, St. Filomena, I think St. Faustina was there, and many others. And I asked, "Why are you all here?"

The answer was, "To encourage you Clare, because truly what is coming will overwhelm everyone. Please tell them, do not run to and fro in panic. Withdraw to a quiet place and pray. Pray also as a family, together. And know that the Lord will be in your midst. Fear not and pray."

"Clare, times of war are horrendous. Everything you rely on being stable and in order, comes into question. Life is violated, stability is taken away, confusion reigns. This is when the enemy wants to steal your soul through fear and panic. You make decisions based on your perception of how to survive. This is why prayer and retreating into peace and calm to seek His face is your very best option."

I answered, I said Mother, none of this makes sense to me considering the tasks I have been asked to complete. It seems premature and out of order.

And she answered me, "You will understand these things very soon. We are trying to prepare you so that you will prepare others. Continue on with what you have been given to do. Do not slack off on anything, stay busy and prayerful, and keep watch.

"All of you Heart Dwellers, you are all watchmen on the wall, go and tell your relatives what is about to happen, do not be afraid to receive scorn and rejection as your portion knowing that if they will not listen to you, it is because they would not listen to me. Those who listen will be far better off than those who refuse.

"Be prepared, through prayer, thanksgiving, worship, and steadfast love. Do not allow the enemy to sow doubts about what is going on. You know much more because you were listening. But most have not been listening."

Then I saw a torch, and I heard, "You will light the way for many." "The ones who have not been preparing, will be befuddled, and confused. Your torch will shine on their darkness and bring peace. Your songs may even be involved in this.

"We have given you this message with a very small window of time for others to be prepared. If you live in California, and you are not called to die in the earthquake, it would be wisdom for you to leave, NOW, however, do what is in your heart and your conscience before God, because the Lord guides from inside your heart, as well."

And that was the end of that message.

So, Heart Dwellers, the main thing to remember is that everything is going to happen simultaneously, and that will be an absolute, crippling blow to our nation. And why is God allowing this? Because of our Godlessness and immorality and what this country has turned into. That is why He is allowing it, but I believe He is going to honor the prayers of the people all over America that want what is right, yet I also believe that the Rapture will be coming on the heels of all of this, so we may not get to see the restoration of our nation until the Millennium.

So please, be in readiness, stay in prayer, the Lord will protect people who are in refuges, at some point, we are going to have a refuge somewhere, we are not sure exactly yet, but at some point, there will be a safe place. But until the time comes when He provides us with that, we are here to prepare to pray, to prepare and to share the messages the Lord has given us for this time.

The Lord bless you sweet Heart Dwellers and I want to thank you so much for your prayers, when you pray, I can really feel it. The messages come in more clearly and also, I want to thank you for provision. We have been able to buy cords of wood for many families that right now would be freezing if they did not have it. It is very cold here, so thank you for doing that. The Lord bless you, keep you, and remember hold on to the Lord, stay with Him, stay deep in prayer, do not allow yourself to get anxious and run back and forth but go straight to prayer and pray with your family. There will be a tremendous calm that will come over you at that time.